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Amberstar: a light brown tabby she-cat with even lighter almost white tabby stripes and white paws. She has dark amber eyes and cares greatly for all cats. KITS: Drizzlelight, Willowfall, Birdstrike.


Shimmerlight: a bright ginger she-cat with ice blue eyes, a white muzzle and white chestfur. Mate: Bluecloud. KITS: Swiftpaw, Hazepaw.

Medicine Cat

Topazmist: a light tabby ginger she-cat with a white muzzle and paws and deep water blue eyes. She is the sister to Squirreltail and Rowanflight.

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Hazepaw: a small pale blue gray tom with steel blue-silver eyes and white flecks through his pelt giving him an ominous glow.


Bluecloud: a large broad shouldered blue tom with large white paws and light blue eyes. Mate: Shimmerlight. KITS: Swiftpaw, Hazepaw.

Whitefog: a smoky white and gray she-cat with dark amber eyes, was Icedapple's sister. KITS: Shinepaw, Spiderpaw, Skyshine. Apprentice: Flowerpaw.

Stoneshine: a large gray tom with thick shaggy fur and amber eyes. Mate: Squirreltail. KITS: Flowerpaw, Mosspaw, Lichenpaw.

Squirreltail: a dark fiery ginger she-cat with bright greenish blue eyes and white chestfur, sister to Rowanflight and Topazmist. Mate: Stoneshine. KITS: Flowerpaw, Mosspaw, Lichenpaw.

Skyshine: a large white tom with gray patches and dark amber eyes. Mate: Willowfall. Apprentice: Mosspaw.

Drizzlelight: a small light brown tabby she-cat with white tabby stripes.

Birdstrike: a large dark gray tom with black tabby stripes and white chest fur and a white muzzle. Apprentice: Linchenpaw.

Lionstreak: a small light ginger tabby tom with darker ginger stripes and white belly fur, light ice blue eyes. Apprentice: Swiftpaw.

Petalblossom: a delicate silver and white tabby she-cat with white paws, a white muzzle and slightly darker silver ripples against her lighter silver pelt.


Flowerpaw: a pale ginger and white patched she-cat with soft green eyes. Mentor: Whitefog.

Mosspaw: a gray and white she-cat with dark blue eyes. Mentor: Skyshine.

Lichenpaw: a black she-cat with long fur, a smushed face and bright green eyes. Mentor: Birdstrike.

Swiftpaw: a dark blue gray tom with a white muzzle and white tail tip. The rest of him is a solid blue-gray color, dark water blue eyes and short white whiskers. Mentor: Lionstreak.


Brightwing: a white and gray she-cat with amber eyes. Mate: Gorsefur. KITS: Petalblossom, Icekit (white tom with blue eyes), Snowkit(white tom with amber eyes).

Willowfall: a small light silver tabby she-cat with darker tabby stripes and light amber eyes. Mate: Skyshine.


Gorsefur: a dark gray and black tabby tom with dark amber eyes. Mate: Brightwing. Former mate: Silverstreak. KITS: Stoneshine, Mosspaw(deceased), Petalblossom, Icekit, Snowkit. Retired when he lost his sight due to the Panic Fever.

Rowanflight: a light ginger tom with lighter ginger stripes and dark water blue eyes. Never was the same after Leopardlight vanished, brother to Squirreltail and Topazmist. Mate: Leopardlight. KITS: Shadowsplash(deceased), Shimmerlight.

Leopardlight: Slender golden, black and brown dappled she-cat with icy blue eyes and white paws. Mate: Rowanflight. KITS: Shimmerlight, Shadowsplash(deceased).

Silverstreak: a slender silver and black streaked she-cat with blue eyes. She has a hard time accepting strange cats and doesn't trust easily. Former mate: Gorsefur. KITS: Stoneshine, Mosspaw(deceased).

Frostflower: a once beautiful pure white she-cat with blue eyes. Was the first cat to greet Leopardlight when she first joined the clan. Shimmersky was the last kit she ever had.

Tansystalk: a sleek black and white tortoishell queen with soft amber eyes and white chest fur. She lost her mate and her entire litter to greencough and adopted Leopardlight's and Rowanflight's kits. Retired after the Panic Fever.



Reedstar: a large and muscular gray tom with a light hint of blue in his pelt. Bright yellow eyes and long tooth like claws.


Mintflower: a sleek black she-cat with blue eyes and a white throat stripe.

Medicine Cat:

Nightswallow: a small black she-cat with blue eyes.


Featherstripe: a gray and black striped tom with amber eyes. Spends a lot of time near the Windclan border.

Pebbleleap: a small blue she-cat with long flowing fur and a white muzzle.

Swirlspots: a cream colored she-cat with soft luminescent amber eyes and paler white markings around her eyes and paws.

Bumblestrike: a large gray and black striped tom with soft green eyes.

Spottedwhisker: a small springy brown tom with bright yellow eyes.

Flameclaw: a dark ginger tom with long fur and amber eyes. Mate: Doveheart.

Galeforce: a young white tom with blue eyes and gray markings around his face.

Shalepelt: a large black she-cat with white paws and blue eyes.

Splashtail: a young ginger and white she-cat with long flowing fur and golden eyes.


Moonpaw: a small white she-cat with gray patches over her haunches and on the sides of her back legs, and within the gray patches are dark black stripes. Striking green eyes and delicate pink pads on her paws and a tiny pink nose.

Foampaw: a blue and white patched she-cat with amber eyes.

Lightpaw: a white tom with amber eyes.

Driftpaw: a black she-cat with yellow green eyes.


Foxstreak: a ginger she-cat with a white throat and white belly fur and silver eyes. Former mate: Featherstripe. KITS: Leafkit.

Doveheart: a gray and white she-cat with amber eyes. Mate: Flameclaw. KITS: Blazekit, Emberkit, Scorchkit.

Shadefoot: a smokey black she-cat with green eyes. Mate: Unknown. KITS: None

An ominous dark moon hung high in the sky, the night was cloudless and there was no wind to utter a sound. It was quiet, too quiet. In the shadows moved a figure, a large dark tom, the lightless night casting a darker shadow over him, making it almost impossible for him to be spotted.

He moved quickly and carefully, silent as the world around him, his experience allowing him to blend effortlessly into the dark wilderness. He charged on, the quiet bubbling of an approaching stream begins to interrupt the darkness, stopping momentarily at the streambed the tom hesitated for a heartbeat before plunging into the chilly depths.

Strongly he paddled his way across the stream; he pulled his water logged body back out of the stream and back on dry land, continuing his journey.

The tom paced almost madly as he moved into enemy territory, he quickly worked his way through the territory and relief prickled his pelt as he crossed the scent lines, signaling that her had passed through the territory safe and unnoticed. The sickening scent of twolegs filled his nostrils as the tom crept into the concrete jungle of unfamilair territory.

Back at camp a lone figure sat, staring in the direction of the camp entrance, her pelt pricked uneasily at the starless sky and a restless dream plagued her mind. The she-cat stood to her paws as a tom returned to the camp, his familiar scent smelled of crisp water droplets and something else, something strange.

The tom padded straight toward the she-cat his yellow eyes glinting in the darkness, something dangled from his jaws. As he reached the she-cat he carefully placed the bundle on the ground, between his forepaws, he leaned protectively over his prize.

Before speaking he simply cleared his throat "Nightswallow" he began, "What are you doing out and about at this time of night?"

The black she-cat thought carefully before she spoke "I could ask the same of you, Reedstar"

The light gray almost blue tom snorted at her response, "Must the clan leader explain his actions?"

"You should always consult me when your mind is troubled" Nightswallow meowed quietly "I am your medicine cat" she continued, carefully taking a step toward him.

Reedstar tried to take a step back but refused to move away from his precious bundle "Medicine cat" he scoffed "What good are you when starclan has turned their backs on us"

Nightswallow frowned at her leader's words, but did not act surprised, this is not the first time she had heard him speak such things.

"Starclan has not turned away from us" she cautioned quietly, as not to awake any of their clanmates.

"Of course they have" Reedstar argued, he pointed toward the sky with his tail "Look to silverpelt, there are no stars. The sky is dark and the night is cold, our ancestors have betrayed us" as he rasied his voice a tiny squeak came from between his paws.

Nightflower tilted her ears towards the sound "Reedstar what is that?" she asked, taking a step forward to investigate.

Reedstar back away quickly, taking the wailing bundle with him.

"Is that a kit?" Nightswallow asked "Where did you get her?"

"It does not matter, do not ask this of me" Reedstar demanded before soothing the small white and gray patched she-kit, "She is mine now, my daughter "he murmured quietly.

An eerie feeling crept through Nightswallow's pelt but she did not dare speak.

"Her name will be Moonkit for the moon is the only light we can trust"

Nightswallow shook her head angrily "Reedstar you are wrong, our ancestors have not betrayed us"

"Haven't they?" he spat, "Why were you out here? Hiding from another night of restless dreams, desperately searching for answers, for a reason to their silence?" he demanded "I'll tell you the reason, they have abandoned us"

Reedstar looked up at the sky, his yellow eyes blazing "They took my only kit from me; Mothpetal deserved a better life than she was given. I will never forgive them and I will never forgive Thunderclan" he slowly lowered his head, meeting Nightswallow's shocked gaze "The only real things in this world are life and death, blood and pain. You will soon realize what I know and you would do well to forget starclan, your faith will only bring you sorrow"

Without another word he lifted the small kit in his jaws and headed to his den.

Nightswallow desperately looked to the sky, willing and praying for some sign of hope. Suddenly the sky grew dark, blocking out the light of the moon and Nightswallow found herself struggling to breath as the sign overwhelmed her.

Then within a heart beat the moon was once again bright and the sky once again cloudless, Nightswallow breathed a sigh of relief and smiled up at the sky as the star slowly began to re appear.

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