Author's notes:

- This fic has actually been completed. I wrote it for the MPreg BigBang challenge in LiveJournal but the full story has been posted at AO3 (Archive of Our Own). However, since there was a deadline to meet, I wrote it in a rush and therefore, I'm not happy with the story flow so I am in a futile attempt to fix it ('attempt' being the operative word and 'futile' being the keyword) so I will be posting it here as I go through each group of scenes. Feel free to nudge or poke me if I like forget to post as often as every two to three days. I am quite forgetful. Also, I did my best to change the lemon part to meet FFnet standards (I hope) but the difference in comparison with the original fic is barely noticeable.

- The story may be set in the canon verse but definitely doesn't follow the storyline. It changes from the point where Sasuke was supposed to meet Itachi for their inevitable battle but the fight never happened. I thought of making their lives a little easier thereafter.

- I've read too much angsty Naruto fan fictions that I needed a lighter fic wherein they don't have to face off with Akatsuki or any enemy of the Leaf for a change or even deal with the unwarranted drama life throws at them. In short, I needed something light and fluffy with hopefully humor on the side. So please don't expect something epic.

- The idea springs from the common jest I hear whenever there are quite a number of pregnancies in an area or community or workplace: "It must be in the water."

- You may find Sasuke a bit OOC here, considering he didn't end up killing his brother and he swallowed a bottle of happy pills. Kidding. But I often wondered what he'll be like if he doesn't carry the burden of his hatred and quest for revenge.

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is written for non-profitable purpose and author does not claim copyright. Naruto and its characters are owned by Masashi Kishimoto.





Part 1



The heat clings at the back of his neck like claws on fire, scorching his already sunburnt skin. Beads of sweat cascade down the sides of his face. They've been under the sun for hours, searching for some rare herb that is surely living up to its reputation. If this isn't for someone he cares about, Naruto won't certainly go through any lengths finding some damn plant as if he's looking for a needle in a haystack.

Thirst distracts him from his task. Not wanting to pass out due to dehydration, he abandons his search and trudges over to where he left his bag earlier only to find his flask empty. "I'm gonna go find some water," he tells Ino who is the nearest and is busy gathering some leaves from a foliage.

"Don't go too far," she says without sparing him a glance.

There aren't any signs of water resources nearby so Naruto has no choice but to wander farther into the island. After about fifteen minutes of hike, soft trickling sound reaches his ears. Using it as a guide, he comes upon a small fountain nestled within some kind of a hidden garden. Curtains of vines surround the small space. A face of a woman is carved on a rock protruding from a steep wall and relief floods Naruto when he notices the water sprouting out of the head statue's mouth.

Naruto fills his flask with the cool liquid then thrusts a cupped hand under the stream. He takes a sip of the water he manages to collect and is entranced by the slight sweet taste. Repeating the process, he takes a gulp this time. And another.

"You shouldn't be drinking from that." A voice startles him and he nearly loses his footing when he jumps back, fingers curling around the kunai in his holster. Why didn't he sense this stranger's presence?

A young man with light brown hair and dark eyes is standing on top of the elevated ground just above the fountain, arms crossed over his chest and lips twisted in a condescending smirk.

"Why not?" Naruto asks as soon as the shock wears off.

The man scoffs and regards Naruto with a crease between his eyebrows. "Don't you know what that is?"

"If I did, I probably wouldn't…" he starts to say but he holds his tongue when he hears Ino calling out his name.

The blonde kunoichi soon emerges through the vines. "There you are." Her eyes spring up on the stranger, hand quickly reaching behind her, presumably for a weapon. "What's going on?" she asks, gaze constantly switching between Naruto and the man.

"Your friend here," the man uses his chin to indicate that he's referring to Naruto, "just took a gulp of water from this fountain."

Ino's lips form a perfect ellipse. "Naruto, you did not!"

Confused, Naruto scratches his head and pulls his eyebrows together in a frown. "What's the big deal? I was thirsty. And the water is clean."

"But Naruto…" are the only words that make it out of Ino's mouth when a pink head appears through curtains of green and yellow leaves

"What are you two doing here? We've been looking everywhere for you. Hinata and I were beginning to worry." Sakura stills when her green eyes land on the man towering over them. "Who's that?"

"Never mind him." Ino plants one hand on her hip and gestures at Naruto with the other, saying, "Naruto here just took a drink from the fertility fountain."

Sakura pales, her jaw going slack and she pins Naruto in place with an incredulous look. "You. Did. What?"

"How am I supposed to know it's a—" Naruto's gaze springs from Sakura to Ino. "The what fountain?"

Ino rolls her eyes. "Fertility fountain, you idiot. You see that?" She gestures at the face carved on the wall with a long, slender finger. "That's supposed to be an image of a fertility goddess or something. And that water sprouting from its mouth comes from a reservoir underground, which is used to treat infertility or aid women in conceiving a child. Tsunade-sama told us about this."

Naruto worries his lower lip while his mind processes Ino's words. "Ha!" he exclaims, pointing a finger at Ino. "You said it can aid women in conceiving a child. Well, I'm not a woman."

The low chuckle resonating behind him prompts Naruto to whirl around and face the stranger once more. The man is wearing a pompous grin when he says, "I just hope you're not in a same-sex relationship. And if you are, you're in bad luck if you're on the receiving end."

"What the heck is that supposed to mean?" Naruto snaps back but the stranger only shrugs then leaves without another word. "Hey, wait a minute!"

"Forget about him. We have to go back to the village. Hinata and I found the rest of the herbs. Come on." Sakura leads them back to their camp site where Hinata is working on sealing the buckets of herbs in the scrolls.


The sun is slowly creeping out of its hiding place, spilling faint golden glow over the boundaries of Konoha and through the glass window of the oval office. Tsunade stares past her faint reflection on the clear glass, watching four figures strutting down the street that stretches from the main gate all the way to the Hokage tower.

"You didn't have to send them all the way to Nanakusa Island, Tsunade-sama." The deep, soothing voice cuts through her musing and she turns to the dark-haired shinobi beside her, his eyes glowing red while staring out at a distance, presumably watching the same squad that has just arrived from their mission.

"Well, we will need certain herbs for the final stages of your treatment and that's the only place where they can get them." She flashes Itachi with a small, reassuring smile. "Besides, they didn't mind at all."

It had been more than two years since Itachi Uchiha was brought to the village by his younger brother. Tsunade remembers it fairly well. Sasuke came to bargain with her, offering information about Orochimaru, Kabuto (who had assimilated Orochimaru within him) and the Akatsuki in exchange for her help to heal his brother and get rid of the ailment – the degenerative disease that was slowly consuming his body.

Never had she expected nor envisioned the rogue ninja to look so desolate, so desperate.

The Council, of course, refused to let the Uchiha brothers return without repercussions. They declared that imprisonment is in order. They demanded brutal punishment. Hell, even Danzo insisted that the brothers should be executed. Not that Tsunade expected the old geezer to have a heart, but she was quick to perceive that there was something suspicious with how adamant Danzo was about having Itachi and Sasuke removed from existence.

Like always, she ignored them. She was glad – still is glad – that she accepted Sasuke's offer of intel back then. After they managed to stabilize Itachi's condition, the older Uchiha was willing to entertain Inoichi's mind probe. Soon after, they learned about Danzo's involvement in the Uchiha Massacre, about the Council's role in the scheme.

Danzo was too sly that he slipped through their fingers and they've been on a hunt for the old shinobi since. Homura and Koharu have been removed from the Council but no other penalties were given as the Daimyo ordered. Politics is politics, crooked as it may seem, and she has no choice but to play by the rules. Sometimes.

The Uchiha brothers' unexpected homecoming came oddly at a perfect time. They had just settled in when Pein came to invade Konoha. Sasuke was there to help defend the village and even stood by Naruto's side, completely ignoring Naruto's wish that no one should get in his way.

The soft knock on the door alerts her of the group's arrival, if their chakra signatures aren't enough to go by. "Come in." She settles behind her large desk, her hands clasped over paper-cluttered surface.

Itachi has already made himself comfortable on the high-back chair at the corner of Tsunade's office, hands folded in his lap.

Sakura is the first to enter, followed by Hinata, Ino and Naruto. "Hey Granny," the only boy in the group says. "Mission accomplished." He places the storage scrolls on Tsunade's desk.

"Good work everyone." She barks orders then – for Ino and Hinata to bring the herbs to Shizune so they can start preparing the antidote for the remaining strain of the virus in Itachi's body and for Sakura to work on getting Itachi's blood samples. "You're all dismissed."


There's nothing extraordinary about this morning, except for the part where Iruka decides to come to work earlier than usual. He just wants to get the past week's mission reports archived before he is swamped with another set of workload. The Mission Assignment Desk is two men short this week and to make the situation worse, mission requests have been pouring in.

Ironically, after Pein's invasion, Leaf shinobi's services have been in high demand but most genin and chuunin couldn't be spared because they have been assigned to help with the reconstruction. Now that the village is standing back on its feet, it's business as usual, so to speak. Konoha certainly needs to draw in considerable income. They're done rejecting requests.

Light tapping sound distracts Iruka from his thoughts. "Come in," he says and he pulls a smile on his lips when a blond head pokes through the slightly open door.

"Hey, Iruka sensei. You busy?"

"Hey, Naruto. Not really, no." Iruka beckons him inside and doesn't bother to reprimand his former student when he hops up on the table and perches on the edge with his feet dangling. He's pretty much used to Naruto's childlike ways. "Just got back from a mission?"

"Yeah. If you call harvesting herbs a mission. Oh, I got your tea leaves, by the way." Naruto rummages inside his back pack, the tip of his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth. He pulls out a small plastic bag and hands it to Iruka, blue eyes sparkling when he says, "Picked them all myself. Of course, Sakura helped me in choosing the good ones."

"Thanks, Naruto." Thinking of tea suddenly makes Iruka thirsty. He lifts his empty glass and asks, "Do you mind getting me some water."

Instead of taking the glass though, Naruto sticks his hand inside his bag once more. "I have water," he says and pours the contents of his flask in the glass. "Anyway, I have to go. I have to do the laundry before meeting up with Itachi, Sakura, Ino and Hinata. Itachi's taking us out to lunch so I only have a few hours to do the chores."

With a dismissive wave, he's gone, leaving Iruka with his own thoughts once more. He brings the glass to his lips and takes a swig of the water while thinking that he has his own chores to do at home. Kakashi won't be back from his mission until the end of next week, so Iruka still has time to do a bit of cleaning.


Yakiniku Q is nearly packed with diners. Apparently, they're hosting a civilian's birthday celebration. Itachi considers moving to Ichiraku, but he's certain only Naruto will enjoy it. He owes the girls more for everything they've done. With their medical expertise, they've assisted Tsunade in treating the disease that has been residing in his body for years.

Naruto raises his glass of green tea. "So what are we drinking to?"

"How 'bout… to Itachi's full recovery," Sakura says, lifting her own glass and the rest of them mirrors her gesture.

In the surface, Itachi's glad to be back in the village. With those responsible for his defection out of the way and his name somewhat cleared (though there are still a handful who persecute him for murdering his entire clan), it finally feels like he's back home. Deep inside, he fears that this may only be temporary, that in a blink of an eye, he'll be back on the other side of the village wall.

One thing he detests is being pessimistic, but after everything he has gone through, he can't help but perceive all good things as nothing but a façade. Dealing with Danzo has taught him to expect the worst, like some paranoia that haunts him even when asleep. He shoves the thought to the back of his mind, reminding himself that Danzo is gone and the chance for him to return to village is slim to none.

Someone shouting, "Happy birthday!" disrupts his rumination and his eyes stray over to the table filled with civilians.

"That reminds me." Itachi pulls his gaze away from the rampant scene, the sight of the lively celebration on the other side of the room bringing a juvenile idea in mind. "Sasuke's birthday is coming up. I was thinking of doing something for him." Somehow, he feels he owes it to his brother, thinks he has to do this as a compensation for stealing Sasuke's childhood. As a shinobi, they're not that accustomed to celebrating birthdays but after everything they've been through – him battling a deadly disease, Pain destroying the village, Konoha being rebuilt – it's about time they should start celebrating life for a change.

Ino squeals, says, "I know! A surprise party!" and claps her hand like it's a brilliant idea.

Sakura doesn't seem to agree. She rolls her eyes and says, "Ino, that's so yesterday's news."

Besides, Sasuke hates parties. In fact, Sasuke isn't fond of socializing so Itachi knows planning something for his birthday is pointless. There is one thing he knows his brother will enjoy though. He casts a glance at Naruto who has noticeably fallen quiet for some reason. "Something wrong, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto's head snaps up, blue eyes widening for a fleeting instant, then he shakes his head, says, "No. Nothing. I uh… I was just thinking of what to do for Sasuke." He's lying, Itachi can tell. Just as he can tell that something is bothering the young shinobi.

It's no secret that Naruto and Sasuke are in a relationship. They've kept it a hidden for a while, but Itachi was quick to see the signs back then. And he doesn't mind them being together at all. He cares for Naruto like a little brother as much as he does with Sasuke.

Itachi nudges Naruto with his shoulder. "Don't worry. We have two weeks to think about it."


It starts with a sharp jab right at the center of his belly, followed by the nasty contraction of his abdominal muscles. It hurts damn much that it feels as if a hand is wrapped around his entrails, squeezing until all Naruto can do is curl in a ball. Sweat breaks through his face when the hot, searing pain slices through his viscera. This happens twice on the first day, thrice on the next two days. Kurama warns him, telling him that there is something wrong with his body.

Kurama's voice echoes in his head, saying, You need to seek medical assistance, boy, in that firm and demanding tone he often uses but this time, Naruto doesn't miss the hint of worry lacing the kyuubi's words.

I'm fine. Naruto does his best to sound unruffled despite feeling anything but. I'm sure it's nothing you can't fix. It's at times like this when Kurama acts like a freaking doting father that Naruto regrets having started this odd but congenial relationship. At least, Kurama knows when not to cross the line and for that, Naruto is grateful.

The physical agony has somewhat abated by the time Sasuke returns from his week-long mission, thank goodness.

Naruto senses Sasuke's presence when Sasuke sneaks into his apartment, quiet as a mouse and chakra concealed. So he's not at all surprised when a hard chest presses against his back, pale arms wounding around his middle and warm lips brushing his cheeks.

"Hey." Naruto twists around to face his lover, causing Sasuke to drop his arms. "I thought you won't be back until tomorrow."

"What? Not happy to see me?" The playful lilt in Sasuke's voice coaxes a smile to form on Naruto's lips. But Sasuke must have seen something in Naruto's eyes that causes creases to appear between his eyebrows. "What's wrong?"

Worried that Sasuke might see his discomfort, Naruto responds in haste, says, "Nothing," and punctuates it with a shake of his head.

Dark eyes study him for a fleeting moment as if attempting to peel off the many layers of his facade then the lines above the bridge of Sasuke's nose disappears and the stoic mask slides in place. "Have you thought about my offer?"

Naruto inclines his head, uncertain of what Sasuke means. "What offer?"

"About moving in together."

Oh. That. With all the sequential D-rank missions (which is totally embarrassing for a chuunin, in his opinion, but Tsunade insists he needs a break from higher rank missions) that Naruto has had for the past week, he has somehow forgotten about it. Or maybe not because that issue did breeze through his mind when Itachi brought up Sasuke's birthday at Yakiniku Q days ago.

"I uh." Uncertainty seizes Naruto's train of thought. He knows that the people's reaction is the least of his worries. It's not like no one knows that he and Sasuke are a couple. It's just that moving in together – living under one roof and all that – risks the possibility of falling too deep. What if… what if Sasuke decides to leave again? Naruto isn't sure how he will be able to handle that. But he doesn't want to sound too clingy, so he rummages through his exhausted brain for other excuses. "I… I don't know. Don't you think it's too soon? I mean, what will people say?"

Signs of annoyance undulate on Sasuke's face. "Hn. Are the people's opinion more important to you than I am?" Naruto parts his lips to respond but Sasuke holds up his hand, palm facing Naruto, and says, "Forget it. Forget I asked," then leaves Naruto's apartment as if his pants are on fire.

Sasuke's words and that damn facial expression haunt Naruto's thoughts for the rest of the day. The psychological turmoil must have shown on his face because Iruka refuses to give him a mission and tells him to take the day off. But Naruto's stubborn disposition eventually earns him another low-rank mission and he spends the afternoon at Hana Inuzuka's veterinary clinic helping one of her bitches deliver puppies.

Naruto stays at the Inuzuka's for dinner at Hana's insistence. It's too bad Kiba is away on a mission. He can sure use his friend's loud mouth to distract him from his predicament with Sasuke. Watching the miracle of birth for hours provides only a temporary relief from his worries. Though he can't deny how fascinating it is to see a new life spring forth.

It's late when Naruto arrives home. Sasuke is sprawled on Naruto's bed with his arms tucked behind his head. "Where have you been?"

"Hana's clinic." Naruto begins to remove his clothes, starting with his jacket. He stinks like a dog. "She needed assistance because one of her dogs gave birth. Eight puppies. Now that's pretty exhausting."

"I see." Sasuke moves to sit upright, his bare feet dropping on the hardwood floor. His expression is neutral that Naruto deems it safe to approach his lover.

"Sasuke, about earlier…." Long finger rests on Naruto's lips, silencing him.

"I shouldn't have put you on the spot." Sasuke's other hand curls around Naruto's wrist, tugging him down on his lap. "I'm sorry. You're right. We should think things over." Their foreheads touch, both of them breathing in synchrony. "Forgive me?"

Naruto nods then inclines his head so his mouth can welcome Sasuke's. He misses this, misses Sasuke so much. It seems that time has stretched since Sasuke last held him even though he's well aware that only a week has passed.

The fleeting touch of Sasuke's fingers against his sides, pushing and pushing his shirt up and skirting along his heated skin, makes Naruto yearn to have more of Sasuke. "I want you," he says, voice husky, not even daring to assess the situation of how desperate he seems. But Naruto wants this, needs to feel Sasuke against him, over him, inside him, now, now, now, please.

His impatience is getting the best of him as he practically tears Sasuke's shirt off, trying to get his lover out of the damn tight confines. Low, dulcet laughter vibrates from Sasuke's throat. "Eager are we?"

Oh Kami, he has no idea. It's like… it's like Sasuke is a drug and Naruto has to have him now. "Please," is all he says, not even sure what he's begging for. His hands tremble as it maps every contour of Sasuke's torso.

Sasuke buries his face right under Naruto's chin, mouth and tongue tracing every curve, every dip and every angle of Naruto's neck and shoulders and chest. Agile hands work on getting Naruto's clothes off until Naruto's lying with his back digging on the sheets – naked and panting and begging.

"Now." Naruto practically growls, not caring that Sasuke only has two slick fingers stretching him.

"I don't want to hurt you, usuratonkachi," Sasuke says, breathing against Naruto's ear. "It's been a while."

"I don't care. I want you inside me now, Sasuke."

Sasuke finally slips inside him, stopping for a moment, perhaps to wait for Naruto's muscles to relax. Once fully sheathed, Sasuke asks, "You okay?"

Naruto can only move his head in a frantic nod, reveling in the sensation of being filled after a week of deprivation. "Move, S'suke." And Sasuke does, pulling out bit by bit and sliding back in at an equally unhurried pace – too slow for Naruto's liking.

"F-fuck me," Naruto all but demanded, his fingernails digging into Sasuke's arms when Sasuke gradually increases his speed, moving in and out, in and out in a gentle yet at the same time rough manner. Naruto can't really tell which, totally lost in the sensation now, too lost in the pleasure of feeling Sasuke thrusting into him, coaxing the familiar pressure to build up in his groin area.

Sasuke's moving at a steady rhythm – fast and hard, fast and hard – and Naruto feels all his blood surging down to his crotch. He feels warm fingers curling around his erection before his own hand can reach them, stroking him – tight then loose, thumb teasing the underside.

Oh… oh… Naruto feels like his brain is about to explode. "I'm…," is all that goes past his lips before he comes apart, orgasm wrenching through him, pulsating ceaselessly it seems.

It doesn't take long for Sasuke to follow. Naruto feels him stiffen on top of him, feels the warmth of Sasuke's release filling him. Then Sasuke's body goes limp, half falling over Naruto like a heavy blanket.

The feeling of Sasuke's lips scattering kisses down the side of his neck is the last thing that registers in Naruto's mind before he gradually slips into a tranquil state.





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