Okay, this one takes place during the Wild West episode of Sly Cooper four and goes in a little more on what the characters could be doing when not on mission. It will mostly be about the Wild West, a small thing happening during the Stone Age episode and some things happening during the Medieval and Ancient Arabia episode.
The rest, just vote and you'll know,


Story Plan 06

Sly's POV

I don't like the fact that Carmelita seems to be growing a crush on my Ancestor, the Notorious Tennessee "Kid" Cooper, while I have been crushing after her for the last 6 ½ years or that she is even in on this mission while our past, present and future are in peril.
But on the other hand will this experience allow her to learn about the inner workings of the Cooper Gang and hopefully will I be able to let her forgive me for lying to her. Still the thought of her tied up in that runaway stage and almost falling off that cliff scares the crap out of me and makes my inner Cooper shout with need of protection.

By now it's getting late and I jump into our Hide out from the window on the upper floor, happy that we stored provisions for more than a year ahead in our van and that we unloaded these provisions once we had found a stable hide-out as we now have plenty enough for a dinner for five, even with the van still in the hands of Toothpick.
I land on the ground floor of our Hide-out and look outside at the stars and half-shaped moon and say: "Murray, dinner time." The Hippo salutes me, which I know is something we do for fun, while Carmelita glares at me, obviously in the belief that I'm ordering my big friend – and surrogate brother – around.
Shaking my head and deciding to leave the fox alone and leave her to her own judgment – as a few weeks with us will surely help her see different – I help Bentley clear the brown wooden round table before I leave for the cupboards.

I hand Bentley the cutlery and take the plates out myself, using my cane to throw the plates onto their own positions. Tennessee and I then raise up one of the chairs and put it on top of one of the higher closets, all of this done without any of us saying a single word and with Carmelita standing to the side with her arms crossed.
I look around and Murray, busy in front of the stove, shouts: "Napkins were in the van, Sly. Get me some coasters instead, will you?" I smile and shout back: "You got it, Big Guy!" again using my cane, I pull the coasters off a high cupboard and – with experienced ease – let them roll over my arms and shoulders onto the table.
Setting them right, Bentley, Tennessee and I sit down and Carmelita huffs before sitting down on Tennessee's left, with me on my Ancestor's right and Bentley on the fox's left. Murray comes in and instantly Bentley stretches the robot arms of his wheelchair out to help the Hippo put the heavy pot on the middle of the round table.

Murray then serves us all a plate and when he sits down, I suddenly shout: "Bentley!" The turtle screams and drops his fork as I ask: "Have you forgotten the rules we grew up with? When a Lady sits at the table, the men wait with eating until the Lady takes the first bite." Bentley looks shocked and says:
"You're right, Sly. Sorry, Carmelita." But the Fox ignores him and instead does she look at me and I say: "Sorry, but I grew up with it. My mother taught it to me and my dad and I taught it to Bentley and Murray when I moved into the Orphanage." Carmelita nods, but doesn't say anything as she turns back to her plate.

We all smile at her and my smile widens when I see that Murray has made his specialty: spaghetti with blue-cheese-sauce and mushrooms. Knowing he did this to make Carmelita feel welcome, I happily take a bite, make a Hmmm sound and say: "Murray, no one is – or in this case ever will be – better at making spaghetti than you, pall."
The Hippo smiles at me, while Bentley laughs over my little pun and Carmelita smiles as she says: "It really is delicious, Murray." And Bentley, who probably realizes the same thing as I did, says: "Great timing on making your specialty, Big Guy."

Tennessee and Carmelita look at him confused, to which the Turtle responds with a knowing look to my lovely vixen and Tennessee says: "Oh, because Carmelita joined the Cooper Gang." Bentley, Murray and I nod and the fox looks shocked, before smiling at my friend and we all happily continue our meal.

There will be more happening during the Wild West and I will deal with Peneloppe a lot harder than just defeating her like in the game, but that won't come unless you vote. This, like all others, is a SlyxCarmelita story, but this will have some more of Carmelita's family history involved in it and that will come with the Ancient Arabia episode.