Author's note: the following events will take place after the defeat of Nue/Abe no Seimei and 6 months before the start of the 4th Holy Grail war.

I think this is the perfect setting for a crossover, and please consider the setting of Nurarihyon no Mago as an alternate timeline and Fate/Zero as an Alternate Universe since the timelines and universes of NuraMago and Zero do not coincide with each other. :D

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Chapter 1: The Calm Before the Storm

The scene that unraveled before her eyes was too much for her. Even those who will see that scene will be appalled at the horrific things that they will see. Even more so at the fact that the war that they fought is a civil war.

I want to save them...

It was a desolate mountain, filled with the soldiers who are slain in a civil war that should never had took place, all because of that one person who wants to take away her position as king of Britain.

I want to save those soldiers who died for me...

She lamented at the desolated site that she has seen. She lamented at all the bodies that she saw, all because of the land that she fought hard for, and the kingship that she fought hard for.

I want to save my country...

For that state of desolation before her eyes, the blue - clad armored warrior fell asleep as she wished for a chance to get the Holy Grail for her country to be saved.

She did it... She really did it...

Eighty thousand armed soldiers, marching against her by the orders of the emperor. She really subjugated those armed soldiers by her single spell.

But that event would only earn more the ire of the emperor. Her reputation as one of the facets of a famous goddess was tarnished by this single event.

She only wanted to be a good wife to the one that she loved, but this event will shatter away the wish that she wanted.

And so, she cried alone on the fields of Nasu, on a bright full moon, without anyone comforting her, without anyone in sight.

After her death, she became a Sesshouseki, the Killing stone, which propagated a terrible and poisonous curse that even animals and humans die from that accursed stone.

If not for the efforts of an old priest who broke the stone and scattered it in three locations, maybe until now humans and animals alike will suffer the terrible curse and anguish that she placed upon that stone, all because of an onmyouji who revealed her identity and identified her as the reason for the emperor's illness.

I only wanted to be a good wife...

A beautiful courtesan with her hair covering one eye opened the windows of their clan house to greet another beautiful day. The sun shining brightly is a perfect day to do the laundry.

Also, it's also a time to do the usual chores with the Wakagashira's mother, who is a friend to all the youkai coming in and out of their household.

Little does she know that she will be elected as one of the participants of a bloody war that takes place every sixty years.

And little do they know that this will be the start of turmoil that they will only experience 6 months after this peaceful day.


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