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Harry Potter and the Heir of Morgaine Le Faye

Chapter 47: Epilogue

The Battle of Tintagel; May 21st, 2021: 6451 Days Post.


George Weasley knocked on the door of Quade's room. "Enter," her voice came from inside.

He poked his head in. "Hey vamp girl."

She glowered at him. "What do you want?"

He slipped in and closed the door. "Just thought I'd see how you were holding up."

She cocked her head as she considered him. "It is the end. Whether by Natalia's blood or the hand of my Mistress I have paid my penance. I am," she paused to find the right words, "to be free."

George leaned against the door. "You're sure that's what you want?" She raised a brow at him. "I mean sure we all want to be free. But have you considered what that might mean for you?"

She turned and walked to the window. "I have not."


"No. All that mattered was an end. I care not what it is."

George didn't answer and she eventually turned to face him. "I don't think I would have survived, " he said when she did.

She gave a small smile. "You do tend to indulge."

George shrugged. "Not all of us got five thousand year tickets when we got on. You pack in what you can."

"Yes, you do."

George glanced at his watch. "Two minutes left. Think it's safe to consider a hope of what your salvation might be?"

"I would prefer not."

George eyed her. "Mind if I ask a favor before you head out?"

She smirked. "Two minutes; what pleasure might I derive from such an encounter?"

"Funny," he retorted. "You're a goddess, but I think I'd last at least five."

Quade shook her head. "Bestill my heart. I do not think I could stand such attentions."

George chuckled. "There's no sense denying the truth. You'd test any man's control."

Quade laughed. "Yet I have never tested the patience of any man, or for that matter, any woman."

"You're joking."

"Carnal lust is not a place one wishes to visit with a hunger such as mine."

George nodded. "No. I imagine not."

Quade waved a hand his direction. "Go on then, what favor would you ask a vampire?"

George locked eyes with her. "Seduce me." Quade cocked her head back. "I've not taken vampiremage in seventeen years," he said.

Her brow furrowed. "Why?"

George took a step forward. "I may not know what it is to live with the hunger you have, but I do know what it's like to see something you want and not allow yourself to possess it." Quade backed up a step. "I know what it's like to live with what you lust after at the tip of your fingers." He continued across the room; stopping only when she was backed against the wall with nowhere left to retreat. "I know what it is to deny yourself for something so impossible to even call it a dream is to give it a reality it does not have."


"Jamie?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yes."

He shook his head. "Rather a long mourning for someone who was never more than a friend, don't you think?"

She frowned. "Never?"


Faster than he could ever have hoped to counter, Quade grabbed him, spinning to pin him to the wall. She pressed against him with her forearm against his throat and leaned in with her nose brushing the delicate skin of his neck. She inhaled deeply before pulling back with her face inches from his. "Her scent lingers on you yet," she hissed.

"Close friends," George managed as best he could with her arm against his throat. She glowered at him "It was never going to be more. We both knew that. It ended months before she died."


George shrugged. "Don't really know. We had fun while it lasted, and then we didn't."

"And you think I am to be fun while it lasts?" she demanded.

"There's an interesting characteristic common to all known love potions," George said. "Do you know what it is?"

Quade leaned in closer, her lips hovering over his. "I am a love potion," she breathed. "A concoction of lust and desire, more powerful than any but your sister. What use have I in knowing the properties of your silly potions?"

"The interesting thing about them is," George said, "that if you administer one to someone, and they happen to already be in love with the person the potion is suppose to make them fall in love with, there will be no discernible change in their behavior." He reached up and pushed on her arm. Certainly, she could have held him there if she desired. But there was no resistance from her as he slipped out of her grasp. He stepped next to her; his shoulder touching hers. "Tell me, Quade, vampiress second in power in all the world only to my sister, does the same hold true if you direct your powers at one who is under your spell without them?" Quade stared at him. "Tell me you're holding back," he challenged.


George leaned in and pressed his lips gently against hers. When she opened her eyes again he was at the door. "I know all you're hoping for is an end," he said. "I thought you should know, I'm hoping for a beginning." Before she could respond he slipped out and quietly closed the door.

Quade stared after him for some moments before feeling a presence behind her. She turned and bowed. "Mistress."

The Goddess reached out and raised her chin. She smiled gently down at her. "I see a new fear in your eyes, my Hand... I am glad."

"It is real? He resists me?"

"Yes... and no."

Quade glanced at the door and back again. "He loves me?"

"So his actions would suggest." She glided across the room and opened the door. "It is time. My son and my daughter wait with Natalia for your request."

Quade hesitated. "Will I live?"

The Goddess smiled. "I fear not."

Quade bowed her head.e HHH "Can you not strike me down here and spare those I love any guilt that might come with the passing of Natalia's blood to my lips?"

"Do I not also have your love, my Hand?"

Stricken, Quade sank to her knees. "Forgive me, mistress, for that is not what I meant."

The Goddess moved back to her and lifted her from the floor. "All mortals die, child. Does your end come today, tomorrow or a hundred years from now? This I cannot answer. For more than five thousand years, with courage unmatched by any, you have faced your fate. It arrives with the love of many to carry you through. Do not falter now."

Quade swallowed before straightening. "You are right. Fate can hardly be more cruel to me than she has already been."

The Goddess took her hand and they moved to the door. "Would you not like him at your side?"

"If this is to be my end would it not be cruel of me to ask it of him?"

"Were I to tell you the moment of his death, where would you choose to be?"

Quade stopped and faced her. "If he wishes then I would ask him to be with me."

The Goddess inclined her head. "Is there anything else you might ask of me?"

Quade considered. "Only that should I survive, I might know a life of peace."

The Goddess smiled sadly. " Might this occur? Yes. Is it likely? I fear not. Unless you choose to leave the life you have, this is not a promise I can make. Ask of me something else."

"Your blessing upon all I hold dear now and, what the future might bring."

The Goddess smiled. "A wise request that will carry on long after you have left this world. This I can, and am happy to, grant you." She leaned forward and kissed Quade's crown before resuming their journey. "Come. We have tarried long enough."

The Battle of Tintagel; May 21st, 2022: 6816 Days Post.


Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny's waist and pulled her tight against his chest. She settled into him happily and he quietly surveyed the room. The First Family of Camelot was now a rather large and cobbled together group of relations held together most of all by a boundless love for one another. It of course began with Molly and Arthur Weasley; the two people who had become what his aunt and uncle should have, his mum and dad.

Their oldest child, Bill brought his wife Fleur to the family as well as their two boys, Charles and Philippe. They were both grown now and seemed content to play the field and Harry was hard pressed to keep up with who they were currently dating at any given time.

Fred was with Jenna Young. The perpetual good time pair had been together for years but refused to even refer to the other as boyfriend or girlfriend much less get married.

Hermione, the Queen Mother and widow of their son Ron had given them Percy, Andrew and the sitting Queen of Camelot and Britain's wizarding society, Ginevra Fleur Weasley. Hermione was now married to Stacie and their two children David and Sabrina were now thirteen and eleven respectively.

Heather and Gabrielle had also stuck it out and married. With Heather having recently retired from professional Quidditch, Gabrielle was expecting their first child a short six months from now.

He and Ginny, of course had Samantha and Natalia. And they had adopted five more girls; Micha, age fifteen, Stephanie, age thirteen, Courtney, age nine and twins Mackenzie and Ashlyn age six.

And last because he was the reason they were all gathered today was George; now married to Quade. Exactly one year ago today a single drop of blood had dropped from Natalia's finger to her tongue. Quade had fallen unconscious not a second later. She had spent a month slipping in and out of consciousness while the two poisons had warred in her veins. The services of Dr. Pell had been required again. The Lady of the Lake had sat by her side and held her hand the entire time. When the battle had finally broken and Quade emerged again, she was as Ginny was. She craved fruit and vegetables, gagged at even a hint of blood or meat and was a rather powerful—though not as powerful as Ginny—sorceress. Two months out of bed found her pregnant with her and George's first child. Nine whirlwind months and one wedding later and they were all here; waiting for the birthing healer to bring the newest addition to the family out for inspection.

Harry settled his eyes on Natalia. "Can you believe she's about to become a godmother?" he whispered.

Ginny shook her head. "I'll tell you something else you won't believe." Harry tipped his head on her shoulder and she turned enough so she could see him. "Oh?" he asked.

She smiled spectacularly. "She's about to become a big sister again." Harry's eyes widened. "I'm late; two months now," she whispered. "That's why I saw the healer yesterday."

"You're serious?"

Ginny nodded. "Don't tell. It's not three months yet and I don't want to take anything away from George and Quade today."

Harry forcibly restrained himself and shifted back to just resting his chin on her shoulder. "Have I mentioned you are the most brilliant woman I've ever met?" he whispered.

Ginny giggled. "I like that you knock me up and I'm the one who's brilliant."

"It's still safe for a couple months, isn't it?"

"Harry James Potter. I've just informed you you've managed to knock me up and all you can think about is getting into my knickers."

"All I can think about is getting you somewhere where I can show you how brilliant you are and if they don't get out here with that kid in the next half hour I'm not sure I'll be able to wait any longer before I just drag you away and molest you in every way imaginable."

Ginny turned in his arms and wrapped hers around his neck. "Please tell me that's a promise," she purred.

"On my life," Harry growled as he leaned in to kiss her.


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