This story was inspired by the video "Make A Wish [AU Faberry Trailer]". Found on youtube. Links don't work on fanfiction so put this: /watch?v=2bJFWZ_ccNU after the .com in the youtube url. Please tell me what you think of it. I really want to do this video trailer justice.


"… Happy birthday to you." The last notes echoed through the Glee room. Rachel's voice traveled the furthest.

I looked up at the members of the Glee club all standing around the piano with me. A birthday cake with 17 candles around the edge sat on the closed piano lid. Brittany, Santana, Puck, Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Tina ,Finn, Rachel, Mr. Schue. They all stood around me smiling. It was my 17th birthday and they had decided to surprise me with a cake. San and Britt were going to take me out Breadstix later tonight so I hadn't expected this. But apparently it had been Rachel's idea when she heard I wasn't going to have a party. Puck had told me that she had first wanted to throw me a party, but San and Britt talked her out of it. Thankfully, I haven't felt like partying recently and I wouldn't want to have to put on a brave face for her. It still confused the hell out of me, why she was so nice. I was an absolute bitch to her throughout our freshman year and sophomore year. Even when she was being nice to me, I was still mean to her.

"Make a wish Quinn." Rachel's voice broke through my stupor and I looked at her. She was smiling over at me and my breath caught in my throat. I turned to the cake and made the same wish that I had been wishing for since last year. I blew all of the candles out in one breath, they all clapped, and Mr. Schue's voice rose above the clapping. "Now let's have some cake."

I stood back from the cake and the piano and let someone else cut the cake for everyone. Someone thrust a plate with cake and a fork into my hand and I mechanically took them. I walked up the risers to my usual seat in the back. Everyone else happily chattered away and slowly filled into their regular seats.

Mr. Schue wrote "New members?" and "Fundraising?" on the whiteboard. He went off on some tangent about needing to find new members for the club, since we lost Matt over the summer. He also talked about how we needed to start fundraising because of the significant lack of funding to the arts. I zoned out, glaring at Finn's arm that was draped over Rachel.

It was the first month of my junior year, last year was hard on me with the baby drama. And apparently giving up a baby isn't as easy as it sounds and threw me into a slight depression. By slight I mean sitting on my couch all summer watching reruns of old sitcoms on TV and eating ice cream, only leaving the house when San and Britt forced me out of the house. This had only happened twice, once in the beginning of the summer to attend a party and the second at the end of summer when they took me to the mall to get new clothes for school.

Before I knew it Glee club was over. Finn had a 'brilliant' idea for a kissing booth since he claimed to be "the closest thing this school has to a celebrity right now". What an idiot. Once I was out of the Glee room, San and Britt latched onto my arms and led me out to my car. They followed me home and then I got into San's car and we went to Breadstix. My birthday dinner was entirely uneventful, San and Britt sat in the booth seat across from me. Yet they didn't make me feel like a third wheel, I love how they can manage to that. Yeah, San and Britt are together, like boyfriend and girlfriend, but they're both the girlfriend. I'm pretty sure that San isn't out to her family yet, but all of the glee club knows it. I wasn't really paying attention the whole dinner and before I knew it, San and Britt were taking me home.

We were in my room sitting on my bed. Britt reached down and pulled a cake out of her bag.

"We got this cake before man hands got you one. And this one is better, it's an ice cream cake." San said this while sitting down next to me. I glared at her when she called Rachel man hands and for once she looked apologetic. She lit the candle in the middle of the cake. She and Britt sat on either side of me.

"You okay Q?" Britt asked softly. I nodded but I knew I wasn't fooling anyone. I looked down at the cake that was sitting in my lap and blew out the candle. I made the same wish I had made earlier.

"I wish I could be with Rachel Berry."