Chapter 5

Bunny grinned at the thought of Saturday night as he and Sophie walked home from the grocery store. Just as he promised a few nights ago, he bought her nice, big, colorful lollipop. She was licking it happily as they walked.

Saturday could not come quick enough. Bunny was excited, yet, at the same time, nervous. He really wanted to make a good impression on Tooth. Maybe, then, she'd like him back.

Suddenly, he stopped walking. Whoa! Where did that thought come from? Sure, he liked Tooth. More than he'd care to admit. It was just an attraction. That was it. He didn't have any expectations about Saturday, except that things go smoothly, and no one caused a disruption, which was very unlikely, he thought. That didn't stop him, however, from having hopes.

"It'll be alright, mate," he muttered to himself in an attempt to stop his mind from hammering.

"Bunny?" Sophie asked softly. She had bounded back to him once she realized he was not walking with her anymore. She stared at him with concern on her sticky, little face.

"I'm alright, sheila," he said softly. "Thanks for the concern." He patted her head and they started walking again.

"Bunny?" Sophie asked again after they started walking upstairs to their apartment building.

"Yeah, sheila?" He asked, fishing out his key from his pockets and opening the door. They stepped into the apartment, and he set the grocery bags on the counter.

"Pippa's coming?"

"Yep. On Saturday," he replied, opening the bags to put the groceries away. Sophie reached out her hand to take the bag of carrots. She wanted to put them in the fridge. Bunny looked at her sticky little hand. "I don't think so, love. You wash those hands, then you can help. Let me take that from you." He took the lollipop from her, and she went over to wash her hands in the sink, using a small step so she could reach. Bunny wrapped the rest of the lollipop in saran wrap so she could finish it later. "Now, those hands are clean enough to put carrots away," he said with a proud smile, handing her the bag. She took it with a big smile and put them in the fridge.

"Done!" She announced.

"Very good."

Sophie smiled. She always loved getting praised from Bunny. She ran out of the kitchen and into her bedroom. She returned with her paper and crayons.

"Look!" She said, showing Bunny one drawing she did the day before when Pippa was babysitting her.

Bunny stopped putting away the canned soup to take the drawing from Sophie's hands. It was a picture of him and her holding hands. She drew bunny ears on him. He smiled softly. "It's gorgeous, sheila." He reached his hand out to give back to her, but she shook her head.

"You keep it!"

"Really? Well, thank you, Sophie. That means a lot to me. I'll put it right here." He took a small magnet and put her drawing on the fridge. "So, I can see it everyday." He kneeled down to kiss her forehead.

Bunny couldn't believe he was doing this. He was standing in front of his closet, trying to decide what to wear to dinner that night. It wasn't as if it was date. But, he still wanted to look nice for her. How was he going to do this? Collar shirt with a tie? Collar shirt without a tie? Collar shirt with a tie and a vest? He sighed, wishing he wasn't such a nervous wreck.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. Bunny put the collar shirt he was considering wearing back in the closet and went to answer the door.

Jack stood there with a big grin on his face. He was wearing a blue sweater with brown jeans. "Hey, Kangaroo!" His grin faded slightly as took in the sight of his friend. "You planning on wearing a tank top and blue boxers?"

"Shut it," Bunny growled. "I'm trying to decide what to wear."

Jack let out a incredulous laugh. "You're trying to decide what to wear," he repeated. "Dude, you totally have the hots for her!"

Bunny rolled his eyes. "I'm nervous enough as it is! Don't make it worse!"

"Here, I'll help you pick out something," Jack said, squeezing past Bunny. "Where's Sophie?" He asked. Usually when he came over, she would run to the door and give him a big hug.

"I dropped her off at Pippa's about half an hour ago," Bunny answered. "Pippa has some sort of art project to finish, and she said Sophie could help her out. I thought it'd be better if she went to her house."


Jack went into Bunny's bedroom and went straight for the closet. "You should totally wear this!" He exclaimed, pulling out a Hawaiian shirt that he gave Bunny for Christmas.

"Hahahahahaha no."

"Do you ever wear it?"

"Yeah, all the time," he replied upon seeing Jack's pout. "I was thinking the vest and collar shirt. Does that sound too fancy?"

"You're acting like a teenage girl. It doesn't sound too bad. Just don't wear suit pants. Wear jeans. Be a little semi-formal. Formal from the waist up!" He grinned. "Besides, looking kinda fancy might attract her. Ya never know."

Jack had a point. He didn't know much about Tooth's preferences, but better safe than sorry, right? He grabbed a white collar shirt and black vest. He kept his eyes on the mirror he had as he buttoned up his shirt and put the vest over it. He turned back over to the closet, eying the black tie. Should he…? He reached and pulled it out.

"What are you doing?" Jack asked. "I think that's a bit too fancy."

"Don't care," Bunny grumbled as he put the tie on. "I think it might be better."

"Fine. It's your date."

Bunny's fingers slipped, causing the tie to unravel slightly. "It's not a date, Frost! How many times must I say it?" He groaned, reaching down to fix his tie.

Jack pursed his lips and shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever you say." Nothing else was said on the matter, though Bunny knew his friend was not convinced.

"Let's go," Jack whined about a half hour later. "Your hair is fine! I bet Sandy and North are already there. Wait… You did give them the address, didn't you?"

Bunny popped his head out of the bathroom door. "You really think I'm that stupid?" When Jack opened his mouth, he pointed a finger and snapped, "don't say anything! Anyway," he continued, "I texted North last night."

"Okay. So, you done yet?"

"Almost." Bunny ran his fingers through his hair one last time so it stuck a bit. "Done," he said, washing his hands before following Jack out of the apartment. "I wish I could get a car."

"How far is the place?" Jack asked.

"Not too far, but still. It'd be so much easier to get around with a car. What if I don't get one by the time Sophie starts school?"

"Dude, that's years off. You'll get one."

"Not if I'm working at the cafe. I mean, I've been saving up and all, but bills and all that…"

"Yeah, I get you."

A thought crossed Bunny's mind. "How can you live by yourself?"

"I'm 18," he said simply.

"I thought you were 17."

Jack crossed his arms. "I'm offended, Kangaroo." He turned his head and sniffed as though he were near tears. "We've been friends for so long. I've been 18 for a long time, buddy!"

"I've only known you for about a year."

Jack turned his head again to face his friend. He had on the biggest grin. "Just messing with you."

"You're a jerk," Bunny sighed, rolling his eyes.

Jack let out a soft chuckle. "My birthday's today, actually."

Bunny's eyes widened. He had that nagging feeling all day that he had forgotten something, but he couldn't place it. He sighed deeply, feeling extremely foolish and guilty. "Crikey, sorry, mate. Really. 18, yeah? That's a milestone."

Jack patted him on the shoulder. "It's no problem. All that's important now is your relationship with Tooth."

"I will make up for this, mate. Whatever you want, it's yours."

"Whatever I want?" He asked in a voice that made Bunny wish he hadn't said anything.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable, Bunny nodded slowly.

"Kiss Tooth tonight."

"Anything except that," he said at once, cheeks turning a slight reddish color. "Come on, Jack. Anything else. Anything not involving Tooth. Please. I don't know how she feels. That might destroy our friendship." He was this close to actually getting on his knees and begging, and that was frightening him. Not because he thought he was too good for begging, but because his feelings for this girl were terrifying. He nearly strangled Jack when he saw that he had another mischievous grin on his face.

"Alright, you don't have to do that," Jack said, shrugging. "I don't care what you get me. Just make it something cool. Now, let's go. We can't keep them waiting."

Bunny walked in a slow pace, his hands in his jean pockets. His heart-rate was already at an all-time high, but upon finding out that today was Jack's 18th-18th, for god's sake- birthday, it was worse. Though he'd never admit, he was growing quite fond of the kid. Kid… he wasn't a kid anymore, was he? Well, he would always be a kid to him.

He sped up his pace a bit to catch up with Jack. He reached out a hand to ruffle his white hair. "You're a good kid sometimes, Frost, when you're not being a prat."

Jack grinned, pushing Bunny's hand away. "And you're a good guy sometimes, Kangaroo, when you're not being real annoying, real grumpy, or really full of yourself."