The Chronicles of Angel Book 3

Here's a look at Book 3 it's dialog only so it gives a piece but not enough to know what's going on. So cue up the title song Black by Kari Kimmel and enjoy.

When everything turns to black
You don't know where to go
You need something
To justify your soul

Silence is broken
Confidence is gone
Everything you're holding on to

All the people selling truths
On every corner now
The wait until the fear
Has knocked you down

All the rules are changing now
You're living in sin
Everything around you is caving in

All you're holding on to
Slipping like water through your hands

And you sing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Ya you sing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Far off in the distance
Somewhere you can't see
Allegiances have formed your destiny

Opposition all around
Feeding off your soul
Trying hard to swallow up you whole

And the demons all around you waiting
For you to sell your soul

They're singing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

They're singing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Oh la la la la la

Oh la la la la la

La la la la

La la la la

La la la la

"I tell the truth. You come to a bend in your own personal uphill road. Whether that slows you down well that's up to you." –Lorne to Angel

"You saw something?"- Angel to Lorne

"I send people on their paths ok. You're at a crucial juncture Angel. The question is what happens now?"- Lorne to Angel.

"Buffy was cured, she…she came back before I killed her. I was about to take her out and something went through her. She wasn't Elizabeth anymore, she was Buffy again. But, but it was too late and I…I had too. So I told her I…I loved her then I kissed her. Then I killed her."- Angel to the A-Team.

"I'm sorry I had to leave but you have no idea what I was going through. You had no idea what I felt."-Angel.

"You can't just bury stuff Angel, it'll come right back up to get you."- Xander to Angel.

"I think I want to get back to the usual. School, slaying, kid stuff."- Angel to the group.

"It's ok I've got it. You're Angel right? I'm Faith."-Faith to Angel.

"I'm going out on a limb here and say there's a new slayer in town."-Oz.

"This new girl seems to have a lot of zest."-Giles to Angel.

"You'll never be bored here Faith because this is Sunnydale, home of the big brew and evil."-Willow to Faith.

"I've recommended to the Council that you be relieved of your duty as Watcher immediately."-Travens to Giles.

"On what grounds?"-Giles to Travens.

"You have a father's love to the boy and that is useless to the cause."-Travens to Giles.

"We're slayers Angel, the chosen two."-Faith to Angel.

"We help people but that doesn't mean we get to pass judgment on them like we're better than everyone else!"-Angel to Faith.

"We are better! People need us to survive."- Faith to Angel.

"Hello, Wesley Windum Pryce."- Wes to Angel.

"New Watcher?"- Angel to Wes.

"Must I remind you that I am your Watcher, the only thing you need to discuss with mister Giles is overdue book fees."-Wes to Angel.

"I keep dreaming about Buffy, vivid dreams."- Angel to Giles.

"No one has ever returned from a demon dimension and if she did mostly like she'd be a monster." – Giles to Angel.

"He hates me Giles and he should after everything I've done to him, to you. He's just too good of a man to say it. I should have never have crawled out of hell."- Buffy to Giles.

"I'm doing this to find salvation, why are you?"-Buffy to Doyle.

"We've all got something to atone for."-Doyle to Buffy.

"The mayor of Sunnydale is a black cat."-Faith to Angel.

"Buffy, you have the power to do real good in this world."-Angel to Buffy.

"It's not just about saving lives, it's about saving souls."-Doyle to Buffy.

"You think if things were different things would be different between me and you?"-Faith to Angel.

"We'll never know."-Angel to Faith.

"You don't get to make that choice Buffy. You don't come into someone's life and make them care and then leave!"- Angel to Buffy

"This was supposed to be my town. You get the mommy, the team, the Watcher, the lover. I get jack shit! Well, Angel I'm taking over."-Faith to Angel.

"This is my town, I took it and I spilt blood for it."- Angel to Faith.

"A rouge slayer on our hands I can't imagine anything worse."- Giles to Angel.

"The vampire with a soul…will die."-Wes to Buffy and Angel.

"Well this is exciting isn't it?"- The Mayor to the gang.

"I'm ready."- Angel to the A-Team.

"For what?"- Willow to Angel.

"War."- Angel to his team.

"That's one hell of a little boy you've raised there Giles. I'll eat him."-The Mayor to Giles.

"I love you Angel, always will."-Buffy to Angel.

"It's never over, we never stop,"- Angel to Buffy.

"I see you anywhere near my people, I'll kill you Faith."-Angel to Faith.

"Well, say hello to your old pal Spike."- Spike.

Excited for Book 3?