Paste your document here..."Ahh!...No...Dad!?...V-VERE THE FUCK'S ZEE SOAP?!"

These are the words Vaas heard at 11 o'clock at night, coming from the teenager not lying less than two feet away from him, screaming in his sleep.


The teen was Ricky, the "new" Pirate, well not new he had been there for a few months now, long enough for Vaas to figure out the little shit had more trouble sleeping than a shark breathing on land.

It would start out calm, tossing and turning, nothing to sever, then it would gradually build up to thrashing, mumbling, crying out, then it became worse and worse until the boy was practically screaming and yelling, thrashing around violently injuring anyone whom tried to stop and hold him down.

It was at its worse stage now, The German was thrashing about and screaming nonsense things in his nightmarish stage, all Vaas could do was wait until the kid stopped and went back to sleep but that wasn't always the case.

Sometimes the teenager would go on for hours upon hours, sometimes he'd jolt up, sometimes he'd even get out of bed and walk around, other times he'd stop screaming and go back to bed, sometimes he'd wake up and cry for a little before he passed out. Vaas never knew.

But now, listening to the boy scream, beg, and cry he couldn't do it, so he said something.



The teen mumbles tiredly, rolls over, his screaming stopping, and lite snores began to fill the air.

Vaas scoffs angrily, that "Kay" coming from the teenagers sleep infused coma.

"Little fucker" he mumbles, only to be kicked by the German

"Vaas, shut zee fuck up, I'm trying to sleep."

That little fuck.