Kirei Kotomine sat at his desk, filing through the numerous papers that littered its surface. Paperwork was a necessary evil for any organization, and for him it was doubly so. In addition to dealing with the more mundane aspects of being a priest running a church, he had to deal with reports and updates pertaining to the more secret aspect of his job. Being an Executor for the Church was not all about going on missions to fight dangerous monsters after all.

Of course, Kirei found himself needing go on missions even less as of late. His son had been doing so for him for the past couple of years now, ever since he himself had become an Executor as well. He may not have been as young as his father when he gained the title, but the Church recognized his potential and skill fairly early. If he had been the kind of man to feel pride, Kirei would have been impressed with the job he had done training his apprentice.

However, the priest was not one to feel pride, or much of anything for that matter. The only emotion he did feel, as a matter of fact, made his choice of profession rather questionable. It was not the time or place for such a thing, so Kirei looked over the report of his son's latest mission with dispassionate analysis.

The target formally known as Lord Jacques Roberval was successfully neutralized by Executor Shirou Kotomine. However, the target successfully managed to convert approximately 60% of the population of the town he was hiding in into Dead Apostles through his research before the Executors could arrive. Upon learning this information, Executor Kotomine immediately set about sterilizing the area, killing all Dead he could find before the Lord was flushed out and killed when he resisted being taken. Collateral for the event resulted in the destruction of the entire town, and only 10% of the original population remains, though it is unclear just how many died from what.

Evaluation of Executor Kotomine's progress remains on going, but opinions are still mixed. He is undeniably effective at what he does, and his capacity for wide scale destruction could be a massive asset to the Church if used properly. However, his psychological profile remains somewhat disturbing, showing clear violent and pyromaniacal tendencies. He is stable for now, but he must be watched closely in the future.

"It seems my son is progressing nicely." Kirei mussed out loud. When he had first found the boy, dying amid the flames of the Fuyuki City Fire, he had saved him on a whim. Sure, there were other orphans which he had 'saved', but this one was different. He decided to raise him as his own and see just what kind of person he could mold him into. There was only a little more to be done…

"Hmp. You and I have different ideas on what progress means." A haughty voice spoke from the air behind him, and a moment later a man materialized from nothing. He was blonde with red eyes and wearing fine designer clothing. "The boy is still a complete barbarian."

The priest turned in his chair to face the man. "I do apologize for his manners, oh King, but I was referring to his skill in combat." Give that he lived in the church with Kirei, it had been inevitable that Shirou had run into the man a few times, and Kirei had to always be carful that his son's usual behavior never upset him. "Besides, I assure you that his mental state is a necessity for what I have planed."

Gilgamesh, King of Heroes scoffed at this. "So you keep telling me. Well, I supposed if the playwright explained everything before the show had begun, it would not be an entertaining performance. However, you are going to keep the barbarian away from me until the curtain rises. If I have to endure anymore of that child's disrespect, I shall exercise my right as King and remove the uncivilized lout from existence."

Kirei bowed his head. One did not argue with the First King of Man and expect to live for very long. A small amount of subtly and no small amount of tact were required. "Of course, though I imagine that it will be difficult. There is still some more work to be done before he is ready, and I do not know how long before the stage is set."

"Well then, you best accelerate your plans." Gilgamesh said with a smirk. "It has already begun."

Kirei blinked in surprise. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I am sure." The blonde man said arrogantly. "I felt the call go out. The Grail is calling Masters once again."

The Holy Grail. An object of near limitless power and potential, created for the purpose of reaching the Root of the World. It was the reason that the Holy Grail War had been fought 4 times previous, with seven Masters summoning seven Servants to do battle for them until only one remained. The fallout of the previous War had caused the fire 10 years ago, and because of this, the 5th War was starting again much earlier than it should.

A smile etched itself on Kirei's face, though anyone who saw it would find it to be disturbing. It was not a smile of happiness, not as a normal person knows it. "Well then, this playwright will have to try harder to insure that all the players are ready for when show begins. Especially my son." He said, the only emotion he knew filling his normally empty heart: the joy of the suffering of others.

"After all, what is a play without a villain?"

It was a beautiful spring morning for Fuyuki City, the day feeling like it had endless possibilities. Rin Tohsaka walked alone down the street towards school, an almost undetectable spring in her step. Normally, the noble born girl was perfectly reserved and composed, but this morning she was almost giddy with excitement. When she had awakened that morning, she had found something that she never thought she would have seen in her lifetime. Something that would allow her to show the world that she was a true magus.

Something that would have made her father proud if he were still alive.

Walking through the gates of Homurahara Gakuen (her high school), she managed to reign herself in. She couldn't be hasty and let her emotions get the better of her, especially now. She needed to be careful and think things through, and there were a number of things she already knew she had to deal with today. The first of which was that she needed to talk to a particular someone, who was probably here already. She usually came in early when Shirou was away on one of his trip

Rin walked through the halls of the school and into a classroom with a bearing and presence befitting of one of her birth. Normally the students would accept her being there as a matter of course, but here they broke into whispers at the sight of the school idol. This was mostly due to the fact that this was not her classroom; it belonged to a class that was a year younger than her.

She walked past the rows of desks with purpose, stopping in front of one in particular. "Matou, I need to speak to you privately."

Sakura Matou blinked in mild confusion before she gave a small nod stood up, following the other girl out of the room. The other students found this odd as well, but didn't question it. It was still before class had actually begun, and who among them would question the school idol?

Once alone in the hallway, Sakura asked "Why do you need to speak to me now? You would have seen me after school anyway."

"This couldn't wait." Rin responded, doing away with the pretense of her status. She then rolled up her sleeve and showed her arm to the other girl.

Sakura let out a gasp at what she saw. "Is that..."

"A Command Seal." Rin said with no small amount of pride. "I have been chosen as a Master for the next War. Of course I wouldn't have expected this seeing as how this is happening 50 years earlier than should, but I will have to work with what I have."

Sakura looked at her sister nervously. "But... why? Why is it happening so soon?"

"I haven't the faintest idea." Rin admitted. "However, this will give me the chance to restore honor to the Tohsaka name. I will not let this opportunity slip through my fingers."

Both of the girls had memories from the 4th War 10 years ago, and in both cases their experiences were far from pleasant. They had also both lost someone dear to them because of it. However, their reactions to the experience were markedly different. Rin had resolved that she would never be so vulnerable again, that she would gain the skill to face the horrors the world might throw at her. Sakura had lost last bit of hope she had left, and didn't want the same thing to happen again. The purple haired girl licked her lips anxiously. "Rin, almost everyone who was in the last War died. Maybe you shouldn't-"

"Shouldn't what?" Rin asked with narrowed eyes. "Shouldn't fight? Shouldn't take the one chance I have to give my father's death some meaning? Absolutely not. I would never be able to call myself a magus if I did that." Sakura flinched a little at her tone. Rin sighed and softened her voice to continue. "I get that you're worried, but I have to do this. I wanted to tell you this now because I don't know how soon the fighting will start. It could be tonight for all we know. I don't even know if…"

"If all the Masters have been chosen." Sakura finished for her grimly. As the power source for the ritual was the Fuyuki leyline, all of the chosen Masters had to be within a certain range of it at the right time to be chosen. There were some rare exceptions in the past, but barring that there were a relatively small number of magi in the area, and not many more outside of it who would detect what was happening in time. That meant there was a good chance that the two sisters would end up facing each other on the battlefield. "Rin, what if-"

"Don't dwell on it." Rin interrupted. "If it does happen, we will discuss how to proceed from there. However, as a certain Pyro would say, we'll burn that bridged when we cross it."

Sakura managed a small laugh before a thought occurred to her. "Rin, what if he gets…"

Rin shivered. "I don't even want to think about that. Knowing him the whole city would be on fire in a matter of days."

"Why is Shirou burring down the city?" a new voice interjected. The two girls turned to find Ayako Mitsuduri walking towards them, and eyebrow arched quizzically. "I assume that who we're talking about when it comes to burning things down."

The sisters spared a glance at each other and put the conversation on hold. Rin turned to Ayako and said with an imperious tone "This is a private conversation and no concern of yours."

However, the brown haired girl gave a snort. "Yeah right. The two of you have snuck out of class and are talking about Shirou? He's my friend too you know, and I'm starting to think that you might know why he seems off today."

Rin frowned in annoyance at how her usual approach failed to work like it did on the rest of the student body. She naturally blamed Shirou for this. Normally the social layout of the high school was fairly separated, with several social circles that could be arranged in a hierarchy like layers of bedrock. There was generally very little mixing between the groups, and considering how the three girls were in different ones, one would question how the three were so close.

Well, if the school was bedrock, Shirou Kotomine was a fault line that went right through it. He showed a complete disregard for social norms, and anyone associated with him tended to get caught in the rockslide together, as it were.

Before Rin could respond, Sakura spoke up. "He's returned from his trip? And what do you mean he's 'off'?"

Ayako shrug. "Hard to say. I ran into him this morning and… well, he's usually a lot happier and energetic when he gets back from one of those trips of his. But this time he was almost reserved. Well, reserved for him anyway. He was even hanging out with Shinji the last time I saw him." The girl's mouth twisted as she said the name. "Seriously Sakura, I'm pretty sure the only reason he hangs out with him is to make you happy. Your brother's kind of a creep."

Sakura looked embarrassed as she looked off to the side. "He's not that bad. He's just misunderstood."

Rin snorted at that, having enough experience with the man to know that Shinji was about as deep as the shallow end of the pool. He was obnoxious and tried to hit on basically every pretty girl at the school, herself and Ayako included. Indeed it amazed her that Shirou put up with the man.

Still, what Ayako said about him being off did concern her too. She knew that many of his leaves from school in the past few years were due to his duties as an Executor, and when he came back happier than usual it meant that he saw some conflict while he was gone. Rin might have passed of Ayako's observation as exaggeration, but she hadn't even been aware that Shirou had returned. Usually he lets her know as soon as he gets back. Well, she would have to hunt him down later in any case to tell him about the War.

"So, we up for Ahnenerbe"s tonight?" Ayako asked, changing the subject.

Sakura shook her head. "I… have something I need to do. I need to go home as soon as school ends." No doubt she wanted to get home and prepare as soon as possible.

"I am afraid the same goes for me as well." Rin said.

Ayako sighed. "Aw, you guys are no fun." Her expression got brighter as she had an idea. "I guess that it'll just be me and Shirou hanging out tonight. Just the two of us… alone. Whatever might happen?" a mischievous smirk crossed the girl's face as she said this.

The two sisters frowned at her, and Rin said "Must you be so shameless with your flirting with him?"

"Ah, you make it sound so scandalous like that." The other girl replied. "Besides, what do you care? Unless you're thinking about making a move on him too."

In spite of herself, Rin felt her face heat up at the suggestion. "O-of course not! Why would I be interested in the idiot like that?"

Sakura flushed a little as well, and she interjected "Well, I'm just worried that you're sending him… mixed signals."

Ayako let out a small laugh at that. "He would have to pick up any signals at all before he could mix them up. Seriously, I could probably strip naked in front of him and he would just ask if I was cold." She chuckled some more as the faces the other two made at this comment. "Ah, don't worry about it. It's just a bit of fun on my part. If it got to that point, I would know when to back off."

Rin was about to asked her what she meant by that when the bell sounded. "Looks like we should get to class." She commented.

"Yeah, wouldn't want to ruin your image Ms. Perfect." Ayako said with a grin as she walked off. "I'll see you at archery practice Sakura!"

Rin looked at the woman's retreating form in mild annoyance, but the light jabs were something she had gotten used to from Ayako by this point. As such, she merely gave a dignified sigh and started walking towards her own classroom, trying not to think to hard about why Shirou might have been behaving strangely.

Shirou laughed like a mad man as he dashed through the burning building, his Black Keys slicing into the Dead around him. Arms lashed out at him from all directions, but he was too fast, ducking low and slicing at the legs of the several zombies that had tried to attack him at once. Normally he would have planted the blades into their shadows, activating the magical property of the Black Keys that paralyzed any undead whose shadow they pierced, but the flames that danced all around them made for erratic illumination at best. He would have to use a different approach.

Shirou rolled forward to get away from the undead that were about to fall on top of him and quickly spun to face the one he missed. It charged at him mindlessly, and he was easily able to run it through the torso. It let out an inhuman scream as the Cremation Sigil placed on the blade caused it to begin burning from the inside out. Shirou was not done, however.

"Mittite in nomine Dei iram fero." He incanted, the wretched thing on the end of his sword thrashing even more. "Si ignis est mihi, Donat castitate." Smoke began to emit from the creature's mouth and from behind its eyes, and soon a pure white flame erupted from it. Shirou glanced at the Dead that were stumbling and dragging themselves toward him and finished his incantation. "Munda cum hoc mundo justum pati et renasci!"

He let go of the blade and shoved the creature towards the oncoming mob and jumped back. There was only a brief moment as it crashed into the others before it exploded in a burst of holy fire, quickly consuming the rest of the undead and turning them to ash. The explosion shook the building, and Shirou jumped again as the wave of force and fire reached him, riding the wave to launch himself clear of the building moments before it collapsed in on itself. He tumbled to the ground in a smooth roll, a satisfied grin on his face as he came to his feet. A mild pain in his arm distracted him though, and he looked to find that it was burning. He gave a sigh of mild annoyance before he swept his other arm over it with a mutter, causing the flame to be swept of his limb and onto the ground. Shirou had become more and more resistant to fire over the years, but he wasn't quite immune to it yet.

However, that didn't matter. As he turned to walk through the burning streets, fire danced throughout the buildings all around him. The roar of the flame filled his ears along with the dying screams of the filth that had once plagued the town. The scent of ash carried on the wind and rose into the air, smoke partially obscuring the full moon of the night. The town was being consumed by the inferno, reduced to nothing so that the evil which infested it could be purged and then life could then begin anew.

It was beautiful to Shirou Kotomine.

He was not able to take in the sight for too long however, as he caught a sight of motion out of the corner of his eye. With a deft motion, he pulled another Black Key from his overcoat and threw it at a somewhat dark spot in a nearby alley. There was a scream of pain and thud as someone tumbled to the ground. Considering that the Dead did not scream in pain, Shirou assumed that he had found the target.

Indeed when he walked into the relatively untouched space between the two buildings, he found a small, mousy looking man sprawled on the ground, a blade sticking out of his leg. There were a number of papers and folders scattered around him, and likely the man had been carrying them a moment prior. "Lord Roberval, I presume." Shirou said looking down at the man.

"Grr, you worthless scum!" the man said through his grit teeth as he clutched his bleeding leg. "Do you have any idea of how much of my research you and your idiotic Church have destroyed?!"

"You say that like it was worth existing in the first place." Shirou remarked, drawing more blades as he intended to put an end to the waste of life in front of him. "The same could be said for yourself."

Roberval switched from anger to panic at the sight of this. "W-wait! You can't kill me! The Mage's Association will want the research I have!"

Shirou paused and frowned. "You know that I am not from the Mage's Association. What makes you think I care?"

"They were the ones who told you about me weren't they? I know they put a Sealing Designation on me before I escaped from London, and they must have told the Church that they wanted me alive! I've learned more about the Dead Apostles than anyone else has in decades! Both the Mage's Association and the Church will want what I know!"

Shirou's titled his head a little as he lowered his arms, thinking about what the man said. The Mage's Association was the largest organization of magi on the eastern hemisphere, and generally policed their own. When a magus gained knowledge on a subject that was considered forbidden, they would issue a Sealing Designation and have the person captured so that their research (or their person depending on what it was) could be examined. This normally did not involve the Church, whose main duty was the destruction of monsters that threatened humanity, but there were times like this where goals intersected. Roberval was correct when he assumed that Shirou had orders to take him alive if possible.

There was a moment's pause before Shirou put away his blades, and the other man let out a sigh of relief. It was short lived though, as then a smirk crossed the Executor's face and he threw out his hand. A quick word and sparks ignited among all the papers scattered on the ground, causing them to burn.

"What!? No!" Roberval shrieked as he saw his work crumbled before him. "What do you think you are doing!? How dare you, you insolent dog!"

"See, my orders were to take you alive… if possible." Shriou said, his grin widening so that his teeth were bared. "But given what you've done here, what you've done to these people, well, I don't think it's possible to let you remain in this world any longer. Can you hear their screams amid the flames? They're calling for vengeance. They're calling for your death." As if on cue, the fire began to inch closer to the untouched alleyway, the tongues of flame showing through the walls.

"You're insane!" Roberval spat. "You have to be if you would throw away such information! Of course, if you truly are hearing voices now, then it will be a service when you are put down for your insubordination!"

Shirou shrugged. "Well, I suppose it's just wishful thinking on my part that I can hear them. However, I think I can make a reasonable guess as to-" he abruptly cut himself off and threw a blade at the at the magus's rising hand, pining it to the ground before the second syllable of his spell left his lips. He let out a small chuckle as the man screamed again. "Commendable, but I'm not so foolish as to let my guard down in front of an enemy, even if they do seem helpless. As I was saying, I think I can guess that the former inhabitants of this town would want me to dispose of things like you."

"What do you mean, like me?" The other man hissed.

Shirou's features grew harder and his voice took on a tone of contempt. "Vile. Corrupt. Evil. Things that prey on the weak and innocent. I will burn away every trace of filth from this world to make it as it should be."

There was a moment of silence between the two, only the sound of the burning village filling the air. Then Roberval began to laugh. "Hehehe, hahahaha! You insipid little child! Only the naïve think good and evil have any meaning in this life." The man put his free hand on his chest. "Do you really think I am any different from the magi back in London? I merely had the courage to walk where they feared to tread! They would have done what I did in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it!"

Shirou felt anger build in his chest at this, and his fist clenched at his side. He said nothing and the magus continued. "We magi know the truth! What you deem as evil is simply they way things are! The pathetic masses are left feeling safe in their ignorance, while we burden ourselves knowing all the horrors that lurk in the dark that could never be stopped if they decided to kill us all!" He laughed more, and Shirou's face turned into a snarl. The fire around them grew brighter along with his wraith. Roberval pointed at the Executor. "You want to burn away all the filth and darkness? You'll have to burn this entire world to ash! Ahahaha!"

Shirou felt something snap, and in a moment of perfect awareness he felt all of the fire around him. His clawed hands thrust out to his sides, as if grabbing hold of the element around him. With a growl Shirou pulled his hands towards Roberval, and like an extension of his will the flames tore through the walls of the alley in a wave, crashing down on the man in a torrent of glorious destruction. Roberval screamed one last time as the fire took him, but Shirou didn't hear it. All he knew that that moment was the roar of the flames and his rage at the darkness before his.

As fast as it came though, the awareness left him, and he was left standing alone in a smoldering alley with an empty feeling in his chest. He didn't know what had just happened, only that the words of the magus had made him so angry. He tried to reach out to the fire again, but he felt nothing. He stood there for some time, before he turned and made his way to find the other Executors he had been sent with. They would want to know the target was dead after all.

Shirou gazed at the small fire he had made at the edge of the school grounds, thinking about the mission he was just on. Try as he might, he just couldn't shake that man's words of how futile what he did was. When his father had told him all those years ago that he was going to be an Executor, it just seemed right to him. Scourging darkness from wherever it lurked was completely natural for him, and when he claimed the title two years ago it just served to make things official.

But even before then, he had noticed there was never exactly a shortage of terrible things in the world. Monsters truly could be in any shadow, and no mater how many he killed or stopped, there was always more. For every wonder the supernatural had, there were two horrors. And magi were hardly any better in this regard. It hadn't even been the first time that he had to kill one for the horrible crimes they committed.

"Hmp. It seems like that woman was right. You really are sulking for some reason." Shirou turned towards the voice and found Rin standing behind him, her hand on her hip as she looked at him. "Though at least you're still doing so by burning something on school property, so I know that the world isn't ending."

Shirou frowned at her. "I am not sulking."

"You're sitting quietly in a corner of the school grounds rather than getting into the far more spectacular and violent trouble that you're known for, which is to say nothing of how you seem to be avoiding the company beautiful women such as myself and Sakura. And Ayako." She added grudgingly before giving the man a knowing look. "You're sulking."

Shirou sighed and shifted uncomfortably. "Sorry. I've had a lot on my mind."

"And that's why you were spending more time than was absolutely necessary with that sleazily little twit? Honestly, I find it commendable that you want to keep Sakura happy, but since when would you rather be with him than us?"

Shirou blinked in confusion before he realized who she was talking about. "You mean Shinji? Well, yeah, he's not the best person around, but… I've managed to get a sort of report with him. I think there's an English word for this… or right, 'frienemies'." Shirou said, using finger quotes as he did. "He insults me, I punch him a little, it's a thing we have going." He shrugged. "Besides, it's sort of part of a project I'm doing. I want to see if I can make him a better person."

"You… Shirou Kotomine… want to make Shinji Matou a better person… rather than just beating him into unconsciousness like all of your other problems." Rin said incredulously. She then pinched the bridge of her nose. "I take it back, the world is coming to an end."

"Come on, don't be so dramatic. Besides, I think its working. When he noticed that I was kinda down, he cheered me up by giving me some porn magazines."

Rin appeared to choke on her own tongue for a moment and she sputtered in shock "W-w-what?! Since when h-have you been interested in those p-perverted things?"

Shirou scratched his chin in thought. "Oh, since I found out about them when I was ten, I guess." He felt a little confused when Rin's face rapidly started to change to a shade of crimson, so he gestured to the fire. "I mean, the chemicals they use in the paper cause the flames to burn in a rather wide range of colors. I find it to be rather soothing, actually."

Rin's embarrassment quickly switched to one of confusion. "Wait, you just like to burn them? You never actually bother to look inside them?"

"Why would I do that?" Shirou asked, not sure what she was getting at.

There was a long silence between the two of them as Rin just gaped at the man. Eventually the silence was broken when she shook her head and said "There is something wrong with you, Pryo."

"What do you mean?"

"I, just… never mind." She rubbed her forehead with her hand. "Look, there was something I needed to tell you. The 5th Holy Grail War has begun."

Shirou blinked. "What? How is that possible? That's supposed to happen every 60 years, and the last one was only 10 years ago."

"I'm not sure, but it means that this city is going to become very dangerous soon. I've already told Sakura, and she went home to prepare."

Shirou grunted at this. It wasn't until sometime after he had met Sakura that he learned that the Matou family was in fact a magus family, and the reason he never knew was that the magic in the family had been weakening for the past several generations. As far as he knew, Shinji and Sakura had no magical ability at all, but it was still wise of Rin to let her know what was happening. "Wonderful." He muttered. "We're going to have seven magi of all people waging a secret war in the city."

Rin looked like she was going to say something but stopped when she noticed his tone. "And just what is that supposed to mean?" she asked, her own tone becoming somewhat chilled.

"It means that we'd be better of if that useless trash fought their stupid war somewhere else." He said darkly.

Rin's eyes narrowed at this comment. "Oh? Since when did you gain such a low opinion of magi? Her tone turned to ice. "And since when were you foolish enough to insult one so brazenly to her face?"

"Huh? Who are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about me!" She hissed.

He looked back at her confused. "What? No no no, you're not a magus."

Rin flinched back as if struck. "What?! I'm better at magecraft than you'll ever be! How could you say that!?"

"Because you would never turn an entire town into vampires just to save your own hide." Shirou said plainly. "You would never take apart living people with interesting magical abilities just to see what made them tick. You would never create a War in a densely populated city that could claim hundreds of innocent lives if something went wrong, and then just write those lives off like they were nothing. You're better than them Rin, and that's why you're not a magus."

Rin's face twisted through a number of emotions when he said this, ranging from anger, frustration, and maybe even a little gratitude if he read her right. Frustration won out eventually, and she threw up her hands. "Gah! Fine! Go and sulk for all I care! I have things to do!" And with that she stormed off.

Shirou felt a little bad at how upset she looked, but he was not overly worried about it. A lot of his conversations with her ended with her getting mad at him and storming off. Or punching him. She would come around a day or two later, as such was the odd cycle of their friendship. He would have to actually thank her about telling him about the War, too. She looked like she had something else to say about it as well, but it must not have been very important.

Shirou looked back at the fire and sighed, thinking about what this meant for him. He'd tell his father of course, and the priest would probably become the moderator for the war, just like his father before him. Shirou himself would likely be told not to get involved, being associated with the Church and all. The thought caused a cold pit to form in his stomach, as he hated the idea of magi in his home city fighting over a wish.

Well, if you had the chance, what would you wish for? Shirou blinked as the thought came to him, and found that he didn't have an immediate answer. Do I really want to just burn the world to the ground if it's beyond saving? He thought to himself darkly. If that's what it took, would I do it? All I want… I just want something bright… something pure.

If Shirou hadn't been so focused on his own thoughts, he might have noticed the symbols carving themselves onto the back of his left hand.

The girl sighed as the limo pulled up the driveway to the manor which had seen better days. She had come here all the way from London because her parents wanted something from the old estate but were too busy to come get it themselves. The girl had asked why they couldn't just have one of the servants do it, but they insisted that one of the family had to do it, both on the principle of the matter, and that the materials she was collecting were protected such that only one with the family magecraft to access them.

I still wish that I didn't have to fly to the other side of the planet though, she thought to herself as she stepped out of the car and looked at the building with a frown. Fuyuki City is alright, I suppose, but it is still a far cry from most cities in Europe.

She held back a grumble, as doing so would be unladylike. I wish that my parents wouldn't send me on such trivial tasks. I wish that I could be back in London, getting the respect I deserve. I wish I could be working on my magecraft to perfect it. I wish… that my arm would stop aching? The girl rubbed her arm in confusion before detaching the sleeve, and was greeted by the sight of a set of Command Seals.

Luviagelita Edelfelt blinked in surprise before her studies of her family's history caught up with her, and an excited smile crossed her face. She spun on the porter who was taking things out of the trunk. "Jarvis! Contact Mother and Father immediately!" she yelled. "The Edelfelts have much to do!"

A/N: A Master revealed, and it looks like Luvia is joining the fray. She isn't the only nonstandard master I've added to the roster for this story, so I'm curious as to what you think.

Though really, this chapter is mostly about showing Shirou's current state and how he feels about things. As can clearly be seen, he's developed some disgust for magi, as he has seen the worse they can offer. To be far they're not all like that though: most are just assholes rather than monsters. It also shows the somewhat odd way he thinks when it comes to Rin. Magi are terrible human beings, Rin is not a terrible human being, therefore Rin is not magus. He finds it odd the others don't think that way.

On a related note, I'm also trying to show that this Shirou, like the original, is rather oblivious when it comes to the opposite sex, but it's more a symptom of a greater problem in his case. The original was just an idiot; Shirou Kotomine genuinely incapable of feeling romantic and sexual attraction at this point. He understands it on an intellectual level, but for the most part he's asexual.

Of course, given the source material, you can safely bet that's not going to last very long.