A good portion of the rest of the day was spent clearing up the mess, most of which Mike couldn't even be downstairs for. He needed to calm down completely, and just looking at the damage he'd caused made him feel awful – rightfully so, but Harvey had still told him to take some time to cool off. So, he'd disappeared upstairs, climbing onto the bed and leaning back against the headboard, letting his eyes close as he listened to the sounds of glass being swept up and furniture being pushed back into place. He couldn't remember quite what it had been that'd made him begin to spiral – obviously having Trevor there had triggered it, but he'd honestly thought he would have been able to control himself better than he had. As Trevor had talked though, the angrier and angrier he'd felt, and while he had rarely lost his temper when he'd been alive and he'd never been a violent person, for some reason whatever he'd been feeling had just escalated beyond his control. Of course, whatever he said wouldn't replace all the stuff he'd broken or damaged, and while Harvey could than afford to replace it all (provided it all hadn't been one of a kind junk or anything sentimental), he still felt guilty.

Eventually he was prompted to open his eyes again and lift his head as he heard Harvey coming upstairs, and, oddly enough, knocking a moment later.

"…You don't need to knock, you know – this is your room."

"Next time I won't then. I just figured if you were having another breakdown, you'd want some warning before being interrupted."

"Fair enough…how big do I need to make my apology?"

The slightly pained expression on Harvey's face was enough of an answer.

"Just, don't worry about it. Seriously. There'd be no point, since you can't pay me back – besides, I can replace a lot of it."

"And the stuff you can't..?"

"I told you. Don't worry about it."

"Harvey, I'm sorry. Really, I'm really sorry-"

"Look – instead of apologising, just make sure that next time? You manage to get to your happy place before the Kraken reawakens. You know, waterfalls, rolling hills, sunsets…"

"Can I do anything- forget it, stupid question."

"Yeah, that was…"

With a heavy sigh, Harvey sank onto the edge of the bed, palming his hand across his face and over his eyes. None of this had been on the day's agenda – his rare day off, no less – and now he looked even worse than he had that morning. Looking down at his hands, Mike shook his head slowly.

"Just clearing up after me…I didn't think it'd be possible for someone to be such a pain in the ass after they'd died…"

"Me neither." Harvey replied dryly, but after a few seconds, he added; "…but, you at least make things a little less boring."

"You count today as 'exciting'?"

"No…but I do count it as being 'less boring than if I'd been home alone, sick off work.' You're…not what I was expecting when I got this place, but…it's been interesting having someone here."

"And by 'interesting' you mean…?"

"Did I stutter?"

"That's just not the word I thought you'd use to describe me."

"I wasn't describing you, alone. I was describing what it was like having a dead guy floating through my house."

Mike couldn't help but laugh a little at that.

"Okay, fair enough…so?"


"How would you describe me? As a person?"

"Yeah, no, I'm not doing that – but you pretty much hit the nail on the head with 'pain in the ass'"

Whatever tension that had followed Harvey into the room was slowly starting to lift, much to Mike's relief. Harvey wasn't the kind of man you wanted angry at you, or at the very least annoyed. He had this air of authority that made you want to be on his good side, and while Mike knew that it'd be a while before they were okay again, at least Harvey was speaking to him. He'd assumed that he'd head back downstairs, and he was ready to follow him, when Harvey spoke again.

"What was it that he said that got to you? Obviously his being here was reason enough, but you were fine up until a certain point. After that you just lost it."

"And I apologized for that-"

"I'm not asking you to apologize. I want to know what made you so angry half my house paid the price for it. I understand that he was being an asshole, saying things that were getting under your skin…but your reaction was more than that"

Letting his head fall back against the headboard again, Mike could only shrug.

"I don't know."

"That's not an answer"

"No, it's not the answer you want – but I don't know. I got angry, the stuff around me reacted as usual…and after a certain point it just got out of control. I couldn't stop it, everything just started getting worse, feeling worse…It felt good, in a way, but at the same time I didn't have control of it, it freaked me out, I couldn't make it stop..."

The look on Harvey's face made Mike hold his hands up in frustration as he pushed himself to his feet.

"You don't believe me, whatever – that's what happened, that's all I can tell you."

"Did I say I didn't believe you?"

"You don't look like you do."

"I believe you, Mike. It'd just be good to know what it is that triggers your outbursts so I can be sure not to mention them unless we're outside."

"I'd waver having Trevor around is a big clue…"

"But like I said, you were fine when he first showed up. Pissed off, but you were holding it together. Then suddenly it's 'Paranormal Activity' in here and I'm crouching in my own kitchen trying to make my resident ghost calm down enough to save my remaining records."

Mike didn't know if he'd really thought his choice of words through – surely 'the resident ghost' instead of 'my' would have been a little more appropriate…though to be honest, he didn't particularly mind.

All he could do in response was shrug again, and follow as Harvey went back downstairs.

"I don't know exactly what he said…maybe it wasn't anything in particular, just his continued existence."

"Perhaps…Hey, I'm going to get-"

Pausing on the last step, Harvey cut himself off, shook his head, and continued on into the kitchen, leaving Mike on a sentence cliff hanger.

"What? What are you going to get?"

"Pizza." Came the called reply. "I was about to ask if you wanted any."