So, as I said before my fanfics are NOT to be judged! Which is why I'm deciding to make a Wizard's of Waverly Place fanfic. It's loosely based off of the idea of "Stardust" (if you haven't seen it yet, you really should. It's a gem of a movie!). Treat it well, my lovelies, and remember to review please! Thank you! ^^


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Chapter 1: The Russos

I had no recollection of my mother telling me that I would be destined to fall head-over-heels in love with a wizard. But then again, there was and still is no evidence that I would not. Okay, I'm rambling now. Back to the point I'm trying to make, which is simply this: I'm in love with a wizard. I have been for several decades… or has it been centuries? Hmm… I've lost track. Oh well! But while I attempt to recollect the exact year count, I'll tell you the story about how I met my wizard (and yes he's a Russo and we're married… more of that later). It was October 28, 2007. I was up in the sky, minding my own business when suddenly a bolt of energy hit my side. I was so surprised at this that I fell out of the heavens and crash landed in a subway station-restaurant.

"Ouch!" I squeaked, praying I didn't break anything too valuable like a bone.

"Whoa! Teach me that spell, Justin! I wanna make something fall through the ceiling too!" An excited brunette boy said to a handsome teenager boy.

"Max, that spell wasn't supposed to do anything. Besides, letting you know that spell is like letting Alex knit me a sweater." The teen said, rolling his eyes. Nope, nothing's broken. Well, except the ceiling… And the table. I thought, trying to find a way out.

"Alex is knitting you a sweater?" The boy (Max) asked, enviously.

"No! Face it, Max, I will never teach you that spell. Who knows what you'll end up hitting!" Justin exclaimed.

"Wait, what exactly did you hit?" Max said, looking at the broken pieces of the table and ceiling. I moved away the rubble, and winced as I put my weight on my legs. I gritted my teeth and sat in a nearby chair to investigate the damage. Broken ankle and a bruised ribcage. Meh, could've been worse! I realized that both Max and Justin were staring at me. I supposed it was because I was covered head to toe with dust, plus my silky, floor length, silver dress might be a giveaway. I slowly lifted my head up, my light blue hair tumbling down. I smiled at them, guiltily.

"Sorry!" I said, wincing again.

"Are you an angel?" Max asked, walking closer to me.

"No. For one thing, if I were an angel, you wouldn't be able to see me. Only the Dead can, and magical beings. For another thing, I don't have wings. For now, I'm strictly grounded. Literally." I blew a strand of hair out of my pale face. Before Max could say another word, Justin pushed him out of the way.

"What are you, then?" He said, curiously. I gave him a look.

"If you don't mind my asking, miss." He followed up, quickly. I chuckled, softly.

"Well… I'm a – " I was interrupted by the arrival of two girls and a rather chubby looking balding man in a plaid shirt, khakis, and penny loafers. I was shocked at what one of the girls was wearing. She had red hair, a pretty face, and wore a dress that looked to be made entirely of colorful rubber bands along with a matching pair of heels and a headband. The other girl wore tight blue jeans and a purple short-sleeved tunic with tan boots. That girl had a youthful yet pretty face and elbow length dark brown hair.

"Harper, can you stop walking please? Your dress is making me nauseous." The brunette said.

"Well, I'm sorry, Alex! I… What happened here?" The red-haired girl (Harper) said in surprise, having just noticed the wreckage.

"I was just about to say the same thing. Let's have a family meeting in the kitchen." The man said, who I assumed was Justin's, Max's, and Alex's father.

"But Daddy – " Alex pleaded, pouting.

"Don't puppy dog pout at me, young lady! We're gonna have a family meeting, and we're gonna have it now!" He marched into the kitchen, with Alex and her brothers in tow. She groaned.

"Uh, Dad?" Justin asked, gesturing to me.

"Huh? Oh! Did she do this?"

"Well… Yes and no. Still, I think she deserves to know the truth."

"What? No way are we gonna tell a stranger who you guys are!"

"Dad? You're turning purple again. It's kinda funny!" Alex said, laughing.

"Oooh! Let me see if I can turn different colors." Max's brow furrowed in concentration. Alex gave her brother a look.

"Is it working?" Max asked, straining.

"Sure it is… Keep up the good work, Max!" She said, petting his head as she left the kitchen.

"I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but…" I started.

"The window's wide open." Alex finished, sitting down next to Harper and me.

"Exactly!" I smiled, glowing a little. Thankfully, it was very sunny outside, so neither of them noticed. However, I noticed when Justin, Max, and their father went into the walk in refrigerator. I decided not to mention this to Alex or Harper.

"Sorry, I'm being completely rude! I'm Yvette, who are you?" I said, still smiling.

"I'm Alex Russo, and this is my best friend Harper Finkle."

"Pleasure to meet you two!" I shook their hands.

"Well, I'd love to stay but Harper and I are going shopping. Hey, wanna come with us?" Alex asked.

"Sure! If it's not too much trouble."

"C'mon then!" Alex pulled me by my wrist. After about 6 hours of hanging out with them both, I forgot how tired I was and had the best time of my life.

"Yvette, you've gotta come to school tomorrow. I'll show you around and everything!" Harper piped up.

"I don't know. I mean, I've sort of been homeschooled my whole life. I've never been to a real school before."

"Where are you from?" Alex asked.

"It's a long story. I'll tell you another time, but just not now."

"Are you staying anywhere tonight?" Harper asked. Her question surprised me.

"Tonight? Oh. I've never stayed anywhere at night before. At least not here anyways."

"So I'll take that as a 'no, Harper, I'm not staying with my family tonight' then."

I laughed, "Yes. That's right!"

"Well then, I've got a spare bedroom at my house. We can have a sleepover!"

"Aww, Harper! I wanted to have a sleepover with Yvette first!" Alex pouted again.

"If it's too much trouble, why don't we all have a sleepover at Alex's? I'm sure there'll be plenty of room for us all."

"Yvette, you're a genius!" Alex hugged me.

"I try!" I grinned.

"I'll just get a couple of things and be back in a few!" Harper ran off. Alex shrugged at me and we went inside.

"Why are we back in the sub-station?" I said, confused.

"Because above the sub-station is…" Alex led me up the spiral staircase and into a brightly colored room.

"My house! Tada!" Alex posed for me. I laughed again.

"Wow! You're house is amazing!" I looked around at all the cool furniture and appliances.

"Thanks, but you've probably seen better."

"Actually, I've never really been to anyone's house before. This is the best though!"

"I like you, Yvette. We are definitely gonna get along." Alex grinned and let me sit by her on the couch. A few minutes later, Harper arrived with a rather large suitcase.

"Harper? You do know that you're staying for one night, right?" Alex said, amused.

"Yeah. I know. It's just that my outfit is of the whole solar system and wouldn't fit in my smaller suitcase, so I brought this one." Harper said, panting a little. Alex and I laughed.

"I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about being here for the first time, but now… I'm not!" I smiled at their confused faces.

"That's what friends are for!" Harper said, smiling.

"Oh, are we friends now?" I asked, excited.

"If you want to be." She replied.

"I haven't had a friend before, but I'll try to be the best friend I can be! I promise. Will that be all right with you both?" I was asking Alex more than Harper at this point.

"It's all right with us! Right, Alex?" Harper said, still smiling.

"Yeah!" Alex smiled.

"Really? Are you sure you don't mind having someone like me as a friend?"

"What do you mean?" Harper asked. I looked around for any eavesdroppers, but there were none.

"Can I trust you two with a secret?" I said, leaning forward.

"You can trust me." Harper said, elbowing Alex a bit harder than she meant to.

"Ow! Me too." Alex said, massaging her ribcage.

"All right. Now you must never, ever tell anybody about this. Not even your parents or siblings, if you have any. You can't talk about me amongst yourselves or even think about me. With me so far?" I took a breath, having said all of this very quickly. Alex looked at me blankly, but Harper nodded.

"Great! Then I'll tell you, but remember what you promised… or else. All right, the truth is… I'm a daughter of the Moon, which means: I'm a star." I waited. Alex had a mouthful of soda, which she proceeded to spit out on Harper. However, Harper just sat there with her mouth hanging open. She didn't react to the fact that her face was dripping wet.

"Wow. You two took it better than I thought! I can't imagine what would have happened had I told Justin and Max."

"Yeah. Or worse, you could have told my father!" Alex and I laughed again. Harper was still staring at me with her mouth open.