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"Come on Leela, I have reservations at cavern on the green tonight, please join me!" Fry basically pleaded Leela as they walked into the planet expess building. Bender rolled his eyes and turned the volume on the tv up. Leela sighed.

"Ok Fry, I'll tell you what, I'll flip a coin; heads I go, tails I don't, and after this you leave me alone about it. deal?" Fry just cheered in responce, so Leela fliped the coin, catching it in her palm.

"Damnit." She frowned.

"Fine, Fry. I'll meet you at cavern on the green." She said, not at all sounding pleased.

"YES! You won't regret this Leela, I swear!" Fry grinned enthusiasticly, then left the building.

"Oh Lord." Leela rested her head in her hand sighing.

"I already do." She sat down on the couch next to Bender, who just stared at the infomercials, occasionally sipping his beer.

"What about you, Bender? Any plans?" Leela asked leaning back more comfortably. He slowly turned to glare at her then loudly 'Shhed' her and went back to watching his crap.

"Good news everyone!" The proffessor said from the confrence room, calling all the employees in there.

"You'll be placing a delivery to the planet crystalis 4, in the system of love." At this Amy and Leela 'aww'ed.

"Why's it called the system of love?" Bender asked, knowing a catch was coming.

"Because this rare system has a unique gas that makes the most beautiful crystals on every planet there." The professor nodded, before adding

"And those crystals make wonderful bait for the loveasorus' prey. You see, the Loveasorus is a creature who only eats people who are hopelessly in love." the professor spoke as though it were the most romantic thing he had ever heard, while Leela made her 'ick noise.'

"Well! Off you go!" The proffessor shoed them toward the ship.

"Wait, we can't go, we have to wait for Fry." Leela brought up. The proffessor laughed.

"Oh my no, Only you and Bender can make the delivery. Having Fry, Amy, or Hermes there would attract the Loveasorus from miles away!" He laughed. Leela just frowned, relizing what a sad and true statement that was. She wasn't in love with anyone, Hell, she had never really loved anyone. She and Bender had to make this alone, Loveasoruses were nothing to mess around with.

The fly there was boring and uneventful, niether one of them able to think of a topic they could relate on. They ended up listening to the same shitty Cd they alwasy listened to when Fry wasn't there.

"Finally, we're here."Leela let out an exhausted sigh as she landed the ship. The two of them carried a large crate off the ship onto a planet nearly entirely made of multi-coloured crystals. Large diamond mountains protruteded from an opaque green surface. A river flowed down the mountain, polishing the stones, and wearing them down. Occasionally flakes of the various gems would chip off, and go sailing down the river, catching in one of the nets set up along its path.

"Hey! Big boots! Move your big butt!" Bender shouted.

After about an hour of walking, they came to a giant saphire mountain with a large cave carved out of the side.

"Well, this is it. Hello?" Leela called into the cave. A minute later, an Australian man walked out.

" Oh, the new lazer blade." He smiled. finally, after years of being enslaved by others for no profit, now he could enslave himself for all the profit!

"Just sign here." As the words left Leela's mouth the earth began to shake. The man hurriedly signed the pad, looking paniced. Then he all but ran back into his cave.

"Well, another job well done-" As Bender finished his sentance, a loud roar thundered through the sky.

"Come on Bender, we should get out of here before the Loveasorus gets desperate." Bender just laughed.

"He'd have to be a lot more than desperate to even see you!" He laughed loudly before a large pink dinosaur bolted toward them from the distance behind Leela. Bender screamed girlishly, then ran away, not bothering to warn Leela. She turned around just in time to see the Loveasorus run right past her after Bender.

"Oh shit!" She grabbed her gun, running after them.

Fry was estatic. He had found a necklace while feeling through some mud at the park the other day, and after he cleaned it Hermes said it was a really expensive piece! He couldn't wait to give it to Leela tonight! He strolled into the planet express building whistling a happy tune, until he saw the ship land.

"Wait.. you guys went on a delivery without me?" Fry asked as Leela and Bender got off the ship. Leela rolled her eyes, ignoring him. Bender walked out next, looking like all hell. He had bite marks all in his chest and back, and was sparking erradicly.

"Eh, you didn't miss much." Bender through his arm around Fry and lit up a cigar.

"maybe help me get to the proffessors lab though."

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