prompt :: the squishy robot

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"C'mon Green! Cheer up would you? This is a date, be happy!" You exclaim, trying with all your might to break to the core of that spiky haired Gym Leader.

"Happiness is something only a human can feel and seeing how I've been referred to as a robot, it means I am not human. Thus I cannot be happy," said Green in a bored tone.

You irked slightly, not knowing whether or not you should counter his previous statement. Surely one could not be so negative towards social outings and emotions. Even the shiest and lamest of people did so, but Green? Not a chance. The only thing available to your disposal was a blank, passive look and distant green eyes. You admit, even with the deadest of looks, Green still looked so. . . so damn attractive.

You yearned to know more about this unique creature. To understand how he thinks, what he's gone through.

Of course, there was only one way to do so and that was to break that Arceusforsaken shell of his.

Something clicks in your mind and an ever so Gold like smirk comes across your face. Surely this of all things will crack his shell and get you closer to understanding this magnificent creature.

"I'm sure that's not true, Green. After all, aren't robots supposed to stick to a schedule? So why of all things, did you break your routine to go on a date with me? Hm?"

The slightest of twitches came Green's eyebrow as he attempted to raise it. "Protocol called for it. I was being threatened with my job by certain pesky woman."

Your move. "Oh? Is that all? Surely that can't be the only reason."

Green sighed. "Very well. If you must know, her description of you was quite intriguing."

Trying your best to hold back a blush, you think, 'Intriguing, eh? I can live with that. . . Silly little robot. . .'

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PhioneXxX (ch 1) - Thank you. Naw that's because Green's a robot. Lolol.

PhioneXxX (ch 2) - [huggles] WE ALL WANT THIS TO HAPPENNNNN.

PhioneXxX (ch 3) - You- I like you- And yes, poor Silver. xDD


Guest (ch 2) - Haha well, I am an awkward person maybe that's why. AND I KNOW BECAUSE I AM SABRINA. Loljk.