Living with Sherlock


Come to the station as soon as possible. SH

No, I mean come now. SH

John, I need you to be here. SH

They're being idiots John. SH

John sighed, rubbing a hand over his eyes, waiting in the lift to bring him up to Lestrade's division. Bloody Sherlock just demands all the time, no care for John who was having a pleasant evening watching the telly with his tea. The detective was going to owe him for this.

Though, when John stepped out and heard the shouting and hollering being done, the poor receptionists looking terrified, John was glad he came. He could see Sherlock, gesturing wildly, storming out of Lestrade's office, Greg, and another new man followed, both scowling viciously.

"I don't even know why I bother with this useless department, fools, the whole of you!" Sherlock was snarling, "How could you be so dense! There is no reason to bring this kind of intervention on me, me!"

Lestrade tried to take a bit of control, "Now, Sherlock stop being ridiculous. It's a normal investigation-"

But Sherlock didn't want to listen it seemed, "What are you going to do without me you bloody buffoons? No wonder your wives ar-" John decided to interrupt this before it got too personal.

"Sherlock Holmes!" John barked, glaring harshly at his lover. It pleased John to see Sherlock's back suddenly ramrod straight, Greg and the new important looking man glancing at him in surprise. The entire floor stilled, breathless, as John Watson lost his temper. John didn't let any of his emotions show on his face, and simply marched straight up to Sherlock. He was all military now, no doctor, or sweet fuzzy John anymore. Sherlock seemed to realize this, as a sort of impending doom look appeared on his face.

Sherlock cleared his throat, "John…" John cut a hand through the air for silence, and Sherlock shut up.

"I think we've all had enough of your tongue Sherlock, be silent." John stopped, with a click of his heels, and turned to Greg and the other man for an explanation. Lestrade looked like he was fighting a salute, while the other man seemed to be recovering his pomp.

He drew himself up, "You are interrupting a private conversation, Mr…" he allowed a pause for John to introduce himself, trying vainly to take control of the situation.

"Captain John H. Watson, medical doctor." John kept his chin lifted and bored holes in this man's head, "Your name?" He held out a hand for a firm shake.

"Detective Jones, doctor. I'm here to investigate Lestrade's extravagant use of an amateur consulter in his cases." Jones managed to control himself. Sherlock made to open his mouth before John shot him a look. To the amazement of the taskforce, Sherlock pursed his lips and looked at the floor, like a petulant child.

"How about, we move back into Greg's office, and you three explain to me, why in god's name you were acting like three children bickering in the school yard." John's voice was cold and hard.

Once standing in the relative privacy of the Office, John stood with his feet apart and his arms crossed. Greg leaned on his desk, Jones matched John, and Sherlock flitted from place to place.

"Ok, Let's start at the beginning shall we?" John dared any of them to speak otherwise.


John sighed, trying vainly to ignore Sherlock's hero-worshipping gaze as they exited the cab. "Stop staring Sherlock, it's getting old."

"John," Sherlock whispered in as near to glee as John had ever seen, "You called the regional inspector a ninny. Ninny! Then sat him down and told him in 'no uncertain terms, Mr. Jones, to ever act so unprofessional again"" Sherlock mimicked John's stern voice.

Smiling reluctantly at his lover, John allowed a bit of the self-impressed side of himself to slip out. "It was quite good, wasn't it?"

Sherlock flailed, "Yes!" his eyes were bright as he stared at John like the smaller man had just solved a case all on his own. It made John feel nice.

They entered the flat, and for the rest of the day, John kept catching Sherlock gazing at him with a proud little smile on his face. A smug, possessive, proud little smile.

That's my army doctor, that smile says, that's my little commander.