"So, what do you think they're doing?" Ayako asked as they walked to school.

"Who?" Shirou asked.

"Duh, Rin and Sakura." She replied. "Come on, you have to know something. They both dropped off the face of the earth for the past few days at the same time. You can't say that it's a coincidence. "

Shirou shifted uncomfortably a bit. "Not sure what I can tell you."

It had almost been a week since Shirou ran into either Sakura or Rin. The two of them had either been ducking out of school as soon as they could or not showing up at all. Granted with the War starting up soon he could understand why they would be busy, but he still found it ironic that he was the one attending class regularly. It was true that he was also learning new things in preparation, but it was mostly just knowledge for the summoning ritual. He already had time set aside for physical training.

He felt bad about lying to his friend, but it couldn't be helped. She would end up getting hurt one way or another if she learned the truth about what was going on. Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that he needed to give her something, lest she start poking around and end up right in the middle of danger.

He was saved from thinking of anything at that moment, as it was then that the two of them reached the gates of Homurahara Gakuen. Walking in among several other students was one of the girls in question. "Hey, Rin!" Ayako yelled out, and the dark haired girl turned to look at them. "Where have you been?"

"I have been… busy." She said neutrally. Rin shot a brief glance at Shirou before looking back at their mutual friend, though he couldn't guess the reason for it.

"Oh come on, don't be like that." The brown haired girl said in annoyance. "Why is it all of you guys have been so secretively lately? What going on here?"

Rin adopted the pose she usually used when she intended to lecture someone and said "You are just being paranoid. I will have you know that someone at the city government made a grievous error in relation to several of the older estates throughout the city, marking them as owned by the state rather than their rightful owners. I have needed to spend the past few days with lawyers and bureaucrats fixing this idiotic injustice before they tried to kick me out of my own home. I can only imagine that Sakura was busy with the same." It wasn't a bad lie for the time being, but she was going to have to make sure to corroborate with Sakura at some point.

"Really? That's weird…" Ayako said with a frown, clearly not entirely believing the story. "But why would Sakura be out for that? Isn't her grandfather in charge of stuff like that?"

"Yes, but he's very old." Rin replied. Shirou snorted at that. To call Zouken Matou old was like saying a bonfire was a little warm. He had only met the man a few times but Shirou found his presence even more disquieting than his father's. It may have just been Shirou's general dislike of magi, but there was just something that felt fundamentally wrong with the man. That displeasure was one of the few things he actually shared with his father.

Rin spared another glance at him before continuing. "As I was saying, the man is old and probably needed assistance."

"Yeah, but Shinji's been coming to school. Why wouldn't he…" Ayako trailed off, actually thinking about the competence of one Shinji Matou. "…never mind. I guess that does make sense. Anyways, it's been a while since we all hung out. What say we hunt down Sakura and have some fun tonight?"

As the two talked and worked out their schedules, Shirou was wondering when he would be able to get Rin alone, as he really needed to talk to her about the War. The higher ups from the Church had been informed of the situation and concluded that if the Tohsaka did become a Master, Shirou was to assist her, much like their parents before them. Not that it did them much good, Shirou mentally grumbled to himself. While he never really considered either her or himself as a magus, he had to concede that it was possible that she was chosen to be a Master as well.

He tuned back into the conversation in time to hear Ayako say "-and not too much has happen while you were out, except that I've heard that there's a foreign girl whose been around and thinking of enrolling."

Rin quirked an eyebrow at this. "This late in the term? It would make more sense to wait for the next semester."

Ayako shrugged. "Yeah, it's weird. I've also heard that she's really rich and highbrow, kinda like you around people who don't know better." Shirou didn't fail to see Rin's eyebrow twitch at this comment, or Ayako's smirk at seeing it. "There's a good chance you might see her today. That would be an interesting meeting in my opinion."

"I haven't run into her yet." Shirou added. "I don't think she frequents the same places I do."

"Who would?" Rin grumbled slightly. She then straightened a bit and looked past the two them. "Tell me, is this girl so garish as to show up to a high school in a limo?"

"I think I remember hearing something to that effect." Shirou said. "Why do you ask?"

Rin wordlessly pointed behind them, and the other two turned to see a black limo pulling up to the school gates. It was black, sleek, and spoke of money. A driver in a simple uniform and cap got out of the front to walk back and open the door for his passenger. The girl who emerged from the car looked to be about Shirou's age, and her very presence spoke of aristocracy. From the way that she held herself to the very fine blue and white dress she wore, she looked very much like nobility. She was also clearly of European origin, with pale skin and a mass of blonde hair in ringlets.

Ayako whistled "Damn. That girl's got style, I'll give her that."

Rin's frown had not left her face however. "Hmp. She's just showing off how much money she has. And that dress makes her look like a high class courtesan." She grumbled. "What's her name, and where is she from anyway?"

Ayako put a finger to her lips. "I've heard her name before, but it's hard as hell to remember and even worse to pronounce. I think she's from Finland, though."

Rin went shift at hearing this, and her eyes widened. "No… you have to be kidding me…"

Shirou was about to ask her what was wrong, but the foreign girl noticed the three of them staring at her and she made her way over to them. "Hello, potential classmates." She said primly and with only the hint of an accent. "I know that it is hard not to look upon my radiance with awe, but please try to think of me as one of your equals instead."

"No problem." Shirou said, finding her request perfectly reasonable. He didn't understand the strange look she gave him after he said that, but he figured it was due to his burns. People were often unsettled by him due to his appearance until they got to know him. Then many were still unsettled by him for a number of other reasons, but he had less of a grasp on those.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Ayako said, taking the girl's attention. "I'm Ayako Mitsuduri."

"Ah, of course, I should introduce myself as well. I am Luviagelita-"

"Edelfelt." Rin finished for the other girl flatly.

There was a moment of silence and surprise on the part of everyone there. Except for Shirou. "Huh, you're right. I don't think I could pronounce any of that."

Luvia ignored him and turned her attention to Rin, her eyes narrowing slightly. "I am sorry, you seem to have me at a disadvantage. Who might you be?"

Rin flashed the other girl one of her best fake smiles. There was a hint of fang in it "Hello, I am Rin Tohsaka. I'm sure I'll be able to help you if you feel lost or confused at school, though I'm afraid you won't be able to copy anyone else's work here."

Luvia blinked before a wolfish grin of her own split her face. "A Tohsaka, how quaint. And here I was thinking that excuse of a lineage had been wiped out."

"So… you two, uh, know each other?" Ayako asked awkwardly as the tension rose.

"Not personally." Rin said, her eyes still locked on Luvia. "Our families have… known of each other for some time though. You could say that my family taught theirs everything they know." She with a sweet and acidic smile.

Luvia merely laughed haughtily at this. "Oh please, I can't believe you lot are still going on about that outrageous lie. I suppose it's all you have to comfort you considering all of your greatest achievements were done by your ancestors hundreds of years ago."

The air between the two girls was charged, and it seemed like one wrong word could make the whole situation go south rather quick. Ayako decided that she'd rather not have things get ugly between the two, so she spoke up in the most calming tone she could manage. "Ok… so your families have had a rough history, but that doesn't mean that you have to be enemies. You two only just met! Try thinking of it as a new beginning or something." The other two girls looked wholly unconvinced, simply glaring at each other some more. Akayo looked at the only other person present for back up. "Uh, right Shirou?"

"Huh?" Shirou said, turning his attention away from the limo driver. The man had been idly taking pictures of the surrounding neighborhood with a digital camera, but the teen had not failed to notice that his gaze drifted toward the group warily every so often. "I'm sorry, who am I agreeing with and why?"

"You're agreeing with me that this dressed up witch is full of herself and can go right back to frozen wasteland that is her home." Rin said sharply.

Shirou glanced back at Luvia with an up turned eyebrow. "I don't know. She hasn't really done anything yet. Are you sure?"

Luvia simply laughed again. "It seems like your position isn't as strong as you might think. Even your retainer can see you're nothing but a lot of ignorant hot air."

Shirou frowned at this. "Well, no actually. Rin's actually really intelligent. She's probably the smartest person I know."

Rin smiled smugly at this, but Luvia just arched an eyebrow. "Oh? So she has you under her spell that she's actually perfect in every way?"

The teen let out a chuckle at this. "Oh God no, she's definitely far from perfect." A tick mark formed on Rin's head. "I mean, she can get a little over-confidant at times," Another one sprung up. "She can also be really bossy," Her eyebrows twitched rapidly. "Oh, and the anger! Don't even get me started on the anger. There's a reason I call her Tssuurk!"

The last syllable came out as a choking sound as at that point Rin had clasped her hands around Shirou's throat. "Shirou…" she said low and dangerously. "What have I told you about using that name?"

He of course could only reply with more gurgling. Luvia simply laughed at this. "Oh this is too rich!" she said. "I take it back. It seems your retainer understands you perfectly." She glanced at Shriou. "Tell you what, why don't you come work for me instead? I'm know I will be able to treat you better."

Rin glared at her, but still loosen her grip on his throat. "The idiot is not my retainer. He's my friend, and he won't fall for your thinly veiled attempts to annoy me."

Shirou rubbed his throat. "True, though I doubt she would hit me as often as you do."

Luvia laughed again at the sight of Rin's hands twitching toward his neck, but her eyes narrowed slight at him. "Indeed, you'll find that I'm nothing like her, so why wouldn't you want to get away?"

"Because you're nothing like her." He said plainly. "From what I've seen of you so far, I doubt there's anything more to you than those clothes, make up, hair and money. Take those away and there'll be nothing left." He nodded at Rin. "She doesn't need those things to be great. Also, I'm pretty sure if you gave her a dress as expensive as yours, she'd pull it off better than you."

Luvia took a step back at this, clearly not expecting that response. "W-what?! How dare you insult me so brazenly?!"

Shirou was about to say that he hadn't meant to insult her, but Rin spoke first. "Trust me, if he can see it, then it's more of an observation than an insult."

"Oh can it, you two bit hedge mage!" Luvia snapped, her calm attitude deteriorating.

"Hey! Who are you calling two bit you stuck up show pony!" Rin retorted.



Shirou wasn't sure who through the first punch, but soon the two girls were on the ground trying to beat the crap out of each other. It was far from elegant, but the two were stilling getting some good hits in. Luvia had a better ground game, but her poofy dress made it hard to maneuver. Shirou certainly didn't expect things to go this way, but far be it from him to stop a fight. "Come on, get her Rin!" He yelled. "Hit her diaphragm and get some leverage!"

"Well, I tried." Ayako sighed as a crowd started to gather. She shrugged and took out her phone, recording the mess that was happening in front of her.

However, as quickly as it all started, Rin and Luvia found themselves separated and on their feet, the blonde's driver holding each girls arm. "There's no need for that." He said calmly. "Perhaps it would be best if we went home for today, Mistress?"

Luvia panted, her dress torn in several places and a few bruises showing. Her eyes burned with anger, but she did not press any further. "I will remember this, Tohsaka." She hissed. "I am sure that we'll be seeing each other again soon." She then turned and swiftly walked back to her limo.

Rin stood where she was glaring after her in a state not much better than the other girl. Everyone stood around awkwardly not sure of what to say. Of course someone had to say something; it looked like Rin was about to pop a blood vessel. Naturally, Shirou took it on himself and said the first thing that came to mind.

"You know, I take it back. She's just like you."

Shirou regained consciousness about twenty minutes later, his body twitching in pain. "Ugh, what happened?" he groaned as his eyes tried to blink away the blurriness. "All I remember is a blur of pure fury and pain."

"You made Rin angry, sempai. Again." Shirou blinked a few times and the caring face of Sakura shifted into focus. It took a moment to realize that he was lying on the ground with his head in the girl's lap. A quick glance showed that he had been pulled off to the side and the two of them were underneath one of the few trees on the campus.

A small frown crossed Shirou's face. "Oh. Hi Dere-Dere. You know, I am beginning to suspect that Rin takes advantage of the fact that I don't hit her back."

Sakura merely gave him a flat look at this. "Sempai, you should probably just try to not make her angry as often, especially these days considering…" Sakura's expression fell somewhat, and he hand brushed the side of Shirou's face.

For his part, the boy merely sighed. "It's not like I ever do it on purpose. Hell, all these years and I still barely know what sets her off. And I still need to talk to her." He blinked and his gaze refocused on Sakura's eyes. "That reminds me. You aren't a Master, are you Sakura?"

Sakura flinched slightly at the sudden of the question, and she looked off to the side. "N-no. Why do you ask?"

"Oh good. I had heard from my old man that on rare occasions even a non-magus could be selected as a Master, like in the last War. I figured that with you coming from a magus family and all there was an outside chance that you'd be picked, but I'm glad that's not the case. No way would I want you involved a dirty mess like this. You're the purest thing I know."

Shirou swore he saw something that looked like shame cross her face, but that didn't make any sense, so he figured he imagined it. Still, The purple haired girl fidgeted a little, the motion causing Shirou's head to bump up and down. "Does… that that mean that you are…" she trailed off.

"Yup." He said with a grin, holding up his left hand and peeling away the bandages he used to conceal the marks. "Surprised me too, but I'm not complaining." He continued, not noticing Sakura's shoulders slump slightly. "Since I have this, now I can hunt down those magus assholes with impunity. Of course I would have done so anyway, but this means less paperwork with the Church."

"Sempai…" Sakura started hesitantly before continuing. "What if one of the other Masters isn't that bad of a person? Maybe you wouldn't have to… do your job."

"Tch. That would be unlikely." He started before he paused and thought for a moment. "On the other hand, if Tsun-Tsun did become a Master, there's a chance that there are more like her. Unlikely, but possible. In those cases I'd probably work something out."

Sakura relaxed slightly at this. "I just don't want you to hurt or kill someone if they didn't deserve it." She paused. "Even if that person might seem bad."

Shirou arched an eyebrow at this. "Well, alright." He said, not really sure what she was getting at. Still, it looked like she would be sad if something like that happened, and a sad Sakura was just a crime against the world. "I don't see why you're so worried though. Just lay low and everything will be fine."

"I can't help it. I don't want anyone to get hurt. I… I don't want you to get hurt."

"Don't worry about it. Pain doesn't mean anything to me." He said casually before siting up. He gave a slight wince as his muscles twinged at little. "Well, usually it doesn't."

Still, Sakura's face twisted. "Well it should! What if you die?"

He turned back to her and shrugged. "All things end at some point. So long as I go out with a bang, I won't mind." He said as he got to his feet. "Come on, we're already late for class."

"I would."

"Huh?" He asked. "What did you say, Sakura?"


It was much later that day that Rin stormed up to the doors of the church and shoved them open. "Get out here you phony priest! I have need of you!" Her anger from that morning still simmered beneath her skin. That stupid, prissy, stuck up Edelfelt! She had to be here for the Heaven's Feel ritual! Rin had no idea how she found out about it but it didn't matter anymore. She could not have that smug bitch walk into her city like she owned the place.

Eventually Kirei made his way about to the vestibule and said "Ah, hello Miss Tohsaka. How can I help you today?"

"Can it." She said flatly before she lifted up the sleeve of her arm. "I assume you can guess what these are?"

"Command Seals, if I am not mistaken." He said smoothly and without a hint of surprise. "So, I take it you are here to register yourself as a Master."

"No." Rin said, causing the priest to blink. "I haven't summoned my Servant yet." She had spent the past few days preparing the ritual she would use to summon her Servant but she had yet to do so. Part of it was her trying to be sure that she had everything perfect, but the other part was the reason why she was here.

Kirei merely arched an eyebrow in a way that she found incredibly annoying and said "I see. Well, I am afraid that I can't technically consider you as a real Master until you summon your Servant."

"I know that, idiot. I've been trying to find a good Catalyst to summon a powerful Hero. And now, you're going to help me get one."

The priest seemed amused by this. "Really? I would hope that you would realize that as the Administrator-"

"Oh save that drivel." Rin snapped. "I know full well how you had an alliance with my father in the last War. And that you weren't exactly following the rules in doing so." The young magus had found a journal that her father had keep during the last Grail War, and she found out a number of interesting facts within. It unfortunately didn't give any more knowledge to her suspicions as to who kill her father, but it still had many interesting things to say about his apprentice. She had been holding on to the information until she found the opportune time to use it.

Kirei was silent for several long moments, his expression not changing. Eventually he said "These are some hash allegations Miss Tohsaka, but I fail to see your point. You could of course take you claims to the Church, but I doubt they will take you seriously."

Rin merely scoffed at this. "As amusing as it would be to see you exposed for the phony priest that you are, I am not trying to blackmail you. I am demanding that you honor your vow of allegiance."

That annoyingly amused expression returned to the man's face. "My loyalty-"

"Is to the Tohsaka lineage." Rin growled at him. "And I am the heir to that noble line. You will do as I say."

Again, the man was silent as he seemed to consider her demand. Demanding and threatening the Administrator like this was certainly riskier than Rin would have liked, but she needed every last advantage she could get. Furthermore, how he responded could give her certain bits of information she needed to know.

Without preamble Kirei then turned and started walking away from her, though he spoke as he did so. "You must understand that as the Administrator for this War, I cannot act overtly in the favor of a particular Master. Especially given the role I played during the last War, my superiors would be highly suspicious if a Tohsaka was given preferential treatment. Any such aid that I may or may not give in such a case would have to be subtle."

Taking this as a sign of victory, Rin walked after him with a triumphant smirk on her face. "And what would they care? I was under the impression that the Church approved of your working together."

"True, but they made it clear that they do not wish me to do so in this War." He said simply before he pushed open a door that lead to a storage room. "I can only imagine why."

Rin merely grunted at this before saying "So, what use are you going to be to me then?"

The priest walked past several shelves lined with odds and ends before approaching a locked chest in the back corner. "This church has undergone some renovations recently. A new sprinkler system had to be installed. Again." He said flatly as he pulled a set of keys from his pocket. "Many things had to be moved around. It wouldn't be surprising if a certain item went missing for a while before being found again."

Ah, so he is going to give me a Catalyst after all, Rin thought to herself. Under normal circumstance, when a Master preforms the Ritual to summon their servant, the Grail will chose a Servant which matches their personality for them, to insure that the two can work as a team. However, if a Master has something of a particular Hero (referred to as a Catalyst) during the summoning, they can choose to summon that Hero instead. This was used to insure that the Hero summoned was a powerful one.

Enacting the next part of her plan, Rin then innocently said "Oh? But doesn't that mean that your son will not have any Catalyst of his own when he summons his own Servant?"

There was a click as the chest was unlocked and Kirei turned to look back at her. "Miss Tohsaka, you know that I am not allowed to reveal the identities of Masters to anyone, especially other Master. I am afraid you must rely on your own intuition an intelligence to determine who you will be fighting. Though I do suppose it is common knowledge that a father will not take a course of action that his harmful to his son."

Rin smirked again at this. That confirmed that Shirou wasn't a Master. There was no way that Kirei would give her an edge over his son in the War, old alliances be damned. If he had refused to give her a Catalyst, then odds were that Shirou would have been a Master. This had been part of her plan in asking Kirei for aid, and she felt a smug sense of satisfaction that it worked so elegantly.

Although, if she had to admit it to herself, she could have just asked the red-head if he was a Master and he would have told her outright. However, she was not in the mood to talk to that idiot at the moment. Besides, this was how it was supposed to be done; using clever ploys, recon and intelligence to determine who the other Maters were. And later she could rub it in his face how she figured it out on her own.

Returning her attention back to the moment, Rin saw Kirei reach into the chest and draw out a bright red cloth. "This is the Holy Shroud of Martin. It was entrusted to my care by the church some time ago."

Rin looked at the cloth critically. "It looks kind of ragged to me." She remarked.

"Indeed it does, as such is part of its legend." Kirei replied. "This was once the cloak of Saint Martin du Tours, a roman soldier turned Bishop of the 4th century. It is said that in his earlier years that he happened upon a beggar that was almost naked, and tore off some of his military cloak to clothe him. In a vision, it was revealed that the beggar was in fact the Lord Savoir and confirmed the man's piety. As such, the remains of his cloak have some interesting protective qualities."

Rin's expression turned thoughtful. "Hmm… a roman soldier… and a saint you said?" That did sound promising. Heroes that had been exalted after their lifetime would be able to bring that power with them into the Grail War, so such a Servant should be able to call on all the powers a living saint would have. Furthermore, the general rule was that the further back in time one went, the stronger and more powerful Heroes were. One from over 1500 years ago was more likely than not to be considerably strong. And if he was a soldier, a roman one at that, he should know how to follow orders from a superior, which in this case was her.

She made a show of looking over the cloth as she mulled it over, taking it from him and turning it this way and that in her hand, as if it could reveal some secret about it which he had not yet divulged. "And you are sure that this Saint Martin will win me the War?" She asked.

"Nothing is certain." Kirei said vaguely. "However, I am quite sure that you will get what you deserve."

Rin gave an annoyed huff before she folded up the cloth. "Well, I suppose it will do." She concluded. "Your loyalty to the Tohsaka family shall not be forgotten. When the time comes I shall reward you for your service."

"Oh no, I could not accept such a gift." He said with a short bow. "All I wish is to see the results of my labors bear fruit."

"Hmm. Well, we can deal with that later. For now, I have a War to win." She said, and then without another word turned and walked out of the church.

Kirei watched the young woman walk down the street and out of sight from a window, plans and plots turning in his head as he did so. He had not expected his ward to demand something so brazenly of him, but it had given him an idea, and it seemed remiss if he wasted the opportunity.

"Again, the playwright adds a twist to his work." A lazy yet regal voice said from behind him. Kirei turned to face the materializing Gilgamesh as he continued. "That whelp seemed hardly any more interesting than any of the other so called magi of this time. Why would you grant her this favor of a somewhat better Servant?"

"I have two reasons for this." The priest replied. "The first was that my son knew about the Shroud and there was a chance that he would have asked for it himself, and I feel that things will be much more… interesting if the Grail choses his Servant for him." Indeed, with Shirou's temperament, the kind of Hero that was most suited to him personally would definitely allow for maximum destruction.

The King of Heroes was less than pleased by this. "Another barbarian I assume. I hope for you sake that you are right."

Kirei ignored the threat and continued. "The second was more of an amusement on my part. Saint Martin was a relatively minor figure in history, such that I highly doubt that his Heroic Spirit has much power. Furthermore, while the man was a soldier, he also abhorred violence and refused to fight. It's clear that Miss Tohsaka didn't know this, and I doubt that she will bother checking before summoning him. Suffice to say, Miss Tohsaka is not going to get the Servant she was expecting. It will not do well for her pride, I fear."

Gilgamesh blinked before a small smirk crossed his face. "So, larger cruelly must first be built upon smaller ones. A clever prologue."

Kirei bowed. "Thank you for your praise, my King. I am merely doing my best to add to the chaos that is to come."

However, not even Kirei knew just how much chaos this little amusement of his would cause.

Rin poured over her summoning circle one last time, making sure that it was absolutely perfect. A part of her was telling her to wait just a little be longer, but she ignored it. She had already waited long enough, and she would not let anyone, especially some blonde European bimbo, get the better of her because she wasn't decisive enough. Now sure that everything was to her satisfaction, she tossed the Holy Shroud into the circle before picking up one of her most prana infused jewels and began to chant.

"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg.
The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.
Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill).
Repeat every five times."

A dull red light began to glow from the lines of the circle. Rin took a small knife and pricked her finger, a small amount of her blood flowing over the gem in her hand.

"Simply, shatter once filled.
I announce.
Yourself is under me, my fate(doom) is in your sword.
In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer.
Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead."

The intensity of the glow had increased in brilliance, and the pattern inscribed on the floor began to rise. The flat red plane of symbols and runes reached shoulder height, and she cast out her arm holding the gem and finished the aria.

"You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance!"

The drop of blood from her finger hit the floor, and the light became blinding. Rin felt the prana being drain from her and her gem, and after blinking a few times to get her vision back, she laid eyes on her Servant. He was…

Not what she had been expecting. He was very tall, with long limbs and lean muscle, and he had an unruly mass of white hair that came down to his neck. His attire was what really threw Rin off though, as his pants and over shirt were a deep gray and very similar to what member of the Church wore in current times. This was offset by the bright red of his cloak (his Holy Shroud, she guessed), though even that was strange. It looked more like a cape with a mantle, and two long strips ran from the shoulders down the front, emblazed with white crosses and other designs, and a gold cross hung between them from his neck. On his hands were a pair of black gloves, which matched the equally black mask over his face. It was simple, featureless, and showed only his eyes.

Those eyes locked onto hers, and she saw that they were a burning red, like heated embers. The man blinked as they looked at each other, the silence stretching on between them. Then, his shoulders began to shake.

"Heh… heh heh… heh heh, ahahahahaha, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The man laughed, such as it could be called, with wild abandon. His voice was raspy, and his back arched as he cackled at the heavens, as if he had been shown the funniest thing in all the world. Part of Rin wanted to chastise him for having such rude way of greeting his Master, but most of her was stock still at just how unsettling the sight before her was. This is a saint? she thought to herself in horror.

Eventually, the man calmed down, returning his gaze to her. "Ah, my apologies." He said, his rasp still present but more subdued. "I haven't been able to do that for some time, so I got away from myself. Allow me to make another introduction."

He gave a bow. "I am Servant Avenger. At your service, Master."

A/N: Man, Saint Martin is way more intense you think he'd be. It's almost like he's not Saint Martin at all, but an entirely different character. Who could this theoretical mystery character possibly be?

Also, I'm taking some liberties with how detecting other Masters and Servants work. As far as I can tell, though things only start until after the their Servant has been summoned. Furthermore, I don't think that anyone from this was is able to detect Gilgamesh at all, as he's from the last war.

Till next time.