Such a dirty young master I have by sebastianthedemonbutler

Ciel sighs as he sits at his desk doing paperwork, bored as ever. He stops writing and finds himself drifting off into his thoughts. Thoughts that revolve around his butler, Sebastian. Wondering what it would be like to stroke his hands over his butler's chest, feeling the muscles quiver.

He knows that he shouldn't think of his servant like this but he can't help it. A blush graces his cheeks and his body tingles, as he gets aroused. He shifts uncomfortably as his trousers get tighter. He undoes his trousers so it doesn't get too uncomfortable. He takes deep breaths as he struggles to turn himself off. Knowing his butler will arrive with his afternoon tea any minute.

He reaches down and grasps his member and rolls it between his palms, he moans as he thinks of his servant. Sebastian just gets to the door as he hears the moan coming from inside. He smirks and knocks on the door and there is no reply, so he opens the door and walks in with the tea trolley.

"Young master? I have prepared your tea" Sebastian says.

Ciel bites his lip as he hears his servant's voice, making him harder. He shifts uncomfortably again and takes a sip of his Earl Grey but trembles and spills it down his front.

"What a clumsy young master I have" Sebastian says with a smirk.

"Shut up and clean it up" Ciel snaps. Sebastian goes to leave the room to get a cloth and clean clothes. "N-no come here" Ciel stammers. Sebastian comes and stands in front of the desk, wondering why his master stopped him. Ciel stands up and grabs Sebastian's tie and pulls him towards him. When Sebastian is close enough, he climbs onto the desk and kisses him, knocking the paperwork on the floor.

Sebastian is shocked at his master's actions but pulls the boys' legs to wrap around his waist and nibbles Ciel's lip. Ciel gasps and Sebastian plunges the tongue in the others mouth, exploring the boys moist cavern. They begin to fight for dominance, which Sebastian easily won. He pulls away, remembering that humans need to breathe. Ciel pants a little, face flushed.

Sebastian notices that his masters trousers are undone and can see the others hard member and smirks. "Such a dirty young master I have" Sebastian comments while stroking the others member, it twitches and Ciel moans and shifts his hips forward, so he thrusts in his servants hand.

"Sebas-tian t-take me now!" Ciel says in desperation.

"Such an impatient young master" Sebastian says as he takes the others clothes off quickly, leaving a pile on the floor. He then captures the boys nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it before placing open mouthed kisses down the boy's body. Ciel squirms and pushes Sebastian's head on his throbbing member, which Sebastian swallows whole.

"AHHH! SEBASTIAN!" the boy moans, which encourages Sebastian to nibble lightly at the base and hums, causing the boy to scream out and release in his servants mouth. Sebastian swallows every last drop and smiles before removing his clothes.

When his chest is revealed, Ciel instantly strokes his hands over his servant's chest, feeling each muscle quiver in excitement. When Sebastian is fully naked, he captures the boy in another heated kiss before holding his masters hips and pulls the others bottom up, inserting his tongue. Ciel squirms at the new feeling and makes mewling noises.

Sebastian moves his tongue around in the boy's entrance for about 5 minutes till the boy is in a withering mess, he withdraws his tongue. He then inserts 2 fingers, scissoring but it doesn't hurt as much because of where his tongue was moments before. Ciel pushes his hips back as he finds this oddly pleasurable.

He takes his fingers out and places his member at the others entrance. He pushes in slowly until he's buried to the hilt, staying still for a moment, allowing the boy to get used to the large intrusion, he pumps the others member. Ciel moans "move now" he says in desperation. Sebastian rocks his hips slowly and gets faster gradually. Ciel starts moaning and pushing back to meet Sebastian's thrusts.

The hand on the boy's member moves in time to his thrusts. "faster, harder, I'm close" Ciel shouts to Sebastian. This encourages Sebastian to go as hard and as fast as he can, pounding into the boy with no mercy. "SEBASTIAN!" the boy shouts as he reaches his climax and Sebastian moans his masters name as he finds his release. He pulls out of his master and gets a wet cloth to clean himself and Ciel up, then gets dressed.

"Get me some clean clothes Sebastian" Ciel says in a commanding voice.

"Yes my lord" Sebastian says, bowing before he leaves the room. He shortly comes back in with clean clothes for his master, he dresses him. After being dressed, Ciel climbs off the desk and sits back in his chair, doing paperwork after he picked it up off the floor.

"You can leave" he tells his servant, so Sebastian gets back to preparing the dinner.