"I'm telling you, the guys an ass... the only thing he did at the restaurant was glare at me. It was annoying as hell!" Grimmjow said as he walked around his room.

keeping his cellphone at the base of his neck, the blunet undressed himself for bed.

"He's probably homesick..." responded Szayel on the other line.

"I don't care, that doesn't give him a rats ass to be an asshat!" Grimmjow grunted as he took off his shirt and stared out his window.

"Don't be like that... You really should consider giving him another chance." the teen said and yet Grimmjow wasn't listening.

Staring out his window, he caught sight of the ginger. His radiant short hair danced in the wind as the teen looked as though he was about to close the window.

His luminous silky skin glistened causing Grimmjow to slightly clench his teeth; he's seen hot girls, however his peachy skin seemed more apealing than Rangiku the most beautiful girl in school.

He wore a plane large t shirt which hung loose on his frame and seemed to keep falling off his shoulders, he had no idea that the blunet was watching him.

Putting things away, the teen bent under the bed wearing black boxer briefs which showed off his rear end pretty nicely.

"Grimmjow... oh Grimmjow?" Szayel said snapping the blunet out of his daydream.

"Huh?" the blunet muttered.

"Honestly if your exhausted we could talk in the morning." the other teen suggested.

"No-no it's not that... I was just... Distracted..." Grimmjow responded watching the lights go out.

"Well Mr. Sensitive, It's pretty late and we both got a few exams coming up." Szayel explained.

Grimmjow just sighed and was about to turn when he saw something. Behind the curtains, stood a figure; it didn't move as it was facing his way.

"Yeah... I guess your right..." Grimmjow said before closing his curtains.

A slam of a book causing the blunet to jump in his seat as the pink haired teen sat on his friends desk.

"I'm in such a bad mood right now." he said out loud causing the tattooed red head to groan.

"What happened..." Grimmjow said rolling his eyes.

"What happened? I'm amazed you didn't notice what had happened next door." he said as he pushed his glasses up.

Grimmjow scowled as he looked at him.

"Well I don't know, what happened?" he asked again this time more agitated.

"Well Mr. I-want-to-demand-my-way-like-a-spoiled-brat, I thought I heard loud whistling in the middle of the night." he started as Grimmjow made a small comment about being called a brat.

"Drama-queen" he mumbled.

"It was about three o clock a.m when I saw a flash of light out the window. I thought it was lightning, but when it flashed again I peeked out my window to see what was going on." The pink haired teen continued getting his friends slightly interested.

"What did you see?" asked Renji a bit exaggerated.

"Oh, now your interested. I saw the Kurosaki's residents with all of the lights in the house on." Szayel said.

"What's so bothersome about that?" Nnoitra asked slightly annoyed.

"Well the lights didn't really bother me, it was the mere fact that somebody was flashing all of the lights on and off at the same time; it was really creepy to see, I thought they were only two people?" he continued.

"They are two..." Grimmjow said slightly confused.

"I seriously doubt it... I was sleeping in the living room so I have a perfect view of our neighbors kitchen. I saw somebody that looked quite disturbing just sitting there. I watched him for a long time and yet he didn't move, he just sat there facing the door."

All of the boys looked at Szayel as if he was missing a few screws, however they knew there friend very well. Szayel did not make up things and was one of the smartest kids in school.

"I watched him for about a few minutes and then I went to bed, I couldn't sleep very well and so I got up again at 3:33 and I noticed that there was some light in my face. I looked out the window and that guy was at his own window staring straight at me." he finished looking from the floor at his friends.

They all had eyes as large as saucers and then it hit the blunet all at once when he remembered seeing someone at the ginger's window earlier that night.

The bell rung and all four boys jumped surprised at the sound.

"Shit." Nnoitra muttered.

"I'll tell you the rest after." Szayel said as he scooted off the desk and back into his own desk as the teacher walked in.

"Good morning class, how interesting to see that everybody is here today... Mr. Gilga." Mr. Kuchiki said before coughing to clear up his throat.

Nnoitra slightly growled beneath his breath, how he hated this teacher; he was the only one slumped in his chair, everyone else was sitting correctly.

"I amazed your not skipping... also Mr. Jeagerjaquez, I'm almost pleased that you showed up even after your little dinner." the man said as he walked around desks.

Grimmjow gritted his teeth, how he hated how Byakuya Kuchiki taunted him and his friends.

Everyone in the school had to respect Mr. Kuchiki, it was either you were a goody too-shoe and was liked or was always in detention because he didn't like you.

"But then again... Your father was never really appropriate, so I guess you can't blame the child." he continued walking back to his desk.

"Back off!" Grimmjow finally snapped loosing his cool.

The teacher stopped dead in his tracks before swaying his hair to the side all the teens slightly gasped towards Grimmjows outburst.

"Mr. Jeagerjaquez... you have lunch detention, you know very well that I don't approve of your little outbursts." he said with a sigh. "but than again you can't blame the chip off the old block..."

Grimmjow clenched his fists and Szayel almost instantly took hold of his hand to calm him down. The blunet grunted before snatching his hand back and facing down at his desk.

"As for the announcements, we have a new student... I know this doesn't normally happen, however he was originally from Karakura town. Class please by all means introduce yourself to Kurosaki Ichigo." Mr. Kuchiki said.

Ichigo almost instantly walked in the room looking even more exotic than the day before, the whole class was shocked; his appearance rivaled the science teacher Mayuri Kurostuchi only strangely attractive.

Byakuya raised his eyebrow as the boy was not only out of uniform, but he looked as though he had came from an emo wonderland.

A blood red ribbon was tied around his neck, he had two different designed sleeves one was black and white striped and the other was black with white poke a dots; both sleeves stopped midway showing off his bare shoulders.

His zipper like hoody- vest was black and tight with crazy red designs, however the bottom was slightly opened showing off a bit of his pierced belly button.

His black capris was the only thing normal despite the white and black striped straps that hung loose. His converse were black red and white and his socks matched his sleeves just on the opposite side.

However despite the crazy design his face was most definitely his greatest shocker, he already had exotic orange hair which stuck out from his red, black and white outfit. Yet his face was outlined with black ink.

An upside down heart was done in black over his left eye while his bottom lip was done in black. His right side of his face only had a few piercing above the eye but that was it.

Bells hung around his wrist, at the end of his ribbon and as well as a few was in his hair seeing as though it was pulled back into a pony tail.

One of the guys whistled as Byakuya shook his head.

"Where is your school uniform?" he demanded.

"I won't be having it till next week, we're still unpacking and my father doesn't have the time to go shopping." Ichigo explained.

Byakuya snorted before waving him off.

The carrot top almost instantly began to walk towards an empty desk by the window and right next to Grimmjow his dinner partner.

"Of course... Your father was always a very lazy man, why should I expect anything less of him after all these years." he said causing Ichigo to stop dead in his tracks.

The class all went silent towards the red heads actions.

"What did you say?" Ichigo said turning back keeping a death glare locked onto the teacher.

"I see your just as hot headed as well... sit down and turn to chapter fifteen in your text books." he continued.

Ichigo clenched his teeth and was about to say something when he heard a whisper.

'He's a hypocrite, he too was a hot head... your father used to bully him. He's still holding grudge especially now that his wife had past away...' hissed the voice making Ichigo feel chills.

"After class Kurosaki, we will be talking about your unrealistic hair color." he continued causing Ichigo to clench his fists.

"My hair color is more realistic than your personality!" he suddenly snapped as his eyes glowed an almost gold in color.

Everyone snapped there heads to look at him in shock.

"Calling me a hot head, well I guess I'm not the only one around here. Looks like somebody couldn't keep his temper around his bullies." he continued causing even Byakuya to stop and stare at him in shock.

"What's wrong, cat got your tongue or is it the mere fact that most of our parents used to bully you so now you want to get revenge on us?" Ichigo continued sounding a bit out of character as the class all gasped.

"Grow up, drop your grudge and try to at least waist your time doing something else instead of moping for the one you lost." he finally finished yelling and found himself panting.

The class was silent for a long awkward moment, Ichigo's gold eyes soon went brown and yet his scowl didn't change.

Mr. Kuchiki was quite for a long time before he stood up and just walked out of the room.

Ichigo slowly sank into his chair as the whole class began to conversant among themselves. Ichigo felt bad, he didn't mean to say anything like that; it was almost as if he couldn't control himself.

Laying his head on the table, he ignored Grimmjows glances and Nnoitra's chuckles

"Alright, as a project we will all be getting into pairs; you may all choose who you want to be with and for the next couple days you will have time to complete the experiment." said the odd teacher as he watched his computer.

Mr. Kurotsuchi barely looks at the students and yet he knew what each and everyone of them did better than those who kept there eyes on them.

Rangiku squealed as she squeezed Grimmjow.

"Looks like we're going to be partners!" she said with a wide grin.

Grimmjow slightly grinned as his face was stuck against the soft skin of her bosom, but then paused as he watched how everyone was avoiding the new carrot top.

Flash back...

"I want you to take good care of him Grim, his father and I were the best of friends since we were four. I know he seems aggressive, but give him a chance." His father said as Grimmjow was about to walk out for school.

"He's just like you in a way, I want you to take care of him like a little brother..." he continued looking rather upset as he watched out the window.

End flash back...

It's been years since Grimmjow had seen his father happy and yet despite his relationship with his father, he really did want to see him smile more often.

"Eh, sorry Rangiku. Not this time." he said making her stare in shock.

"What? No one ever says no to me!" she said slightly bouncing her boobs as she whined.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes at her comment, but then looked at her pouty face.

"Well I'm sure there's a full line waiting for you, you should just ask someone else." he said as he walked past her towards the carrot top.

"Hey Ichi, ya wanna do the project with me?" Grimmjow asked the sleeping teen.

"No." he responded.

"Well too bad cause your going to." Grimmjow responded causing the red head to lift up from his desk.

"Who da hell died and made you king?" Ichigo asked.

"Well we can do this two ways, you can do it with me somebody who lives right by you or you can do it with some stranger." Grimmjow snapped back pretty quickly.

"cock-sucking bastard!" Ichigo retorted as he sat back in his chair.

"Your lucky it's not yours." Grimmjow chuckled causing the red head to blush.

"What did you say?" Ichigo asked when suddenly the window cracked causing both boys to jump.

"What the hell?" Grimmjow asked as the wind howled loudly.

The whistles sounded oddly familiar and Ichigo slightly sank in his chair feeling slightly nauseous. Looking outside, Ichigo felt awkward as he watched the untouched swings slowly begin to swing by themselves.

Releasing the breath he was holding, a puff of smoke came out of his breath.

"Are you alright Ichi?" asked Grimmjow.

Ichigo frowned as he looked back at Grimmjow, scared gold eyes suddenly widened in fear as Grimmjow looked decayed and covered in blood.

The class room was all a mess and shelves were all broken as blood covered everything. Ichigo's jaw slightly dropped as the students were lying all over the place with limbs amputated and body parts cut up.

Gasping the boy backed up against the wall and his eyes became brown again.

"Ichi?" Grimmjow asked again sounding a bit concerned.

Ichigo closed looked at him again and he looked fine, not cuts no bruises and all in one piece. Glancing back and forth, people were giving him weird looks; everything looked as though nothing had happened.

"I'm... fine..." Ichigo finally said catching his breath.

Grimmjow watched him for a brief moment, he could have sworn that he saw his eyes go from brown to gold and then brown again. It was really creepy and yet he kind of liked the color change.

"What ever you say..." he responded.

Sitting down at lunch, Ichigo sat in lunch detention thanks to his conversation with Mr. Kuchiki; again he wasn't eating. Grimmjow watched this and frowned as he sat down right next to him.

"I see you don't like to eat, do you?" Grimmjow commented.

Ichigo scowled and then sighed as he turned off his cellphone.

"Why are you bothering me?" Ichigo said as he snapped his cellphone close with a quick flick.

Grimmjow smirked.

"Why shouldn't I, your fun and easy to piss off." Grimmjow said as he sat down.

"Sure... I bet you are the coolest guy in school, with top best friends the rest just friends and then lots of admirers just wanting to make daddy proud... Well I'm not buying it." Ichigo said being straight up flat.

"I don't care who says what, I hate people who want to hang with me just because their told to." Ichigo continued as he gave Grimmjow a cold glare.

Grimmjow just whistled and then gave a toothy grin.

"Your pretty scary, I'm impressed that you can read me like an open book... but you kind a missed the point where I don't hang out with people cause they tell me too, I do it cause I'm interested." He responded.

Ichigo didn't look as though he was buying it, however Grimmjow didn't seem to care. Taking a bight out of his sandwich, Ichigo rolled his eyes.

Shinji hasn't text him for almost a week now and it was worrying him, closing his eyes he recalled how his friend actually showed up in the end to say goodbye and yet he didn't really get to say goodbye.

A loud crash suddenly brought Ichigo back to his senses. Food and cold drinks all fell onto his shirt as a few people laughed.

"Whoops, clumsy me... I am sooo sorry." The busty blonde said in an exaggerated manner causing Ichigo to frown and shake in anger.

Yes he was gay and it was for a good reason too, he was a really pretty guy and girls were often jealous of him. After being mistreated by so many and being called a pansy every so often, he just let himself go.

He never told his dad though, he already had way too many problems then to just tell him that.

"Dirty-slut..." Ichigo said coldly with gold eyes.

"Excuse me, say that again." Rangiku demanded suddenly shocked at the guys reaction.

Grimmjow was also pretty shocked; most guys got mad, but after seeing rangiku they normally jump to her feet and yet this guy actually told her off.

"Don't think I'm dumb, your still hot from Grimmjow rejecting you. Well guess what, get over it; being rejected is part of growing up and between you and me, we both know that your the queen of rejection." he said his eyes going from gold to brown again.

Rangiku stared at him for a while and all the boys in the lunch room stood up in rage, Ichigo did not back down as he kept his face fixated on Rangiku.

"Hey, hey guys calm down." Grimmjow said standing up for Ichigo.

"You should be more respectful!" said Rukia getting face to face with Ichigo.

The carrot top raised an eyebrow at the half seize girl, out of all the guys in the cafeteria she was the only one with the guts to come to his face.

"Come again." Ichigo said in annoyance.

"You heard me; you might scare a lot of people, but you don't scare me. Just cause people make you mad doesn't give you a reason to be disrespectful!" she continued.

"Whats your name?" Ichigo suddenly asked.

Rukia paused in shock and then folded her arms across her chest.

"Rukia Kuchiki." she said angrily.

"Ichigo Kurosaki." he responded back.

Everyone was just plain quite in the room, that was the most strangest introduction anyone has ever seen. Grimmjow was quite and then he suddenly laughed out loud, this ginger was truly insane and something they needed.

He was indeed scary in some ways, however he was new; it made the boring every day routines become more adventurous and well he wanted to know more about him.

Rukia just looked at Ichigo curiously and then grunted as she hid her blush, she couldn't believe that he had tricked her into introducing herself and yet... She didn't think he was half bad.

Ichigo just watched her and scowled at Grimmjow.

"What's so funny blue-berry?" Ichigo asked.

"Say's the strawberry, you are what's funny." Grimmjow said causing everyone to settle down, including Rangiku was bewildered.

"Hilarious..." Ichigo grunted.

A loud screeching sound suddenly caused everyone in the lunch room to cover their ears, the whole cafeteria became quite and the sound stopped.

A scream caused everybody to panic as many people ran over to aid the scream.

"Orihime!" called out one of the girls.

The group of students all ran towards the next door auditorium to see words scratched onto the large drawing bored. Ichigo's eyes widened at the words: WELCOME HOME.