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As the three approach the Planet Express building, Bender told the two humans to wait by the front door until he could open it for them. He walked around to the side of the building, stopping outside Zoidberg's office. Pulling one of his arms off, he held it up to an open window, squeezing it through. Then, grabbing Randy's suitcases from next to him, walked back to his meat-bags and waited for his hand to let them in.

After reattaching his arm, Bender led the other two to the ship quietly.

"Ok, I just have to steal the keys from the professor's lab then we're clear to fly." He whispered grinning. Fry frowned.

"Wait, am I flying it?" He asked worridly. Bender glared at him.

"Leela's been teaching you to fly for years now, and you're worried? come on, that's not the man she wants!" He replied in an angry yet hushed tone. Fry just scratched his neck, nodding. "Good. now, Fry, take Randy's stuff and get him set up in the cabin; I'll be right back..." Fry shrugged, picking up Randy's suitcases, and lugging them onboard.

"Thanks for helping us out, Randy." Fry started as the two walked toward the cabin. "I doubt hiests are really your thing, but it means a lot to me, and I'm sure Bender won't forget it either!" He grinned, but Randy just furrowed his brow in confusion. He stayed quiet, however, sure Bender would explain soon. The roof began to open as Bender walked up to them whistling and twirling the keys around his finger.

"Ok, now to Crystalis 4!" He laughed evilly, handing Fry the keys.

As the ship took off, Bender rummaged through the ships logs to find the cordanates. Randy squirmed nervously, petting his slumbering puppy.

"So, what exactally is the plan?" He asked after they flew through more open space. Bender swung his chair around to face them.

"We orbit Crystalis 4, I get lowered down, I loot, I come back up, and we fly away, all before that stupid dinosaur ever gets wind of us!" He laughed, as Randy and Fry just looked at eachother.

"Dinosaur?" Fry asked tilting his head. "Is that what tore you up last time?" Bender glared at him.

"No. Not even! Ok, yes, but this time I brought fire power!" He opened his chest compartment pulling out a block of C4 and chuckling to himself. Randy covered his mouth in shock.

Once they were in orbit of the planet, Bender readied himself to go down to the surface, as Randy and Fry waited anxiously.

"Ok meat-bags, I'll be back before you know it." He winked, and slid down the cable.

Thankfully he landed closer to the Saphire mountain than last time, and was able to bolt into the cave with out hearing any sign of the loveasorus. He walked quietly, hearing an Australian man swearing to himself as he drilled into the back wall of the cave. Bender rubbed his hands together evilly as he saw the piles of gems already carved out. He grabbed a burglar mask out of his compartment, tying it around his face, then quietly tiptoed behind the worker. Before the man even looked away from his work, Bender had completely filled his compartment with jewels, and had already filled one of the bags half way.

"Oi! What do you think you're doing!" The Australian yelled angrily. Bender just pulled a gun on the man, and continued to fill up. The man swore, but held his hands up in surrender. With three large bags filled, Bender laughed, and ran back to the ship. As soon as he grabbed the cable, it began to pull him back into the ship slowly.

"Come on, come on..." He muttered impatiently. Just when it seemed the trip would run smoothly, the loveasorus bolted toward him, faster than last time, almost as though it remembered him. Bender yelled, shifting his new luggage to grab the explosives.

Back in the ship Fry screamed as he saw the creature.

"It's so pink!" He paniced, Randy hopped up, running to the cargo hold where Bender would appear. He looked down just in time to see Bender throw the C4 in the roaring dino's mouth. It looked confused until Bender flipped the switch. Now covered in Dino-guts, Bender rose into the room, tossing the jewels to the side. Randy immediately hugged him. Bender looked down at the blond softly, until he heard the door whoosh open. He pushed Randy off him as Fry walked in.

"That was amazing Bender! The dinosaur was all 'RAWR!' and you were all 'heads up!' and he was all 'KERSPLOOM!'" He recapped excitedly, high-fiving his metal friend. The three walked back to the bridge, each grabbing one of the over-flowing bags. "So what now, back to earth?" Fry asked, cocking his head to the side.

"No, head to my castle." Bender said proudly. Fry just stared at him confused; Bender rolled his eyes. "Remember? I inherited it from my uncle Vladamire?" Realization hit Fry.

"Oh that place with the ghosts and the were-car?" Bender nodded, then turned to Randy.

"Don't worry, the crew and I got rid of all those things."

Fry landed the ship outside a small robot village, and the three started loading the gems and Randy's luggage onto a hover cart.

As the three walked toward the castle, the villagers all muttered amongst themselves about the cursed ones. Bender leaned over to Randy, who obviously was getting spooked. "Yeah, the curse is gone, I got rid of that too." He smiled at the blond.

Once at the castle, Bender led Randy to the bedroom to leave his things while he gave him the tour. In the middle of showing him the yard, Fry's phone rang.

"Fry here... Oh really? something wrong? with the ship? No the ship's fine, it's just sitting outside of town-because that's where I landed it-ok-ok-ok, we'll head back." Fry muttered sadly into his phone. "Leela sounds really mad, we better get back." Fry said to Bender as he turned around, but Bender was too focused on showing Randy the sunset. Bender's hand was on Randy's shoulder as he stood behind him, pointing out to the distance and muttering things Fry couldn't hear. "Bender?" Bender finally turned around, wringing his hands together sheepishy.

"Look, Fry, maybe you better head back. I think we'll stay here." He finally admitted. Fry didn't seem to understand, so Bender put his arm around Randy's waist. Who cares if he knew now? This was good-bye. "It's been a great couple years, but this is where I need to be." He explained the best he could. Fry stared at Randy.

"But.. You too?" Randy blushed, looking up at Bender tenderly.

"Yeah, we've moved past our differences." Bender replied for him. Fry gaped, but began to understand. "Come on, I'll walk you to the door." As Fry turned to leave, Bender handed him a large bag of gems.

"If you take those to my jewelry store, Kevin can cut and set those, he'll probably even let you pay him in jewels." Randy smiled to Fry, as he leaned closer to his robot. Fry looked down at the bag of multi-coloured jewels, than up at Bender sadly.

"We'll visit you guys sometimes." Fry said softly, still a little in shock.

Fry landed at planet express sadly before shuffling off the ship into the room of angry people.

"Fry! How dare you take the ship in the middle of the night! where's Bender!? I'm going to kick his ass!" Leela ranted.

"Now, now, Leela, I think a quick firing will do just as well." The professor nodded. Fry sighed.

"Go ahead. He's not coming back anyways." He leaned against the wall before slumping to the ground. The crew all looked at eachother.

"What do you mean? Back from where?" Leela asked, suddenly softening her tone. She kneeled next to Fry as he thumped his head back against the wall.

"He's going to live at his castle from now on... I can't believe them." He snorted angrily. Leela turned to the rest of the crew, gesturing for them to leave. Amy started pulling people away, but kept herself with-in earshot.

"Who's them?" Leela asked, now curling up next to him. Fry threw his arm around her, squeezing her tightly.

"Bender and Randy. After the heist they just had me drop them off at his castle, then said goodbye." He sniffled a little, really hurting. Leela tilted her head.

"Bender and Randy? Living together?" She stiffled a laugh, as Fry just groaned.

"I think they're together. like together-together." He moped, looking into Leela's gorgeous eye. Leela frowned, absorbing the information. "It all makes sence now." He continued grimly. "I can't believe him; that jerk. He told me he didn't want to come between me and Bender, then he moves away with him!" Fry stood up, rubbing his nose on his sleeve. "I need beer..." He whined, before walking to the fridge sadly.

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