Bazette sat at her desk, pouring over the information that the yakuza had given her. To be honest, there wasn't much. Phahn still hadn't been seen in person in the city, but there had been second hand reports of someone matching his likeness seen in various antique shops and museums. It seemed that he was continuing his quest for artifacts of worth, though that still left the woman back at square one. Well, no, that wasn't quite right. Now she was pretty sure just what he was collecting them for.

Bazette paused in her work and frowned at her left hand, or more specifically the Command Seals emblazed on it. It had taken her completely by surprise when she found them etching themselves on her hand while she was tracking the bastard down, so much so that she at first thought that it was something of Phahn's doing to track or crippled her. She actually had to contact her family back in Ireland just to find out what they were, and they were no less surprised that herself to realize that the Fifth Holy Grail War was starting. Her family had also wasted no time in telling her to win the Grail for the Fraga Clan.

Normally Bazette would be loath to be forced to do something other than hunt her prey down, but this was mitigated by two things. The first was that, well, this was the Holy Grail, the greatest prize in the whole of the supernatural world. Second was that Sancraid Phahn was almost certainly going to be a master as well. His pattern of collection and moving east across the globe ending here made it seem if he knew that the war was going to start now. He was collecting potential Catalysts to summon a powerful Servant. She guessed that he got so many because he wanted to keep his options open, but that didn't matter to her, because he already had the one she cared about the most.

She turned away from her desk with a growl of frustration and paced. At the moment she was living in a cheap loft which she had rented in the lower rent part of the city. It wasn't anything great, but it provided her with a relatively large amount of space. This turned out to be an unexpected foresight, as now most of the room was taken up by a summoning circle she had hastily constructed. Bazette had gotten the materials and put it together as fast as she could, and as such was not happy with its quality, but she couldn't afford to wait any longer. She had hoped that the report the yakuza had sent her would give her a clue as to which Servant he was planning on summoning, but that had been no help. This meant there was a chance that he would try to summon her hero.

Fragarach was not a weapon associated with any hero, rather being a weapon bestowed on the Fraga clan by an Irish War God himself (who most definitely could not be summoned as a Servant). However, each Fragarach had to be created using the blood of the person making it, and the lineage of the Fraga was connected to one of the greatest heroes of Ireland, Cú Chulainn. The odds were low, but it was possible that Phahn could summon the hero using the blood forged into her family's weapon as the Catalyst, and she would never allow that monstrous bastard to defile his legacy so. The legend of Cú Chulainn was her favorite tale, and the man himself was her personal hero and idol. The story of his rise as a hero and the betrayal that led to his death had always moved her to grief. For her hero's sake, she had to move as fast as she could to ensure that she was the one that summoned him.

Bazette wandered around the circle, trying to make sure that she had made no obvious mistakes. Of course, she had only given herself a day to study the summoning ritual, so she had that working against her. Still, she would not allow herself to fail. She would summon the Hound of Ireland as a Lancer, and together they would extract vengeance on Phahn and win the Holy Grail War.

The woman then went stiff as she realized something she had not been thinking of due to all her worries, and a giddy pleasure started to run through her body. She was actually going to meet Cú Chulainn! She was going to speak with him! And fight by his side! She had never imagined that she could get such a chance. And maybe… maybe I could save him too! She thought to herself. The Fraga clan didn't say what they actually wanted her to wish for; they were a practical family, and viewed this mostly as an opportunity to advance their status in the eyes of the Clock Tower. If the Grail truly was as powerful as she had heard, then perhaps she could change the man's legend to have a much happier ending. As she though this though, she felt a small pang of guilt. She could also use the Grail's power to bring her uncle Shamus back to life…

Who would probably beat the shit out of me for wasting an unlimited wish on his sorry arse, she though ruefully as she shook her head. The man had loved her like a daughter, and would have probably wanted her to do whatever had made her happy if she had to choose. Of course, she was sure he'd be also quite keen on her taking down the bastard that had killed him, and she fully intended on doing just that.

Completing her last check, Bazette took out a knife and made a shallow cut on her hand, letting the blood drip into the circle on the floor. Her blood would serve as the Catalyst from summoning her hero. She closed her fist to stop the bleeding and took a deep breath. She then said the words that would bring her hero to life.

She hurt. That was hardly anything new though. The constant dull burn that ached though her body had become something of a constant companion for her over the past 2 months. It was nothing that she couldn't deal with, and besides, the girl had other matters to focus on. Closing the book she had been reading, the girl looked up and glanced at the maid standing by her side. "I'm done with this one. Bring me another!"

The maid, who had pale skin and sharp red eyes, did not move. "I am sorry mistress, but that is the only book we have about the incident 10 years ago."

"What?! How is that possible?" She gestured to the ornate shelves of books around her. "Our family's libraries are supposed to be second to none! How could it not have information on the previous Grail War?"

"I believe that all such information is kept with the main family back in Germany." The maid said evenly. "They have told you everything they felt you needed to know. Besides which, this manor hasn't seen much attention since the family was last in this part of the world, so I doubt this particular library has received an updated stock."

Illyasviel von Einzbern gave an irritated pout at this. She had been hoping to get some more freedom from her grandfather when she came to Japan, but it seemed that is was going to take a little more effort on her part. "Hmp. Fine." She said, getting to her feet. "Then I'm just going to have to go into town and find some more."

As the girl started to walk to the door, the maid stepped in to her path. "Mistress, I must advise against this. It is not wise to draw attention to yourself this early."

Illya of course was not convinced. Sella always was overprotective of her. "So what? It's not like anyone could do anything even if they did." Neither of them moved, but both became aware of a presence behind the young girl. It did not become any more than a pressure in the air, but the intent of response against anything that threatened Illya became clear.

Illya saw Sella's eye's flicker up to look behind her, but she knew there was nothing there for her to see. "That is what I am afraid of…" Sella said slowly. "However, if you are so intent on this research, Leysritt and I can go into town and acquire whatever materials you need. It is not necessary for you to exert yourself."

"Haaaaai." The two looked over to the source of the sleepy affirmation, and found Leysritt standing in the doorway to the library. The woman wasn't entirely… there in the head, but Illya still felt a small amount of affection for her. The two maids were the only companions she had here in Fuyuki, even if they were the Homunculi grandfather sent to keep an eye on her.

The young girl briefly thought about arguing some more, but she decided against it in the end. "Fine." She said with a huff. "But I am not going to stay in this place for much longer. I did come to fight a war after all."

"Of course, mistress." Sella said. "Now, what exactly are you looking for?"

"I want any and all information pertaining to the 4th Holy Grail War."

Sella hummed. "I'm not sure what is available in the area as far as magus supplies go. The Einzberns do not have many contacts in this part of the world."

Illya gave an exasperated sigh. "Then get me mundane information! I'm sure the rabble in this city would have kept records of the fire and other strange things going on at the time. There must be a plethora of books written on the subject by this point."

"Um…" the two once again turned to look at Leysritt, who had a thoughtful expression on her face. "I think everything's on the internet these days."

"The… what?" Illya said in confusion. "Is that like television?" She asked vaguely aware of the device normally people used to see moving pictures. She could vaguely remember seeing one when she was young and traveling, but the Einzberns had considered such a thing a useless distraction.

"Leysritt…" Sella said with a frown. "Are you making things up again?"

"No! I heard about it from the guys moving the stuff in the house!" She insisted. "One of them was saying how he was reading the newspaper, and the other one said 'That's worthless. All information's on the internet these days'."

The other maid did not look convinced, but Illya said "Enough. I don't care how you do it, just get me what I want. If this… inter-thing is true, then get me that as well."

"How much internet do you want? I heard there's a lot of it." The maid asked inquisitively.

"I don't know, all of it!" Illya said in exasperation. "Just go already!"

The maids eventually got their things together and left the mansion. It would be a while before they got back, as they had to travel through the forest which surrounded her current home to get to the city. As such, the girl was left to her own devices, wandering the halls of the place where her parent had last stayed.

They were both killed in the last war a decade ago, or so her grandfather had told her. She was only a little girl then (well, technically she was a little girl now, but being a Homunculus who had undergone very radical changes was beside the point), when her grandfather told her that her daddy had failed and wasn't coming back. Well, no, that's not what he said. He said that daddy betrayed her and the family, and threw away the Grail at the last moment.

But she didn't believe it. Daddy would never do that. Daddy would have never let mommy die. They told her time and again, but they had no proof. Everything that happened at the end of the last war went up in smoke as the fire consumed a good portion of the city. However, she intended to find out, and nothing would stop her. That's why she had been willing to summon the most powerful hero of Greece as her Servant. That's why she had been willing to do so 2 months in advance, using nothing but her own power to sustain him. That's why she had been willing to suffer the pain to her circuits for all that time merely controlling him.

Even if her maids' errand tuned up nothing, she still had a lead which she intended on following up on very shortly. There were only two survivors of the previous War. One was living in in London. The other…

"You better hope you have the answers I want, Priest-kun." Illya singsonged to herself.

The invisible giant behind her said nothing.

"And then, you feint the right, and when your opponents falls for it, you bring the shinia down and-" There was a startled cry from Shirou as Taiga took his legs out from under him and he toppled to the floor. Ayako gave a small chuckle as she watched from a nearby booth. Normally, two people having an impromptu sparing lesson in a restaurant would end up with them getting kicked out, but Ahnenerbe was a little different. Mostly because this particular establishment belonged to the Yakuza, and one of the participants involved in said lesson happened to be a mob princess.

"That was a good one." Shirou comment as he pulled himself to his feet. "Did you use that move to win yourself some tournaments?"

"Nah," She said with a wave of her hand. "You can't use that in an actual tournament, even though I totally wanted to a few times."

Shirou arched an eyebrow at her. "This coming from the woman who refused to remove that tiger strap for official matches?" He said, pointing at said strap and charm just below the hilt.

"That's different!" She insisted. "The charm is necessary to hold back the dreaded curse on the blade! Otherwise there would be no stopping its mad carnage!"

Ayako laughed as the two of them settled back down into their booth. "Well, at least we'll know the reason if and when you do decide to take over the world, Taiga."

The woman gave her a playful scowl in response, leaning back into the booth with her arms draped over the seat. Taiga was definitely in a more causal mode today, as evidenced by her attire of a simple white tank-top and a black jacket slung over her shoulders. Still, she replied "That would mean a failure of a sacred duty of one of the Fujimura clan. It is our bloodline that keeps the blade sealed after all."

"True enough. Plus Shirou would have to end up fighting you, and then there'd probably be no more world left to fight over, right?" She said, directing the end of her statement at the man.

Shirou did not answer right away however. "Hmm? Oh yeah, most definitely." He said after a moment's pause, and resumed staring off into space.

Ayako couldn't help but grimace at this. It was unlike Shirou to be so distracted and subdued on one of their outings, and she had been noticing it for the past few weeks. She didn't make anything of it at first, but then both Rin and Sakura had started acting strangely around the same time as well. Hell, those two hadn't even shown up that night. She had asked about it before, but he had told her that it was nothing. She felt frustrated because she felt that she was missing something and had no idea what to do about it.

This frustration was not helped when Shirou got up from the table a few minutes later. "Well, I'd love to stay, but I have to get back to the Church."

"What?! The heck are you leaving so early for?!" Taiga yelled at him.

Shirou shrugged. "It can't be helped. There's this religious ceremony thing I've got to do with my old man tonight. It's really important, so I can't bail on it."

Ayako frowned, but said "Well, alright. Before you go though, we should make plans for when we'll do this again. And maybe next time Ms. Perfect won't have her feathers too ruffled by the new girl not to show."

However, Shirou grimaced. "Actually, the ceremony's kind of a precursor to something else. I won't be available for a few weeks."

"A few weeks?" Ayako said incredulously. "Just what the hell are you going to be doing that will keep you so occupied?"

"Oh, you know, praying, charity work, organizational stuff." He said vaguely. "Anyway, I really have to go, so I, uh, will see you later." And with that he simply left the two women and walked out the door of the restaurant.

Ayako looked blankly after him for a moment before she felt something snap in her. No. No she would not be brushed of like that. "Taiga, I'll be back in a sec." She said, getting up to follow him.

Taiga raised an eyebrow and put on a small smirk. "Running after the boy before he disappears for a while? Is my apprentice finally making her move for the scoundrel, before the other two can?"

Ayako blushed a little at the insinuation and muttered "It's not like that," before running out the door after him. A quick look around showed that he was a little ways down the street and fading out of view of the street lights. "Wait!" Ayako called out, and Shirou turned before he disappeared into the night. The girl ran up to him with a stern look on her face. "So, just what are you really doing?"

"I told you, I'm-"

"I'm not buying it." She said. "You're good at a lot of things, but lying isn't one of them."

He shifted uncomfortably. "Ayako,"

"No, I'm not done." She insisted before giving a sigh. "Look, you've always been kinda secretive. You make lame excuses and disappear sometimes, you go on 'trips' for the Church, and I have no idea what would need you for. And you know, I was ok with this, but lately it's not just you." She gestured off to the side. "Rin and Sakura have been acting weird too, and all of you seem to be in the loop on something I don't know about. What is it?"

Shirou looked at the around, not meeting her eyes. "I can't-"

"Why not?!" She shouted, her frustration coming to bear. "Why the hell can those other two know, but I can't?! I am I not good enough or something?!" Her face flushed in embarrassment at her outburst, but her point still stood. It felt stupid, but she couldn't help be feel slighted by how her friends were keeping secrets from her.

"What?!" Shirou said in surprise. "No! No of course not! Why would you think that?"

Ayako sighed. "Because I don't like being excluded. I mean, you don't have to tell me everything. If you can just look me in the eye and tell me it's not important, I'll let it drop. Can you do that?"

Shirou looked back at her for a moment and opened his mouth… before he closed it again. "Shit." He muttered under his breath.

"I thought so." The girl replied. "So, what's going on?"

"… in the movies, why wouldn't a character tell another what he was doing?"

Ayako blinked at the odd question. Given all of the different kind of movies there were, the number of answers to the question were quite height. Nevertheless, she put herself in Shirou's mindset and restricted herself to action films, saying the first thing that came to mind. "Well, usually it's because the second character knowing something would put them in dang-" She stopped, and looked at him incredulously. "Oh you've got to be kidding me. We regularly eat a restaurant owned by Yakuza. What could possibly be going on that my knowing about it would put me in danger?"

Shirou looked off to the side but remained silent. Ayako pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. "This is bullshit."

"Yes, it is." She brought her attention back to Shirou, who was now looked at her more firmly. "Look, I wouldn't be acting like this if it wasn't serious. Hell, I don't want anyone I know involved in this, including Rin and Sakura. Well, Rin might have a different opinion, but that's beside the point."

Ayako arched an eyebrow and asked in a somewhat sarcastic tone. "Well, is there anything you can tell me? Anything at all?"

Shirou paused in thought. After a moment, he said. "Actually, yes. Don't go out after dark for the next few weeks. It won't be safe."

She was slight taken aback by this. "Just what are you going to be doing?"

She wasn't sure if it was intentional, but Shirou's voice slipped into a low growl while a grin split his face. "Making them safe again."

Ayako stood straight. She had seen Shirou get into fights before, and in spite of how scary the man could get while doing so, there was always a sort of playful element to it. She saw none of that now, and while his aggression wasn't directed at her, she found it terrifying nonetheless. Some of what she was feeling must have translated to her face, as his expression shifted back to one of concern a moment later. She couldn't help but stutter a little as she said "Y-you're really serious, aren't you? It's not- it's not like there's a chance that you won't…" she trailed off, not sure if she wanted to complete that thought.

There was a long pause before Shirou replied "To be honest, this isn't that first time where that might be the case."

Ayako was speechless. Part of her still didn't believe this, that he was just making up some ridiculous lie to cover up what he was actually doing. But… that wasn't like him at all. Shirou lying about some secret, dangerous thing that could get her killed if she knew was just unthinkable. But then, just what was she to do? Just do as he said and ignore this, and hope things go back to the way they were a few weeks later? Just hope that he comes back at all? She needed something, anything to…

She paused as a thought came to her. When no better ideas came to mind, she looked at Shirou and said "Don't move. I mean it." And then she dashed back into the restaurant, ignoring the confused looks from Taiga as she rifled through her school back which she had left at the table. When she found what she was looking for, she grabbed it and ran back out to Shirou, who thankfully was still standing where he was, although he looked confused. "Here." She said, holding it out to him.

He took the object and found it to his surprise to be an ornate gold plated lighter. "Ayako, this is…"

"My dad's lucky lighter." She confirmed. Her father had gotten the lighter as a gift from a friend on the day she was born. However, when he looked at her for the first time he realized that he wanted to be sure he was there for all of her life, and had decided to quit smoking on the spot. It was strange, but he had still kept the lighter with him as it always reminded him of her, right up until he gave it to her for her 16th birthday. "I figure that if things are getting as hairy as you say, you're going to need it more than I do."

He looked at her in shock, as he knew just how much that lighter meant to her. "I, this…"

"Mind you, I'm only letting you borrow it. I fully intend for you to give it back so… make sure you come back, ok?"

Shirou was silent for a moment longer before a genuine smile broke out on his face. "Thank you." He said and moved in to hug her. This surprised her as he generally didn't do that sort of thing, and he was a little stiff and awkward about it, but she enjoyed it nonetheless. They then parted and he swiftly made his way into the night.

Ayako looked after him for a moment longer before she turned around and strolled back to the restaurant with a smirk on her face. I'm not making a move. But if I was, I would totally be winning right now.

"You certainly took your time." Kirei commented as Shirou walked through the Church doors.

"Yeah, well, it was the last chance I was going to get hang out with those gals for a while." The teen replied tersely. "Besides, it's not like we're on a schedule or anything."

"Perhaps, but considering that the longer you wait the more likely it is that you will be attacked by an enemy Servant, it is still prudent that we do this sooner than later."

Shirou simply grunted at this. "Fine. Where are we doing this anyway?"

"A space has been prepared in the basement. I have made the initial preparations myself, but you must carry out the rest on your own to fulfill the ritual."

As the two made their way to the back of the church, Shirou asked, "So, am I going to have a Catalyst for summoning? Don't you have that Holy Shroud that's really important or something?"

"I am afraid that item is no longer in my possession." The priest said. "In any case, given your rather… unique personality, it is more important that you find a Servant that you can work with."

Shirou thought for a moment before saying "Yeah, you're probably right. Wouldn't want to get someone who was a pacifists or something like that."

The two descended a flight of stairs and Kirei unlocked a door at its base. Opening the door revealed a large, drab, concrete basement. Normally used for storage, it was currently mostly empty save for a small pile of mystical materials that were to be used for the creation of the summoning circle (paints, reagents, precious metals, things like that). There were a few lights overhead to provide illumination, thus giving the whole thing a very sterile look.

"You know," Shirou said as he looked at the room he hardly ever visited. "For some reason I always think I'm going to see something nefarious whenever I come do here. I don't know why."

"Well, I am sorry I don't keep tortured orphans in the basement of our home." The priest next to him said dryly.

Shirou shot him a glare. "Don't even joke about that." Not waiting for a response, he walked into the room and went to work. He painted the lines of the circle into the ground, taking care speak the right incantations and set the precious metals at key points. He reviewed the work and waited for the right time of night for everything to be optimal. All the while he wondered, just what kind of Servant he would get. For that matter, what kind of Servant did he want? He realized that he hadn't even thought about his Servant fighting at all; everything he had pictured so far was him doing it himself. Intellectually he knew it was stupid, as he had been told several times that Servants were on a level that humans couldn't face, but the idea that he would just sit back and do nothing felt wrong to him.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts and looked over his work. Everything was in place, and yet… "This doesn't feel right." He said with a frown.

"What do you mean?" Kirei asked. "I see no flaws with your circle."

"No, not that. It's the mood." Shirou glared up at the florescent lighting. A moment later it came to him. "I got it! I'll be right back!"

A few minutes later, the lights in the basement were off, and illumination was being provided by a ring of torches which Shirou had set up himself. "There! Much better don't you think?"

"This seems needlessly theatrical." The priest commented. "You're lucky that this room has good ventilation."

"Quite you. It's my summoning, and this helps me focus." Shirou turned away from his father and back to the circle before him, mentally preparing himself for what he was about to do. He took a deep breath and stepped to the edge, the flames of the torches flickering slightly as he gathered his prana. The thought he had the night he gained his Command Seals flashed in his mind one last time. Something bright, something pure. And so, Shirou began to chant.

"In His name I call forth, from all corners of creation I bring His fire.

The gate is open. The toll is paid. A bargain struck with hands reaching high heaven, till messengers send and bells toll.

Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill).

Once for each element of the world."

The feeling of power hummed in the air as a red glow suffused the circle, and the torches grew brighter along with it.

"By sword and scroll and key and trumpet do these bindings be made.

From Fate intertwined,

Thus shall the path be set and the knowledge made clear.

With this cup that holds His blood I do so consecrate."

Shirou felt that familiar pleasant burn that filled his circuits as his prana surged through them in concert with the growing glow of the formulacraft in front of him. He pushed all of himself into the final words.

"May we together purify this world and all who dwell within, and so like the rising sun come forth!"

The glow became blinding and a wave of air pushed out from the circle, both causing Shirou to throw up his hands and shield his eyes. When he lowered his arm he found that he couldn't see anything, as the winds must have blown out the torches. With a quick mutter he threw out his hands and the torches relit in sequence. As light filled the room once more, he was greeted by the sight of his Servant standing in the center of the circle.

It was a woman, and a fairly short one at that, with blond hair and brilliant green eyes that had locked onto his own. She was a young woman, only a little older than himself by appearances, but she still had a presence that filled the room. It was a powerful thing and when combined with her dress… her dress…

Shirou blinked. Oh damn her dress.

To be fair, his first few moments had been focused on her feminine face and the cockish grin that had been forming on her lips, but now he noticed just what the woman was wearing. The 'dress' was crimson lined with gold, though the cut for the torso had a masculine touch as there was a pair of golden epaulets on the shoulders. Her sleeves widened at the end and were lined with frills, and the cut of her chest showed a generous amount of bust. However, the eyes were lead inexorably downward to her skirt, which was completely open in the front. There was an underskirt, but it was completely see-through, showing him legs covered in greaves and a pair of panties.

The two men present were silent for several long moments before Kirei summed it up. "Well, this is unexpected."

The woman's gaze briefly flickered to the priest before settling back on Shirou, and she began to walk towards him. "Though it is obvious for all to see, it would not be much of a performance if the lines we not followed. So, for the sake of art I must ask of you, are you my Master?"

Shirou's mouth answered faster than his brain. "I, that is, yes!"

With a satisfied smile, she said "So, you are to be my Praetor. I must say, you do seem to be of an interesting sort. Tell me do you have a proper appreciation for art?"

"Uh, well, yes!" Shirou said after some stumbling. He didn't know why she asked such a weird question, but for some reason he couldn't imagine answering anything other than in the affirmative to her. "So, uh…" he paused for a moment to recompose himself before continuing. "I'm Shirou, and yes, I'm the one who summoned you. I am your Master. Or Praetor, I guess." He gave her another look up and down. "So… who are you?"

The woman scoffed at this. "Can you not see the magnificence of my beauty? Can you not feel the radiance of my power and skill? There is but one class that is worth of my use and that class is Saber. Therefore, it should be obvious that I am Saber."

She's a Saber? Huh, I really thought I was going to get a Caster, Shirou thought. Of course he was not complaining. While it was obvious from the class titles just what they did and what their general abilities were (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Beserker, Castor, Assassin), he had been told that Saber was the most powerful of all the Servant classes. It would certainly make things more interesting in the next few weeks. Still, she hadn't answered his question. "I meant who were you back when you were alive?"

He could have sworn that the woman's eyes briefly glanced at the cross hanging from his neck, but he wasn't sure. In any case, Saber quickly responded with "Such things are not important at this juncture. You shall learn of such things when the time is appropriate." She waved off. "For now, there are much more important things to consider, such as how we shall put on the most glorious performance to win this Holy Grail War and assure the tale of our victory shall be told for centuries to come! Also, my living arrangements must be appropriately lavish fpr someone befitting my elegance."

Shirou was about to argue, but he quickly found himself being dragged along in the woman's wake as she walked out of the basement, going on about food and entertainment. He looked back at his father for help, but only found him staring at Saber with a look of suspicion. Well, Shirou couldn't really blame him, as she was a very strange woman after all.

This was going to be a very interesting war indeed.

A/N: I know some of you wanted me to have Shirou summon Joan of Arc, and I'm sorry I teased you with that a little (well, no I'm not). However, while it would have been interesting (Especially with all the Fate/Apocrypha allusions last chapter), I did this for two reasons: first and primarily I've had this Servant planed from the start, and secondly I don't feel that this Shirou and Joan have compatible enough personalities for him to summon her.

As for the ten or so of you who didn't know this was coming or who Saber is after that description… I don't think I shall tell you just yet. Granted it'll be pretty easy to figure out if you looked it up, but I don't feel the need to spoil it myself just yet. Suffice to say, I will let you know that she has a reason that she doesn't want to tell a Christian who she is. However, that reveal will definitely happen sooner rather than later. Partially because she not very good at not talking about herself, and partially because… well, let's say that someone in this war might have reason to remember a more accurate version of history.

Till next time.