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One Night Stand

Chapter One - "The Morning After"

Set after Kevin's and Jenny's wedding.

Her father was oversleeping again. It was almost 2pm by now. She had already done her laundry, had cooked lunch and had called Claire. Now she was finally tired of waiting for her father to wake up.

She went downstairs and entered her father's bedroom. When she saw he was not alone she rolled her eyes. Where the hell had he picked up the bimbo? He had been to Ryan's Wedding for god's sake! Well, he clearly had found one.
When she took a closer look she stared in shock and gasped. "Oh my god," she whispered half excited, half in shock. This wasn't just some random bimbo, this was Kate freaking Beckett!

She took her cellphone out of her pocket and took a photo. Lanie's gonna love that, she thought. She decided to leave again. She would make some coffee and wake them up after. It would be funny to see their reactions.

She looked around in the room. Clothes were shattered all around the room. Kate's dress, her father's tuxedo, Kate's... oh, underwear.

She sighed and went into the living room again. She closed the door to the bedroom and went to the kitchen to make some coffee.

The door cracked open and Martha entered the loft. "Good morning, Kiddo!" she said as soon as she saw her granddaughter.

"Hey Grams!"

"Where is your father?"

"In his bedroom, sleeping like a baby," Alexis replied with a bright smirk.

"Oh, what makes you smile like that?"

"He's not alone."

"Oh!" Martha sat down and watched her granddaughter closely. "And that makes you happy, because?"

"It's Kate."

"As in Katherine Beckett? Detective Katherine Beckett?"


"No way!"

Alexis took out her cellphone and showed her the picture.

They were both more than excited about the news.

"Are we going to wake them up?" Martha asked with a smirk.

"I just wanted to do that. With coffee. Should work best."

"Okay. Leave the door open, will you?"

"Sure." Alexis grabbed the two cups of coffee and went to wake her dad and the lovely lady Detective.

She sat the two coffee mugs down and watched her father and the Detective snuggling with each other. She smiled. Normally she hated it when she saw the bimbos he brought home, but this was Kate. Kate Beckett! Her father had been in love with her since three years and now he finally ended up in bed with her. It was a start, at least.

"Dad? Dad, wake up," she said rather loudly.

Her father moved closer to Kate. While doing this, the blanket moved and revealed a half naked Kate.

Alexis groaned. This was something she didn't want to see. "Dad!"

Rick sat up straight in his bed. "A-Alexis?!"

"Yeah, good morning, dad. It's already after 2pm. I made you both some coffee." She pointed towards the nightstand. "Good luck," she mouthed and pointed towards Kate, then left the room.

Rick watched his daughter leave his bedroom before he let himself fall back into the pillows. He looked at the woman who lay right beside him. The long brown curls, the slender figure. God, she was beautiful. As beautiful as a certain Detective he followed around and fell in love with.

His head hurt. Too much alcohol last night, he thought. He had had some drinks with Kate. He remembered. They had been drunk. They had kissed. They had taken a cab together... to the loft. He gulped. She had come up with him...

He risked a closer look at the woman. Kate. It was her! And as it seemed, from what naked skin he could see, she was completely naked and that meant... they had had sex! He groaned. Sure, he probably had loved it. If only he could remember! He should wake her up. But first, he had to prepare himself for that. He grabbed one mug with the steaming hot liquid and took a few sips.

"That coffee?" a sleepy Kate asked.

"Mmhh, there's one for you as well," he replied.

"Good," she mumbled and turned around. She snuggled closer to him. When she opened her eyes she literally jumped. "Castle?!"

"Morning," he said with a huge grin as he saw the naked Detective in front of him.

Kate looked down at herself and quickly put the blanket around herself. "What... oh god... we haven't slept with each other, have we?" she groaned.

"Well, we're both naked, so... I think we did."

Kate sat down on the bed. "God, I must have been really drunk."

"Yes, we both were drunk. I don't remember a thing. The last thing I can remember is us kissing in the elevator. And man, you can kiss," he said with a grin.

Kate rolled her eyes. "Can we... can we forget about this? Last night?"

"Well, I certainly don't remember a thing, but I don't want to forget about anything else."

Kate groaned. "Castle, this never should have happened!"

"Fine. You just wanna run out? No coffee first?"

She rolled her eyes again but took the mug from him. "Thanks."

"Always, Kate."

She took a few sips and closed her eyes. Man, that coffee was good!

"Alexis saw you."

"What?!" She nearly spilled her coffee.

"She brought the coffee."

"She what?" Kate yelled. "Hell, no... "


"This is all your fault, Castle! You made me dance with you and got me drunk!"

"Wow, what? Oh no Kate! You wanted to dance all the time. Javier asked you to dance with him but you refused and took me to the dance floor again. We were sitting at the bar and you kissed me. Out of nowhere!"

"Yeah sure," she snorted.

"Yes! Ask Javier! He saw it. Damn, everybody saw that!"

"No," Kate groaned.

"So, can you calm down again? Just because we slept with each other, that doesn't mean the end of the world."

She nodded slowly. Suddenly her eyes went wide. "Did we... did we use protection?"


"I... I'm not sure... "


"Whoa, calm down. I hope you weren't that loud last night."


Rick put his mug down on the nightstand and checked the drawer where he kept his condoms. Oh oh, not good. The package was unopened. They did not use protection last night. He sighed. "Uh Kate... " He turned to face the Detective, naked Detective, sitting on his bed. "We um... we didn't use protection."


"Aren't you taking the pill?"

"No. Why should I? I wasn't having sex at all!" she sobbed and let herself fall into the pillows.

He moved towards her and tried to touch her friendly, but she scared him off with just one look.

"Kate... "

"Don't! Just don't!"

"I'm sorry, okay?"

"No! It's not okay! I... I should go home now. And forget about this. We will forget about this."



"You can shower first, if you want to. I'm sure Alexis can borrow you some clothes."

"Thanks, but no thanks."

"Come on Kate."

"You just want to see me naked again! I will go home. Now!" She rose from the bed and shot him a look. "Turn around."


"Don't ask. Just turn around."

"Fine." He turned around and waited.

Kate gathered up her clothes and dressed as fast as she could.

"I'm dressed. You can move again."

"Great." He rose from the bed.

"Castle... " she groaned and covered her eyes with her hand.

Right, he was naked as well. He just grinned and went into his dress room. He got himself underwear and a night-robe and came back. When he came back Kate was still standing in his bedroom.

"Your mother and daughter are out there. Waiting. For... "

"I didn't ask."

She shot him a look.

"Walk of shame. Who cares?"

"I do?"

"They won't eat you alive."

"I know. It's just embarrassing."

Now it was Rick's turn to roll his eyes. He walked straight to the door and opened it. His mother and daughter were sitting on the couch and smiling at him. Or them.

"Morning mother."

"Good morning, son! Where's Katherine?"

He heard Kate sucking her breath. "Um... give her a minute. She's um... dressing... "

"Sure. We'll be in the kitchen if you need us?"

"Thank you, mother."

"Mmhh. Hope you two had fun last night," she said with a smirk.

Alexis and Rick groaned.

"Grams, that's more than I ever want to know," she said and went to the kitchen.

Rick mouthed a silent 'thank you' to his daughter and went back to his bedroom. He closed the door and looked at Kate who was sitting on his bed. "See? They're more than happy about us."

"There is no us!"

"Kate," he groaned, "come on. They will just wanna hug you. My mother is delighted that I had sex with you!"

Kate covered her ears. "I don't want to hear anything about that anymore! I will go home now. And we won't talk about that anymore." She rose from the bed and went to face Martha and Alexis. She didn't even try to go to the door. Martha saw her as soon as she stepped out of her son's bedroom.

"Darling, how nice to see you!" she said and pulled her into a hug.

"Hi Martha," Kate replied.

"How was last night?" the older woman whispered.

Kate was shocked. She didn't just ask her how sex with her son was, did she? "I... I can't remember. I'm sorry, I should go home."

"Oh Darling. Richard can drive you home, can't you son?"

"Uh... "

"No, that won't be necessarily. I'll take a cab," Kate said.

"Fine. See you around Darling."

"See you Martha," Kate replied with a smile and left the loft. Standing in the elevator she closed her eyes and groaned. This was enough embarrassment for at least a year. Something like that had never happened to her before. And it won't happen again! Once was already one time too much.

When she arrived at her apartment, she went straight to her bedroom where she stripped herself naked. She filled the bathtub with hot water and added some bubbles with vanilla scent. While the bathtub was filling with water, she went to her kitchen and got herself some wine. Her head still hurt from all the alcohol last night but she didn't care. She just wanted to forget about what had happened.

With the bottle of red wine and a glass she went back to her bathroom. She placed both on a little table beside the tub and went back to her bedroom. She turned on the music. Ordinary World by Duran Duran. The song felt just right to her at the moment.

She went back to her bathroom and stopped the water. Her tub was filled with deliciously warm water. She stepped into it and settled down. The warm water surrounded her body and made her relax. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the song that was playing softly in the background.

What has happened to it all?

Crazy some might say.

Where is the life that I recognize?

Gone away.

But I won't cry for yesterday.

There's an ordinary world,

Somehow I have to find

And, as I try to make my way,

To the ordinary world,

I will learn to survive!

She filled some wine in the glass and took a sip. She relaxed with every breath she took. She took some more sips of her wine. It was just delicious. It made her warm up from the inside, or was that because she thought of Castle and what had happened last night? She slowly began to remember.

She remembered kissing him hard in the elevator. She remembered being pinned to the door by him. She remembered seeing his eyes sparkling with love and her eyes sparkling with love, too. They went to his bedroom. He had pressed her to the wall and kissed her. He had slowly started to undress her. She had worked the buttons on his shirt and had stepped out of her dress. While wrapping her legs around his waist she had lost her six inch high heels. He had kissed her neck, then wandered down to her breasts, kissed her scar and kissed her on the lips again. He had carried her to his bed and laid her down. He had opened her bra and she had taken it off, after that he had kissed her breasts once again, moving down her belly until he reached her waist. He had tugged on her slip. She had smiled at him. He had smiled back and moved the wet slip down her long legs. She had been pulsating between her tights when he slowly moved two fingers inside her. He had played with her until she was groaning and gasping for air. He had rose from the bed, let his boxers fall to the bottom. He had laid down on her, his hands beside her head to put his weight on. She had wrapped her legs around his waist once again, bringing him closer. They had kissed again. She had gasped for air when he slowly pushed into her. Moaning and groaning she had felt him filling her out. He had started moving slowly and she had been in a really delicious arousal. More pleasure than she ever had expected or ever had enjoyed before. It didn't take them long for their first orgasm.

Kate smiled at what she remembered. It had been a great night, maybe the best she ever had, but it was a mistake. A big mistake. She loved him, yes, but she shouldn't. She was not good for him. She was broken, still trying to hunt down the man who hired her mother's killer. She had to find him to heal again, at least that's what she thought. But last night... he had made her feel loved. She felt safe in his arms. More safe and loved than she thought ever was possible again. But it still wasn't right... it may felt so, but they shouldn't do that. As long as she was broken, she was not good for him, she couldn't love him as much as she wanted to, or was ready to show him.

She took another few sips of her wine and set the glass back on the little table. She dove underwater to wet her hair. She put some of the cherry scented shampoo in her hands and massaged it into her hair. Slowly she dove underwater again and rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. She repeated that. She put shampoo in her hands, massaged it into her hair and rinsed it out again. She grabbed a hair flex and bound her hair into a messy bun. She grabbed a washcloth and soap. She massaged the soap into her skin and slowly rinsed it off with the washcloth again.

When she was finished she let the water out of the tub, rose from the water, which was slowly getting cold, and grabbed a towel. She bound it around her body and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked pale. She had dark shadows under her eyes. She quickly dried herself and her hair with the towel and went to get herself fresh clothes. She decided for a light blue cotton-bra with white stripes and ribbons. She added the matching slip and searched for a blouse. She found a red one with a low neckline and skintight dark blue Jeans. Barefoot she went back into her bathroom to make her hair and to apply some light make-up.

With a smile she finished her smoky eyes and sighed. It was already 4pm. She had today and tomorrow off. After that she would have to go back to work on Monday morning. At least if no body turned up on Sunday night. She decided to go to Central Park for a walk. Maybe she could visit her father later.

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