Hey guys! So I'm not exactly new to fanfiction. I've written other stories for other fandoms in the past. However due to a very busy schedule and lack of motivation, I stopped writing my works in progress. This story was originally written for the High School Musical Fandom. However, for quite some time now, I've been thinking of remaking it into a Hunger Games fic. Some of the plot points will remain the same, however I plan to edit some of them in the future.

This story is based on the 2001 movie/1991 novel of the same name. Some of the plot points will remain the same while others will be edited to fit the story.

WARNING: There is a dark mention of suicide so please read at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Hunger Games or the film/novel Don't Say a Word. This story is for entertainment purposes only. I make no profit out of this and all of the charcters, unless otherwise noted, belong to their respective owners, the great Suzanne Collins and Andrew Klavan.


She saw them again today. This time, it was after school. They didn't do anything except watch her from a black four-door Sedan parked right outside the student parking lot. The windows were tinted and even though she couldn't see them, she knew they were there, watching, waiting for her to do something.

This was the third time she saw them this week. It was five o'clock and even though school had ended more than two hours ago, she stayed in the library to study for her math test. The parking lot seemed so empty, a mirrored image of her life. Its not that she liked being alone. She used to be happy. She used to laugh. She used to sing—that is, before IT happened.

She was now facing her bathroom mirror after making sure all the windows and the curtains in the house were closed. Her so-called 'mom' had asked her why she was closing them. All she had said was that it was almost nighttime and that it was best to close them now instead of later. Her 'mom'—after giving her an incredulous look—just nodded her head and went back to cooking dinner.

The water was running in the bathtub as she stared at her dark sullen eyes. Her eyes that were once a nice piercing silver, so full of life, now seemed dead, rusted over with dread and sorrow. She was thinner now, and lost almost all of her color from her face. Her hair, which was once long and held dark luscious curls, now seemed damp and stringy.

She walked out of her bathroom and walked towards the window in her room. She slowly opened a small crack of her curtain and looked out. They were still there. 'Probably waiting for me to go to bed so they can report back to HIM.' she thought. She quickly closed the curtain and grabbed a pair of sharp scissors that she kept in her desk drawer. She walked back into the bathroom and shut the door.

The tub was half full now. She estimated that it would over flow in about ten minutes or so. She sighed and sat down on the edge of the bathtub. She looked down at the scissors she held in her hands, slowly observing the sharpness of the blades as she slowly kept opening and closing them. Tears started to form in her eyes. She had to do this. She had no choice. If she didn't, people would just keep getting hurt. Her heart felt heavy and started pounding in her ears. Looking back towards the bathtub she thought, 'Just a few more minutes and it'll all be over.'

As she saw the water slowly start to rise, she suddenly thought about her school, Panem High School, which was tucked away in a small suburb of Fresno, California. She had just been there for no more than three months, not long enough to form any emotional connections with anyone at all.

She wished that she could make friends easily, but she knew better. She knew that if she made at least one friend, they would ask questions about her past life, questions that would bring back memories she wanted to keep tucked inside her dangerous mind. There was also that huge risk of THEM finding out and hurting the ones close to her. So she decided to isolate herself to the point where no one would even know who she was at graduation—if she ended up graduating from that school like she was originally promised.

'Good,' she thought, 'at least no one will notice.'

The tub was overflowing now. She slowly stood from her spot on the tub and walked towards the medicine cabinet right above the sink. She opened the small cabinet and took out a half empty bottle of pills and an empty cup that she quickly filled with water. She opened the bottle and spilled all of its contents on her palm. She stared at the small round pills for a moment before one by one she swallowed them. It only took a minute before the cup fell from her grasp, shattering on the ground. She quickly grabbed the sharp scissors before she slowly began to stumble backwards towards the overflowing bathtub.

Feeling her eyes getting heavier, she opened the scissors. 'Almost done.' she thought. She grabbed one of the sharp blades and brought it close to the pale skin of her thin and breakable wrist. A faint cry of pain escaped her mouth. But that didn't matter. All that mattered was that in just a few minutes, she would be gone, and no one would ever bother her again. She looked down as her arms started to drip with blood. The bloody hand grabbed the blade and slowly crisscrossed her other wrist. Tears began to form in her eyes as she tried to open them once more. She suddenly felt so empty and tired. All the feelings in both of her scrawny legs were gone. She found that she could no longer hold her balance and fell back into the tub. Water rapidly began to fill her lungs as she felt the back of her head touch the bottom of the tub.

'This is it.' she thought. 'It's almost over. All my pain will finally be over.'

She tried to open her eyes once more. Her vision was blurred as she saw the mint colored ceiling above her. Her life would now be over. Nothing could get to her now. The memories, the pain, nothing could reach her, not even HIM. She looked up at the light shining from the light bulb above her before her world suddenly became black.

Once again, I am not intending to glamorize suicide or make a light note of it in any way. If you or someone you know has had thoughts of suicide, please call the NATIONAL SUICIDE AWARENESS HOTLINE 1-800-273-8255.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the prologue. Not all chapters will be dark or heavy so please keep an open mind. Thanks :)