Chapter 3- A little neko master

Sebastian is sorting the books from the library after sending the servants into town for supplies, whistling to himself as he works, not hearing a bell ring to bring his master a sweet of some kind. He thinks nothing of his master's quietness throughout. Until that is, he hears a cute meow coming from behind a bookshelf, his eyes widen and walks round the corner, to find the cat.

What he sees, he can't believe his eyes that it knocks the smirk off his face slightly and a blush coats his cheeks. His young master is sitting on a chair, reading. That isn't what caused Sebastian's reaction at all. What he sees is this: His little Bocchan, wearing scantily clad clothes (picture what you want with this) with a tail swishing in the air, and cat ears, twitching on his head, to finish the look, in his hand is a copy of the yaoi manga- Junjou Romantica in his hand.

Ciel glances up to see Sebastian bright red with an animalistic look in his eyes and smirks at the flustered butler, telling him to come get him with his eyes, like a challenge. Sebastian pounces on the boy, kissing him roughly, pulling him close to his body, showing the boy that he has an erection. The manga is dropped to the floor, he wraps the boys legs around his waist and grinds his hard, pulsing member against the bluenette's, growling in pleasure. Ciel moans and grinds back, he pants as if in heat, addicted to the lustful fever, coating his young body. Sebastian pulls back and undresses his lower half, to show the boy how hard he is making him.

Ciel trembles slightly as his butler undresses the lower half of the bluenette. Sebastian kisses the boy roughly and enters him in one thrust. Ciel's moans are heard all over the manor if someone was there of course. He thrusts harder and faster like an animal in heat, succumbing to lust. Ciel moans louder and louder until his body shakes violently. "Sebastian I'm going to..." Ciel yells really loudly as he cums hard. Sebastian groans and releases inside the boy. Both pant and look into each others eyes. "Such a tease young master, why were you reading yaoi anyway?" Sebastian questions.

Ciel goes bright red and doesn't say a word.