Piplup decided to check the Parlor to see if there were any ghouls inside. When he opened the door, he was greated by two generic orange colored gold ghosts, who were attempting to abduct him. Piplup stun them with the flashlight, and then sucked them in as he looked around.

"Dear Arceus..." Piplup muttered to himself as he felt nervous. "That Count Sable dude really did a number on this place... it's creepily authentic..."

As he decided to check the painting of Count Sable in front of him, he was greeted by a Shadow Ball to the face, knocking him back. Out of the painting emerged a giggling Misdreavus, who wasn't afraid of attacking strangers.

"You shouldn't have come here," The Misdreavus stated as she giggled, opening her eyes, "You'll be subjected to torment and torture like no other! You'll end up just like the others, yep yep yep!"

Piplup shook frighteningly as he pointed his flashlight at the Misdreavus. "W-what do you k-know?" He stuttered as he gulped, sweating nervously. "I can just douse you with my Water Gun and suck you right into my Poltergust 3000!"

The Misdreavus shook her head as she pitied Piplup. "Oh, you poor thing. You don't know much, do you?" She giggled as she shrugged, tilting her head up. "Well, if you really are determined to suck us all up, then you're better off heading straight to the balcony. That's where Count Sable hangs out."

Piplup tilted his head to the left in confusion. "Why the balcony?" He asked, stunned.

The Misdreavus shrugged. "Beats me, but that's where he likes to be." She admitted.

Piplup nodded his head as he sighed. "Well, thanks for the free information, miss. Now, if you excuse me..." He quickly used Bubblebeam on the Misdreavus, trapping her in the bubbles as he sucked her up immediately, sighing as he wiped his forehead with his left, light blue colored flipper. "Sheesh, that was longer than I expected."

Marching on, he walked past the Parlor as he entered the waiting room, spotting some Shuppet floating by, chatting amongst each other. Piplup gulped, trying not to catch their attention as he stood still, quietly preparing to suck them up.

"And so I told him, I'm not interested in spooking you," One of the three Shuppet exclaimed as she chuckled.

The second Shuppet nodded her head as she sighed. "Oh, that does sound quite interesting. Though I like to know how..." She trailed off as she heard Piplup's trembling, turning her head towards him. "Oh bloody hell, it's that scared penguin the boss warned us about."

"Quick, everyone into character!" The third Shuppet exclaimed as they all approached Piplup, preparing to haunt him.

Piplup screamed as he charged forward, using his Poltergust 3000 to suck the three Shuppet closer. He then twirled about in the air, firing several bubbles as he then smashed the Shuppet with a powerful jet stream of Water Pusle, knocking them into the floor. Seeing the three Shuppet groan in pain, Piplup immediately sucked them in, shaking his head as he placed his vacuum handle behind him.

"Phew! At the rate I'm going, I'll have this place cleared out!" Piplup exclaimed as he smiled, folding his flippers together as he felt a bit more confident. "And that means I'm closer to rescuing Pikachu and that Professor E. Gadd guy!"

Meanwhile on the balcony of the mansion, Count Sable laughed as he watched Pikachu and E. Gadd struggle in the light brown rope that binded them together, neither of them being about to struggle out.

"Oh, you pesky Sableye!" Pikachu exclaimed as he began charging his cheeks. "Wait until I get out of here... I'll zap you good!"

Count Sable slapped Pikachu across the face, shaking his head as he wagged his left index finger. "Ah, ah, ah! You didn't say the magic word!"

Pikachu growled angrily as E. Gadd turned his head around, facing Count Sable.

"Pray tell, why do you do this?" E. Gadd curiously asked as he moved about. "Don't you realized what happened to that other band of ghosts in that other infamous mansion that I live right across from?"

Count Sable held out his arms as he tilted his head back. "Enough! Soon, both of you will realize my true power... I'll show the world that I am invincible..." He chuckled evilly as he tapped his purple fingertips together, his creepy grin getting wider. "Once I have access to the Wonder Guard gem, I'll be able to wear it on me, and I'll never me topped!" He then laughed evilly as thunder cracked in the background, with Pikachu and E. Gadd feeling nervous.

Back in the mansion, Piplup left the first area as he stored plenty of green and brown dollar bills, and a whole lot of yellow coins, inside the Poltergust 3000, reminding himself to get the money out once he went to E. Gadd's lab after rescuing him.

"On the plus side, at least now I'll have a whole lot of cash to live off of!" Piplup exclaimed as he rubbed the vacuum handle again with his right flipper. "And I'll finally be able to pay of all the mortgages to my humble little house! Oh, I'll be living it up with no worry!"

As he headed downstairs and entered the second area of the gigantic, haunted mansion, he was greeted by several Purple Puncher ghosts, who all ganged up on the water type penguin and started mercifully punching him silly. Piplup screamed in pain as the bruises he received were painful, with the purple colored ghosts laughing as they all pointed at him after punching him. As Piplup landed on the ground, dazed and with black anime swirls in place of his regular eyes, the seven Purple Punchers proceeded to pick him up, one of them punching him nonstop in the stomach. Suddenly, a loud screech was heard, causing the Purple Punchers to flee as they disappeared. Piplup opened his eyes, feeling revived by a strange substance as he stood up, shaking his head as he looked up, to see a Drifloon staring at him.

Piplup gulped as he trembled, holding onto his vacuum handle as he prepared to suck up the ghost type balloon Pokemon. "D-don't attack me! I'm not here to cause trouble! I just want my friend Pikachu and Prof. E. Gadd!"

The Drifloon giggled as she nodded her head, grabbing a hold of Piplup and dragging him through the mansion. Piplup screamed at first, only to realize that he was getting a free ride courtesy of the surprisingly friendly Drifloon. He sighed in happiness, relieved that for once, he wasn't being attacked by any of the mansion's haunted ghosts after the previous fiasco. The Drifloon brought Piplup to the upper floor, leading him to area three as she stopped at the exit leading to the second floor balcony. Piplup turned around, waving at the friend;y Drifloon, who waved back as she disappeared. Piplup turned around, holding onto his vacuum handle as he shook, prepared to head out of the mansion and confront what lied in the balcony.

"All right... I hope I can find Pikachu and E. Gadd..." Piplup muttered to himself as he took in a deep breath and opened the door, heading out to see that white lightning was appearing frequently in the darkened sky, with thunder booming as the winds were making everything colder, with it starting to rain. Piplup turned his head to the right, gasping in shock to see Pikachu and Prof. E. Gadd tied up.

"Pikachu! E. Gadd!" Piplup exclaimed as he dashed towards the tied up victims, only to be greeted by a Fake Out courtesy of Count Sable, knocking Piplup down. Piplup groaned in pain as he got up, shaking his head to see Count Sable standing before him, laughing.

"Nya ha ha! Did you miss me, kid?" Count Sable exclaimed, his red cape blowing in the wind as he stood tall and mighty before Piplup, his dark purple hands on his hips. "I'm impressed that you came this far... you're not as bad as I thought!"

Piplup sheepishly rubbed the back of his head with his left flipper. "Well, actually, I came here with some help from a random Drifloon..." He admitted nervously as he smirked.

Count Sable growled as he smacked his right hand on his forehead. "Damn it! I told that stupid Dusknoir to block the entrance to this balcony!" He cursed as he shook his head. "Where is that loaf, anyway?"

In the basement of the mansion was the Dusknoir who was suppose to be guarding the balcony entrance, eating Frosted Flakes cereal in the mansion's Breaker Room, trying to get peace from all the chaotic madness of the mansion itself.

Count Sable shook his head as he pointed at Piplup. "Ahh, it doesn't matter. I'll make up for it by reducing you to a mere painting!" He then snapped his fingers, summoning a lone, male Yamask. "Have you found the Wonder Guard gem yet?"

The Yamask shook his head. "Not yet, sir! We're still looking!"

Count Sable sighed as he moved his right hand about. "Well, keep searching! I can deal with this joker without it!" He then turned to Piplup as the Yamask disappeared. "I hope you got plenty of rest, bird boy, because you're going to need it after I'm done with you!" He nefariously laughed as it started pouring, with the rain actually hurting Pikachu and E. Gadd, who were teleported out of the area. Piplup shook with fright, standing up as he got ready for the fight of his life.