Chapter 3 Stakes and Spike

Lately I've been skeptical
Silent when I would use to speak
Distant from all around me
who witness me fail and become weak
Life is overwhelming
Heavy is the head who wears the crown
I'd love to be the one to disappoint you when I don't fall down

But you don't understand when
I'm attempting to explain
because you know it all and I guess things will never change
But you might need my hand when
falling in your hole.
Your disposition I'll remember when I'm letting go

Of you and me
We're through and re-arranged

It seems that you're not satisfied.
There's too much on your mind.
So you leave and I can't believe
all the bullshit that I find.
Life is overwhelming
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
I'd love to be the one to disappoint you
when I don't fall down.

But you don't understand when
I'm attempting to explain.
because you know it all and I guess things will never change.
But you might need my hand when
falling in your hole.
Your disposition I'll remember
when I'm letting go

Of you and me
We're through and re-arranged
Of you and me
We're through and re-arranged

You're no good for me.
Thank God it's over

You make believe
that nothing is wrong until you're cryin'
You make believe
that life is so long until you're dyin'
You make believe
that nothing is wrong until you cryin', cryin' on me
You make believe
that life is so long until you're dyin', dyin' on me!

You think that everybody is the same.
I don't think anybody is like you.
You think that everybody is the same.
I don't think anybody is like you.

Just think about it, you'll get it

Angel sat in the principle's office with another girl. He had no idea what he did he was just called here. Not only that he didn't even know the girl. She was staring at him probably trying to undress him with her eyes. She had the punk, grunge look and Angel decided this would be the first and last time they meet.

"The principle should be the friend of the school but think of me as your judge, jury and executioner," Principle Snyder than sat at his desk. "Which one of you is the most trouble?" He was just trying to pick on the kids but he didn't know who Angel was. "So, to ensure one of you doesn't burn the school down and the other doesn't stab someone there is a parent teacher night on Thursday. You two are in charge of the events. Three days should be enough."

Angel thought to himself he could do that but he just wanted to leave the office. He headed home thinking about what needed to be done and this wasn't going to be a fun week at all. But something was coming his way and it was rolling into town wearing a long leather jacket and a bad attitude.

There was factory at the edge of Sunnydale where the last of the Master's followers would gather. They were huddled together trying to figure something out as nothing stood in the slayer's way.

"The Master is dead," One vampire spoke out.

"Anyone who steps in as leader the slayer will come after. He's stronger than past slayers." A second vampire added in. "So what do we do?"

"I'll step in as the leader." The first vampire declared. "He can't stop me, I've watched him and I'm learning." The vampire smiled until he heard a laugh and man with platinum blonde hair, jeans and a leather jacket walked in.

"Oh, that's good," He then lit up a cigarette.

"Who are you?" The first vampire asked.

"The name's Spike," He introduced himself. "I know a little bit about this town and one person in particular. So let's go back about year. This was the Hell Mouth? The Master ruled and no one dared stood up to the vampires. What happened? I know why you guys don't go out at night anymore and it's the boy slayer."

"He killed the Master." One vampire added and Spike smiled.

"Well if you make him the leader," Spike pointed to the first vampire. "That slayer will make him squeal before he dies. Now me I've had some times with slayers. It's about besting them at their own turf." Spike finished. "I've done in some slayers in my time but I don't like to brag. Oh who am I kidding I love to brag." Spike walked around the dark gloomy place. "You want your town back I'll do it."

But then Spike paused and turned around and a woman walking to him. Spike then walked to her as she looked a little lost. One vampire went to get close to her but Spike growled and the vampire backed off.

"Drusilla you shouldn't be up walking around you're weak." Spike told her as she looked around at the vampires.

"Look at all the people." She sounded as lost as she looks.

"Me and Dru, we're moving in." Spike declared. "Anyone of you has the balls to take on the boy slayer step on up."

Angel was laying on his bed with the TV going when he heard a knock at the door and his mom poked her head in. Angel turned the volume down as Joyce walked in further.

"Parent teacher night?" Joyce asked and Angel shrugged.

"You don't have to go. I'm setting it up because the principle doesn't like me." Angel explained.

"Why doesn't he like you?" Joyce asked.

"Because I might burn down the school." Angel answered and Joyce nodded and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Well, I'll go and see what he's all about but it's late and you should get to sleep." Joyce then leaned over and kissed his forehead and left shutting the door. Angel went back to watching TV when he heard something outside his window. Angel got up and walked over to it thinking about grabbing a stake as he looked out and jumped a little as Buffy was at his window.

"You crazy?" Angel asked as he went to his window that she was standing outside of. "My mom's not even asleep yet."

"Help me in," Buffy demanded and he did as he was told. Buffy stepped into his room as Angel went to the door and opened it and peered out into the hallway. It was dark and across the way he didn't see a light on from his mother's room. Angel shut his door and turned around and Buffy was laying on his bed and picked up the remote and started to flip through channels.

"You mind?" He asked and Buffy looked up and realized she was taking up the whole bed and scooted over so Angel could sit down. "So, what's going on?" And Buffy shrugged still looking at the TV. "You don't come here often to hang out with me." Buffy then sighed and sat up looking at him.

"Maybe tonight I will." Buffy admitted and he looked to her. "I felt something weird when I woke up and I wanted to make sure you were ok." Angel shrugged meaning he was. "You want me to go?" And Angel shook his head no. Buffy smiled a little and then they both went to watching TV.

The next night rolled around and three friends were at the Bronze. Angel was here to see if Buffy would come. They still weren't an item yet but they were getting there. A small part of him knew it was wrong to date the enemy but then part of him felt it was perfect. Once again Angel was sitting at a table by himself watching Willow and Xander dancing. They should be together by now, he could see it.

While Angel sat at the table someone else was at the Bronze watching him. Spike stayed in the shadows circling looking at the slayer. The slayer was a pretty boy from what he could see. He's killed the Master so taking him out wasn't going to be easy so he had to see what he was up against.

"I need to call the cops someone's trying to bite this girl," Spike made it look like he was concerned. Angel got up and headed out and Willow and Xander saw him leave. Angel went into the back ally and there was a vampire trying to get a snack. Angel grabbed the vampire and threw him to the wall.

"Go!" Angel ordered the girl and she started to run. The vampire got up and charged at Angel and Angel grabbed him and threw him to the ground. "Stake! Now!" Angel demanded and then Xander threw him one and Angel caught it with easy and killed the vampire. Angel stood up thinking that wasn't so hard and headed to his friends when e heard clapping. Angel turned around and a man came from the shadows.

"Nice job," The man commented. "Very nice mate,"

"Who are you?" Angel asked the man getting the sense that he was not a man.

"You'll find out on Saturday." The blonde vampire answered.

"Why what happens Saturday?" Angel stood there ready to take him now.

"I kill you." And then he disappeared into the shadows.

It was the late hour of the night and Team Angel as they called themselves were in the library. Jenny was gathering weapons while Giles had books out all over the table. Angel did a quick debriefing about what occurred at the Bronze while he sat down.

"Spike?" Giles asked because that was a strange name. "That's a little unorthodox isn't it?"

"Maybe he's reformed?" Angel shrugged as he looked to the weapons that were brought out. He was interested in some of them because the most he got to use were the crossbow and stakes. The swords and other weapons not so much.

"He might have gone by another name before, I'll look it up." Giles declared.

"Well, who ever he is we're going to need all the help we can get come Saturday." Jenny was trying to get them to refocus on Saturday.

"So this night of saint Vigeous," Xander jumped in sitting on the table. "If they attack in force shouldn't we be thinking vacation?" And then Willow slapped him. "If this Spike guy is stepping up we should worry right?"

"Well, he can't be worse than any other creature you've faced." Giles made it sound like Angel could handle it.

"Oh, Spike, he's worse perhaps one of the worse," A voice joined in on the conversion and Angel smiled and turned around. Buffy walked in looking dressed up for the Bronze and now he felt bad. He wasn't there and they could be dancing right now or be doing other things. Angel stood up and headed over to her. "Once Spike starts something he won't stop."

"Hmm so he's thorough, goal oriented." Xander commented but Angel and Buffy weren't really paying attention more except to themselves.

"So, I was at the Bronze, you weren't there." Buffy told Angel and he nodded.

"Had to take care of some business." Angel answered and she smiled. "Anyways you've been dating for like two hundred years and you don't know the signs?" Buffy wanted to playfully smack him.

"Wow," Willow then jumped in and sound memorized by it. "Two centuries of dating. If you only had two a year that's like four hundred different people…," Angel turned around looking at her telling her stop while she was ahead. Buffy smiled a little looking around the place. Willow stopped and then looked down at a weapon. "Why do they call it a mace?" She asked redirecting the conversion. Angel and Buffy were already back to staring at each other.

"We have more pressing matters to discuss," Giles tried to refocus all of them. "Buffy does this Spike fellow go under another name?" Giles asked looking up but he saw his slayer and Buffy off in their own world.

"Batman!" Xander clapped his hands breaking Angel's concentration and he turned around. "Focus ok we don't want to die come Saturday night." Buffy then walked over to the table seeing the weapons. "Wait if this saint vegan thing is happening and it strengthens vampires, Buffy you're a vampire," Giles nodded understanding what Xander was getting it.

"I don't know maybe," Buffy wasn't going to jump into it. She then looked to Angel knowing he might need the help.

The next day Angel was prepping weapons like making sure all the crossbows were ready and nothing was wrong with them. Cordelia even dropped by to help sharpen stakes. Angel held up a crossbow and fired at target and hit it spot on. That crossbow was in working order.

"Alright I have to go make nice the parents and be a host so hold down the fort?" Angel asked and everyone nodded as he left. As he left Giles was back at reading the Watcher diaries. He found Buffy in them so maybe he'll find Spike. At first nothing but until he came across something.

"I believe I have found him," Giles spoke up and Jenny and Xander looked up. Willow left to help Angel for the evening. "He's known as William the Bloody. His nickname comes from torturing his victims with railroad spikes." Giles set down his tea reading while Xander looked up at him. "Oh here's some good news he's barely two hundred, he's not even as old as Buffy." Giles kept reading but something unsettled him. "Oh,"

"What?" Xander asked and Giles looked up at him.

"Spike has fought two slayers in the century and has killed them both." Giles finished and Xander nodded.

"Fun never stops." Xander deadpanned.

Out in the school Angel was making nice with everyone until Principle Snyder took his mom away and went to talk to her. He could say whatever he wanted and about Angel. Angel knew his mother was smarted than that and would see passed the man. Just as he saw his mother and Snyder return a window shattered and Angel looked to it. A group of vampires stood there with Spike at the front.

Angel grabbed a chair and threw it at Spike and grabbed his mother's hand and ran with her. He needed to get her out and fast. As he went down a hall more vampires came. Angel then pushed his mother down the other way ready to shield her. In the library, Giles, Jenny and Xander the commotion and came out as Angel led his mother and a few people down the hall.

"What the hell?" Giles asked seeing Angel running but then more vampires came in.

"Giles move!" Angel ordered and the Watcher rushed Jenny and Xander back into the library and shut the door. Angel then rammed into a locked door and got everyone else inside. Angel shut the door and dragged a table in front of it. Just then the power went out and his mother came rushing to him.

"Angel what's going on?" She asked and Snyder came over.

"Gangs, gangs on PCP." He answered but Angel didn't deny or confirm it. In the library Giles was able to convince Xander to find Buffy, she knew about Spike and might be able to help. Angel made sure there was no way in or out and then saw the vent grate and grabbed a table and got up on it and opened the vent.

"Angel what are you doing?" Joyce asked and Angel looked down at her.

"Mom," He got off the table and took her aside. "I want you to stay in here. You don't let anyone leave and no one comes in understand?" He asked and she nodded but was confused. "I'll be back," Angel kissed her cheek and got back up on the table and he crawled into the vent as Joyce watched him. Angel was now up in the ceiling when he heard something.

"Slayer!" It was Spike calling to him. "If I find one of your friends first I'll them!" He threatened. Spike was about to kick down a door where Willow and Cordelia were hiding.

"Spike!" A vampire called and he looked to him. "Listen?" Spike did and smiled looking up to the ceiling.

"Clever little boy," Spike smiled. Angel then landed in the library and Giles was tempted to run and hug him as Angel looked for a weapon he could use.

"Ok, I've got Snyder and my mother and four others in the science room down the hall. Cordelia and Willow ran the other way. Where's Xander?" Angel asked as he put some stakes in his belt gearing up.

"He got out and is finding Buffy," Giles answered and Angel nodded.

"I'm going to get some of the vampires in the hall once that happens I need you guys to get my mother out of that room." Angel laid out the plan.

"Let me help," Giles insisted.

"Giles my mom is in that room and if I don't get her out I know you will." Angel was serious now. Someone was trying to hurt his mother and that's the last person on earth you ever try to hurt.

"You're damn straight I will." Giles gave his word. Angel made sure his crossbow was ready and he loaded it.

"Game time," Angel then went to climb back into the ceiling. While this was occurring Buffy and Xander made it to the school and ran into a dead body.

"You know a lot about this Spike guy? So what's the plan?" Xander asked and Buffy grabbed him by the throat and vamped out. "Good plan." Xander squealed as Buffy yanked him away. Inside the school Spike got a huge two by four and smiled up at the ceiling and rammed it up. It nearly hit Angel in the face but he managed to miss it. Angel backed tracked and went another way and landed softly in the hallways and fired the crossbow killing a vampire. He turned around and moved fast down the hall.

He then came up against Shelia the girl that was supposed to help in this but he already sensed and fired at her and she was dust. Angel reloaded his crossbow ready to kill other vampires. Spike was still stabbing the ceiling when he heard something and looked shocked and smiled.

"Elizabeth?" He asked not believing it.

"William," She greeted and brought Xander closer to her.

"Well, I'll be damned," Spike walked over to her and they shared hug. "Still pretty I see."

"I thought I taught you to always guard your perimeter?" Buffy started and Spike shrugged.

"What can I say I'm surrounded by idiots." Spike laughed. "So, come up against this slayer?"

"Yeah, cute little boy." Buffy smiled. "Been giving the I'm tortured look, keeps him off my back when I feed."

"I knew it, I knew you were lying you undead…lying person." Xander grunted and Buffy held him tighter knowing she could make him pass out. Buffy then grabbed Xander exposing his neck. "Snack?" She asked.

Angel fired the crossbow and aimed perfectly killing another vampire and that was Giles' cue and he opened the library doors and Angel lead them down the hall still holding his crossbow ready. Giles went to the science lab and opened it getting them out as Angel watched their backs. Down the other hallway Spike smiled at Buffy knowing it was great to see her but it was strange.

"Haven't seen you in the killing field for an age love," Spike commented and Buffy shrugged.

"Never did like company," She reminded him and he nodded.

"Very true. So why so scared of the slayer? You've bested five before why not this one?" Spike asked.

"He killed the Master, he's not to be taken lightly." Buffy justified herself. "You think you can take him be my guest. I'll just feed and run." And Buffy went to bite Xander.

"No need to get snippy Lizzy," Spike jumped in. "We're family," They both started to lean in until Spike punched Buffy and she backed away. She grabbed Xander away as well as Spike looked pissed. "You think you can fool me!" Spike yelled and Xander looked to Buffy. "You were my Sire Lizzy! You were my... Yoda! And now you're with the slayer!" Spike sounded disgusted.

"Too bad," Buffy stood there and Spike picked up a pipe.

"Come on people this isn't a specter sport." Spike reminded them and they went after Buffy and Xander but Buffy smiled as she saw Angel round the corner and her planned worked. All the vampires went after her leaving just Angel to deal with Spike. "Fee, fi, foo, fum I smell the blood of a fresh boy," Spike turned around facing Angel who had a crossbow up to Spike. "The first boy slayer,"

"Do we need weapons for this?" Angel asked.

"I just like them they make me feel all manly." Spike answered and tossed his pipe away and Angel lowered his crossbow. "The last slayer I killed begged for her life. But you don't strike me as a beggar." Angel just stood there and tossed his crossbow away.

"You're in my town, leave," Angel demanded and Spike smiled.

"You've got some balls on you slayer this should be fun," Spike then threw a punch and Angel caught it and then punched Spike to the ground. Spike jumped up and the two went into an intense fistfight. Spike didn't know what he was up against fighting Angel. Female slayers had grace and a hint of daintiness when fighting. Angel was brutal in his fight but clean and précised. But Spike managed to throw Angel down and picked up the pipe and smiled until something was slammed against his head and he went down.

"Get the hell away from my son!" Joyce demanded and Spike growled as Angel got up protecting his mother. Spike knew this fight went to the slayer and he left. Angel turned to his mom and she dropped the axe and embraced him. Angel looked up making sure Spike was gone as he held his mom.

The cops were on the scene now and Buffy was leading Xander back to the school.

"If you knew he was going to clock you why not clock him first?" Xander asked.

"I told you I wanted him to make the first move to see if he was buying it or not." Buffy explained her actions.

"And if he bit me?" Xander asked and Buffy shrugged.

"Then we would have known he bought it." And Buffy kept walking to find Angel.

"I was bait?" Xander asked and Buffy did a quick glance and shrugged and kept walking. "He called you Sire, what's a Sire?" Xander asked but didn't get an answer. Angel looked up and saw Buffy coming his way and what he really wanted to do was run to her and scoop her up and hug her but that didn't happen they just walked up and met each other.

"You ok?" Buffy asked and he nodded.

"Glad you came." Angel thanked her and she smiled a little.

"Be very careful with Spike, he's not one you want to make mad." Buffy warned him and he nodded.

"But at least I have you right?" Angel asked and she didn't say anything just leaned it quickly and planted a kiss on his lips. It was a quick kiss not enough for him to pull her closer as she pulled away and took off into the night. Angel watched her disappear into the shadows and he took a deep breath this fight with Spike was going to be a long one.

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