Here's plan 01. This might have a small sign of intrusion of privacy - maybe even be viewed as stalkish to some of you - but I believe it to be a sweet way to express the love between a cop and robber - at least from the robber's point of view. This starts at the end of Sly 4, where Carmelita, Bentley and Murray are standing on the balcony together and this will be three weeks after the battle with Le Paradox.
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Plan 01

Carmelita's POV

Murray, Bentley and I are standing on the balcony of my apartment and the turtle says: "What does it mean?" Murray and I look at him and he says: "Sly's last words. Those last things he said to me before we escaped Le Paradox's blimp. What could he have meant?" I wonder this myself and with my head down think back.

Cyrille Le Paradox had kidnapped me and used me to capture Sly, but before he could throw us both through his Time Tunnel had Tennessee – Sly's Ancestor – saved us by shooting the glass of the container holding us. I still remember with fury how Le Paradox had called Sly some filthy vermin – the lowlife skunk.
Paradox had then tried to attack us with one of the arms of his machine, but had missed and had instead attacked his own Time Tunnel, causing for a hole to be ripped in timespace that was causing for the whole blimp to fall to pieces and either fall down into the river below or be sucked into the sucking vortex.
We had been about to escape when Sly had told us he would take on Le Paradox and that we should get out of there. He and I had shared a short moment of mutual understanding and then he had told Bentley the words Ringtail, Ringtail with a power in his voice as if those words are meaningful and a smile on his face that still puzzles me.
Afterwards he had fought Le Paradox and while we had been able to find and arrest Le Paradox, is there still no trace of Cooper – except for the picture I had been able to find in some last remaining parts of the blimp still floating through the French Riviera – the same Riviera I have been searching through, trying to find Sly.

I take the picture out of my jacket pocket and look at it longingly. The picture shows me in a yellow dress reaching down to just below my hips with Sly standing next to me in a blue shirt with black jeans and a brown scarf. What is really wonderful about the picture is the rose in my hand and the kiss Sly gives me on the cheek.
Wishing more than ever that Sly is back here with me, if only to receive such a sweet kiss, I look up from it and whisper: "Where are you, Sly? Please, just give me a hint." But in my heart, I feel nothing but the despair and need to find him and around me nothing changes, nothing that even slightly indicates that Sly is out there.
I shake my head, trying to fight back the tears that have been threatening to fall since I found the picture and think: "How stupid can I be? Only realizing I love Sly Cooper when the chances are highest that I'll never see him again. Guess that saying was right after all. You never know you love someone until they're gone."

Then Murray distracts me and says: "You know, those words almost sound like some kind of code or password." And while happy with the distraction, do I have to agree with him and then Bentley gasps and says: "A password! Of course!" We look at him as he races back inside and starts to rummage through one of Cooper's backpacks.
Murray and I look at each other before we both head inside after the turtle and he takes a laptop out of the bag. Instantly I realize the same he must have realized before and ask: "You actually think that Ringtail is a computer password?" But instead of Bentley – who sets the laptop down on my desk – does Murray answer:
"Of course! Sly had always let Bentley practice his hacking skills on his computer, but Bentley has never been able to get past Sly's password, no matter how many firewalls and other forms of crazy computer defenses I just don't understand he brought down." I feel impressed and then turn to Bentley as he says: "Password Ringtail."
And I see the dots that stand for the letters of the password appear on the screen before Bentley presses the enter button and the loading screen appears only shortly before the main screen pops up. To my shock are there only two files on the entire computer and I wonder how this can help us as suddenly Bentley shouts:


I look at him shocked and he says: "Those are video files! That's why he told me the password! He wanted to use the video file of himself to be used as a plan B! Like his dad used to say!"I look at the screen in shock and then see something that makes me ask: "Then why does the other file have my name on it?"
Bentley hums as a sign he doesn't know either and moves the cursor over to the file with my name on it. Tapping it, I see the video screen open, but my eye is instantly drawn to the date, which confuses me as it is the date of 7 months ago, the 2nd day after our battle with Dr. M. over the Cooper Vault, located on Kaine Island.
Then I am further confused as the screen shows the Ringtail and not me, but then the Ringtail says: "Sly Cooper here. Carmelita, I just want to apologize. When I was being crushed by that monster, all I could think of was you. How I wanted you there, how I wanted to tell you how I feel, to work out our differences and see if we could make it work.

Okay, so obviously Sly would have been saying a little more than this, but I only wrote part of my story plan on a notebook and typed down on Word what I had written. The rest of the explanation will be written if you choose this story as my next to write. Next up is my second story plan and that gives Sly a little more need for revenge and slightly alters his bond with Carmelita into that of two soul mates. It starts in Ancient Arabia and creates a little closer bond between Sly and the Ancestors.
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