The sound of the swings screeching filled the air, as a young boy with fuzzy orange hair swung back and forth.

Back and forth he swung causing the screeching chains to whistle out loudly.

The sky was gray and the forest was pale, as for the little boy he looked fair and innocent.

Peachy vibrant skin and radiant orange hair which danced wildly as the cold wind bristled and howled.

Deep brown eyes stared up at the sky, a small smile was played on his delicate face.

Going back and forth, he swore he thought he saw something in the trees.

It looked almost as if someone was hanged, but it was too high up to see.

A sudden push caught the boy from surprise, making him gasp before screaming with glee.

"I'm glad you like the new house already!" his father said with a warming smile.

His son giggled and jumped off the swing.

"I do papa, I do!" he said happily as he ran around him.

His father laughed and then paused as he watched his wife slowly walk past him without a word.

Isshin slightly frowned before he looked at his happy son.

His son was staring at his mother, she was reading her precious black book again.

"Papa why don't you like mama reading books?" he asked sweetly.

"Books aren't the problem my son, I just don't like that book in particular." Isshin responded quite frankly.

Thunder almost instantly crashed and the little boy screamed hugging his father in fear as he looked up to the angry sky.

"Ichigo, now-now it's only thunder..." he said halfheartedly when lightning struck. "Yikes and lightning!" he yelled as he quickly took his son inside.

His son laughed as his father was afraid of lightning, but not the noisy thunder.

Isshin smiled back down and then paused as he looked at his wife, she was drinking milk from the carton which was very strange since she didn't like to do that.

The woman drank and drank the full carton down and then paused once it was empty.

Isshin felt very uneasy watching his beautiful wife, Ichigo didn't utter a word as he watched his mother.

"Ma-Masaki?" Isshin asked sounding a bit weary.

The woman soon began to spew back the drink, little by little almost as if she was going in reverse.

Isshin watched as she refilled the carton back with milk.

Ichigo watched and then looked at his father in confusion as Masaki slowly walked past the two.

"Papa, what's wrong with Mama?" asked Ichigo.

The man released his breath before looking down at his son.

"I... don't know..." he responded as thunder crashed yet again.

Ichigo gasped causing his own father to do the same till his son jumped into his arms.

"I know... how about some music!" Isshin said nervously as he picked up his son and took him towards the living room.

Medical masks and other medical utensils were all around the place, however Isshin ignored it as he placed his son on the couch and turned on the radio.

Ichigo smile soon faded as he looked at the medical tools and then back at his father.

Isshin was making sure everything was in check as he locked the front door and then tugged twice on the locked trap door for the basement.

Covering it up with a rug he caught Ichigo's expression and also frowned as he looked at the medical tools.

Neither one noticed a figure at the window.

"Don't worry, your mother will get better soon." he assured his son when all of a sudden the radio began to buzz and repeat itself.

Ichigo watched it and looked at his father.

Isshin too had been staring at it.

It had been playing Bang Bang -My Baby Shot Me Down by Nancy Sinatra, but now it was stuck on replaying 'Shot me' over and over again.

"Papa..?" Ichigo asked causing his father to nervously fiddle with the radio.

"Shot me, shot me, shot me, shot me, shot me-" the radio continued as the man tried to stop it.

The radio buzzed loudly before making some inhumane screech.

Ichigo covered his ears and his father slammed his fist into the radio before it suddenly turned off alongside with all of the lights.

Ichigo screamed as there was a loud sound in the room; running towards his father, lightning struck and the lights went all on and everything was a mess.

Isshin stared left and right at everything that was out of place, Masaki stared at him from the stairs before slowly going up.

"Masaki!" Isshin called before looking down at Ichigo. "Stay put." he directed.

"But papa..." Ichigo complained.

"Stay." he said causing Ichigo to climb under the table.

Isshin stood up to go after his wife and Ichigo pouted looking rather afraid.

Thunder crashed again and the child jumped before climbing out of under the table and into the kitchen.

The kitchen was just as much as a mess as the living room and Ichigo frowned.

Taking a step forward, he stopped when he saw his mothers book on the table.

A small smile appeared over his face and the bouncing boy was over the table and opening it right where it was book marked.

The pictures were strange and they looked scary, turning the page he suddenly found the pages blank.

The young boy tilted his head before words began to appear, gasping in surprise the boy stared at the words.

'Hello.' it read causing the boy to smile.

The words were written like chicken scratch and yet it was still very readable.

Looking back and forth for something to write with, the ginger instantly saw a pen on the table as if it was destiny.

'Hi, I'm Ichigo. what's your name.' the boy wrote down seeming a bit giddy though his hand writing was terrible.

'Hello Ichigo. I have no name and I have no friends.' the book wrote back making Ichigo sad.

'I can be your friend.' Ichigo wrote back.

'PROVE IT.' the book suddenly wrote with big words.

Ichigo turned his head in confusion.

"How?" he asked out loud looking a bit upset when a crow slammed into the window.

The boy jumped as he saw the crow, it was black as night and yet it looked as though it had no eyes.

Frowning a bit, the boy looked back at the book and stared as lightning struck.

'Do exactly what I say and we will be the best of friends.' it wrote back even without Ichigo writing down anything.

Isshin rubbed his temples seeming rather exhausted as he closed his door and opened another one right next door; his darling daughters were still taking a nap and it caused Isshin to slightly smile.

A sudden shriek caused the man to jump, it sounded like Masaki.

Looking back at the door, he found it wide open and yet the sound came from downstairs.

Running down the stairs and towards the Kitchen, the man stared in shock as he saw Masaki tearing up her beloved book.

Ichigo was crying under the table as his mother went crazy on the book tearing up each page like a monster.

"I'm sorry." Ichigo cried.

Isshin instantly ran over and grabbed his wife by behind.

"Masaki, Masaki calm down." he begged her as she struggled like a mental person.

"NO! NO!" she screamed.

Ichigo covered his ears as tears went down his face and Isshin was quick to pull out a sedative from his pocket.

Sedating his wife, the woman slowly calmed down.

"Shhh... it's alright. I'm here." Isshin said before looking at Ichigo.

"I didn't mean it..." he sobbed.

"Ichigo." he said sternly. "Come here."

The boy was a bit hesitant, but came out of under the table.

Isshin's eyes widened and the multiple scars which ran down the boys arm.

"Who did that to you?" he asked grabbing his son's arm with his free one.

"He did." Ichigo pointed out at the wall.

Isshin paused and stared as the wall started to creak and crack making a horrible sound like gargling alongside the sound of moving tiles.

"What the hell is this?" he asked as he watched it form words.

'Welcome to Hell' it read within the cracks.

The man shook his head as the information slowly sank in.

A siren went off and Isshin pulled his son and wife close.

"The hell is that, we're no where near the town!" Isshin said.

"This isn't him." Ichigo said.

"What isn't who?" Isshin asked.

"This is something else, he doesn't want to hurt me." Ichigo explained.

Isshin looked at his son.

"What did you do?" he asked.

"I-?" the boy stuttered for a moment before backing away with a yelp.

Isshin watched his son and then paused as he looked down at his beloved wife.

Black eyes with white irises stared back at him, black smoke puffed out of her breath as the room became strangely cold.

"Issshiiiin..." she hissed as her bones began to crackle.

"No, no, not again!" Isshin cried as her body soon began to crack in different places.

Masaki screamed as her arm twisted inhumanely the opposite way, Isshin did everything he could to keep her straight. Holding her down, Ichigo stared in pure horror.

"Ahhhh!" she screeched and then howled inhumanely.

"Ichigo go to your sisters room!" Isshin directed.

Ichigo just stood there with his eyes widening.

"Go!" Isshin screamed as blood began to gush out of Masaki's mouth.

Blood gushed and oozed as she spewed it all unto Isshin face and chest.

Tears slowly fell down the petrified child as he slowly backed out of the kitchen.

Taking in quick short breaths, the boy was trembling as blood continued to go down his arms.

The cackling sound only increased and so did the child's heart beat as he watched his beloved mother begin to reshape into some sort of inhumane creature.

Sniveling a bit, the boy stopped backing up when his back pressed against something wet.

The boy slowly began to turn around.

A large pale man stood before him, he smelt rotten, he looked decayed. His bare body was strangely wet, barbed wires covered his face while his damp blood filled hair was a mess.

Next to him was a smaller man, very similar but his face was missing; his head was still in contact, but the insides of the man's face can be seen.

Another one was a woman, she has her eyes and lips stitched up together. her arms were also stitched together and her neck was broken.

Another man had his mouth open, he was completely missing skin and his eyeballs were popped out of his skull; he stared at Ichigo with a menacing look.

Another was hanged and another had her bones broken in many places.

Two were attached to each other in a very creepy way and others just decorated the stairs.

The lock towards the basement's trap door was unlocked and the door was open wide with even more people peaking out at Ichigo.

"...P-Papa..." Ichigo whispered slightly whimpering as he looked back. "Why do we have company?"

Upon looking back at his father, Ichigo's jaw dropped.

Masaki was moaning abnormally almost as if something was possessing her and Isshin was trying to keep her in one piece.

Her neck suddenly snapped and her face turned towards Isshin with a gruesome grin.

"Isssshiiiiin..." she said in a sweet voice. "GO TO HELL!" she suddenly screeched with a dark voice as she scratched Isshin across his eye.

Silent tears fell down the boys face and just before he could scream, his body was suddenly thrown to the floor before one of the men began to drag him towards the basement.

"PAPA, MAMA!" Ichigo screamed.

Masaki just inhumanely turned her head and Isshin screamed at the view he saw.

"Ichigo!" he screamed.

"PAPA!" Ichigo called back scratching the floor as he was literally pulled in the basement.

The lights went off and the sounds of a little boy squealing could be herd within the roars of thunder.

It was too dark to see anything, however the sounds of screams were enough to make anyone panic.

Lightning flashed and Isshin was surrounded by the dead, his wife was no where to be seen and nor his children.

The lights slowly fade as the lightning dims out, Isshin's face looked terrified before all the lights were completely out again.

Another howling shrieked came from the basement and lightning flashed again to reveal that nobody, not even Isshin was there...