Sandy's Super Cafe

E. Aster Bunnymund sighed as he stuck his hands in his pockets and walked from his apartment to the cafe he worked at. Sandy's Super Cafe was a small cafe owned by Sandy Manners (they call him the Sandman sometimes), a man who rarely spoke, but loved to make people happy. The cafe was located in the heart of town fairly close to the university. Though it was in the heart of town, it didn't see much business because of the larger cafe a block away. However, the staff was grateful to the people who did show up.

Bunnymund took one hand out of his pockets to open the door, the familiar ringing noise echoing throughout his ears.

The cafe, though small, was decorated beautifully. Sandy loved things associated with dreams, and so, he decorate his cafe with paintings of gold dinosaurs, dolphins, unicorns, stuff that children usually dreamt of.

"Finally! Kangaroo, what took you so long?" The teenage Jack Frost yelled from behind the counter. Jack was 17 years old with white hair and piercing blue eyes. He had this smirk that Bunnymund absolutely hated. If he had his way, he would wipe that smirk clean off the kid's face.

"Ah, shut it," Bunnymund snapped as he went behind the counter and grabbed his apron. He yawned loudly. "I wish we had the day off today."

"Yeah, same here. Did Sophie keep you up again?"

"Not too late, but yeah."

"Time to open up, guys!" Emma, the manager, called to them.

Bunnymund nodded, going over to turn the 'closed' sign to 'open.' He never understood why they kept the cafe open for so long. They never got that many people here.

Within the next three hours, only a handful of people came in. Most of them were from the university. And they didn't stay long. They just bought a cup of coffee and left to their classes.

"Did you see that new tv show?" Jack asked when business was particularly slow.

"Which one?" Bunnymund asked.

"The name escapes me but it's about some guy who ends up going to an alien planet and he meets a girl there. She doesn't understand his customs, and it turns out a lot of the stuff he does is offensive to her people. The guy ends up getting hit a lot!"

"Frankly, Frost, that sounds stupid."

"It wasn't too bad," Jack shrugged. Bunnymund gave him a look. "Yeah, it was pretty stupid." He laughed.

"And no, I didn't see it," he answered. "I was watching some kid's movie with Soph last night."

Jack laughed out loud. "You? Big tough Kangaroo? A kid's movie?"

"First off, I am not a kangaroo," Bunnymund sneered. "Secondly, I have a little girl, so I need to do things a little girl would like. And that includes watching a kid's film."

"Excuse me?" Someone asked, gaining Jack's attention.

"Oh, sorry!" Jack bounded over. "How can I help you, sir?"

"I'd like a small coffee. Black," he answered.

Jack nodded, taking down the order. "Kangaroo, order up!" He yelled, tossing the pad to Bunnymund who caught it with ease.

"I'm not a bloody kangaroo," he muttered as he started working on the person's order.

As he did that, the bell rang, indicating someone else had entered the cafe.

Bunnymund put the coffee on the counter next to Jack, who usually went to give the customer their orders when business was slow. That was when he saw her. Bunnymund stopped, unable to tear his eyes away from this girl.

She was tall, slender, with fiery red hair accessorized with blue and green feathers. She had soft brown eyes shrouded by light pink eyeshadow. Her lips were also a light pink. She wore tight blue jeans, pink flats, and a green jumper.

Bunnymund also noticed she had a bag slung over her shoulder and book in her arms; she must be from the university.

"Hi," she smiled softly at Jack as she came up to the counter to order. "I'd like a mint cappuccino, please."

"You got it," Jack replied, taking down the order. "Here you go," he said to Bunnymund.

Bunnymund smiled slightly, getting to work on the girl's order. As he finished, a thought occurred to him.

"Is that ready?" Jack asked, holding out his hand for the cup. "What is it?" He asked when Bunnymund didn't give it to him.

"I… Jack, do you mind if I take it to her?"

"What? Why…?" Jack glanced over at the girl, who was flipping through the pages of her text book. "Oh, I see. You've got a crush."

Bunnymund flushed pink. "Please, I don't even know her! Just… come on, Jack." He was bouncing himself on the balls of his feet.

"I don't know why you're asking me. If you want to do it, just do it."

Bunnymund took a deep breath and went over to where she was sitting.

"Excuse me, sheila?" He asked.

She looked up at him, slightly confused. "I think you may have me confused with someone else."

"Oh, sheila is a term we use for 'girls.' Sorry for the confusion," he blushed.

"Oh, no, no. I'm sorry." She smiled. "Thank you," she said when he placed her coffee on the table. "Bunny?" She chuckled as she read his name tag.

Bunnymund felt his cheeks reddened, and he looked down at the ground.

"My last name is Bunnymund," he muttered. "They call me 'Bunny.' What's your name? If you don't mind me asking…"

She bit her lip and smiled. "Toothiana. Tooth for short."

"Toothiania?" And he thought his name was strange.

"Go ahead, laugh," she shrugged.

"No, I'm not gonna laugh at ya," he assured her. "To be quite honest, I find it a rather beautiful name." He blushed again as the words left his mouth. "Well, you know…"

"Thank you."

"So…" He cleared his throat. "You go to school? You've got books, so I assumed."

"Yeah, that's it," she smiled.

"What are you studying?" He asked, looking at the books she had brought.

To his surprise, Tooth turned red. "What is it?"

"It's silly…" she explained. "Are you sure you want to know."

"Aw, come on," he prodded with a smirk. "Can't be that bad."

Tooth bit her lip and looked down at her book. She, then, flickered eyes up to Bunny's and said, "Teeth."

He let out a small laugh. "No, no, I'm not laughing at you!" He said, waving his hands. "I think it's cute. A girl named Tooth studying teeth."

"Yo, kangaroo!" Jack called from behind the counter. "You gonna spend all night talking to her?!"

Bunny stiffened at the sound of Jack's voice. During the time he spent talking to Toothiana, he forgot that he was at work. "Sorry," he muttered to her. He was about to walk away when a sudden rush of confidence spread throughout his body. "Listen," he said, turning back around to face her. "I hope this doesn't sound too forward of me, but I get off in half an hour. Could I… maybe… walk you home?" As the words left his lips, so did the confidence. His heart was pounding as he waited for her answer.

"I'd like that," she said.

"Great. Half an hour." He grinned and made his way back to the counter. His grin faded as he saw Jack's smirk. "Shut it, Frost."

"I didn't say anything," Jack sang.

"No, but you were thinking it."

Jack waved at Tooth and gave her a little smile.

Bunny stood by the coffee maker, the grin back on his face as he anticipated the end of the work day.