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As they drove up the cliff, Amy pointed out the decorative guard rail, 'ooh'ing.

"That's new; who would have known Bender would have spent his heist money to actually improve things." Leela mused. Fry just 'psh'ed at her.

"Bender would never use his money on pointless things like improvement. I bet it was Randy." He said, squinting and drawing out Randy's name in a very old-Benderesc way. Leela rolled her eye, but stayed silent.

When they reached the mansion, they all piled out, the professor beeping the lock. Leela rang the door chime as Fry just crossed his arms, slouching. Bender opened the door, inviting them in as he popped open a beer.

"You guys remember where the dining hall is, right? I gotta go check on the cook." He whistled as he walked away. The crew took the place in as they walked down the hall. Creepy paintings of robots long dead were now all replaced with various portraits of Bender. All the cob webs and spiders were gone, and the whole place just felt brighter. As they walked into the dining room, Leela brought her hand to her chest. With the room cleaned up, and a proper chandelier installed, the room looked gorgeous. The large window overlooking the grave yard now had gold and red velvet drapes pulled over half of it, matching the large gold vase of roses on the table.

Fry plopped down at the table, not bothering to take in any of the changes. Bender had loved this place the way it was.

Bender walked into the kitchen whistling as Randy pulled the turkey out of the oven.

"I just have to let it sit for a minute, then I'll carve it up." The blond smiled at him. Bender laughed, lightly pushing Randy aside. He started spinning his hand, effectively turning it into a saw and started slicing the turkey. Randy leaned up and kissed his cheek, crossing the kitchen to put the finishing touches on the side dishes.

The automotron strolled into the dining hall a minute later holding a large covered platter in one hand, and a bottle of wine in the other. He set the platter down, and pulled eight glasses out of his compartment.

"The place looks great, Bender!" Leela started, as she took a seat next to Fry. Bender sat on the other side of her, pouring himself a glass.

"Yeah, I tell you, every time I turn around Randy's doing something." He laughed. Fry rolled his eyes. Hermes and Scruffy sat down, awkwardly glancing at each other.

"So you guys are doing good here?" Amy asked, helping the professor sit to Fry's right before sitting herself between him and Scruffy.

"Oh yeah, 80 inch TV, imported food and fine alcohol." As Bender explain his life of leisure, Randy walked in with two more trays.

"Not to mention the best kitchen on this side of the terminus." Randy giggled, sitting next to his robot. "We have a turkey dinner with baked sweet potatoes and raspberry sauce." He announced as he revealed the dishes.

"Wow, and here I was expecting one of Bender's dishes." Leela gaped. Bender glared at her.

"It was a team effort." He replied between gritted teeth.

The rest of the dinner was mostly just small talk, Leela and Amy asking Randy questions about the other changes to the house while the others pretended to have an interest. Fry just stared at his food, stabbing it with his fork. He finally stood up.

"Hey Bender, where's your bathroom?" He asked, not at all concerned with the patio conversation he was interrupting.

"Down the hall to the left hall way, then the second door on the right." Randy answered for him. Fry mumbled a thanks before hurrying out of the room. It was all just too weird. As he shuffled down the hall, he noticed a picture of Randy and Bender set on a small table. He picked it up sighing. They were smiling by the fireplace. Could they really be happy together? Was this really what Bender wanted? He returned the picture sadly. It still didn't make any sense to him.

"So Randy," Amy started after she finished her dinner. "Don't get all shpliffed out at me for asking, but weren't you married?" She tilted her head to the side. Everyone looked at him, Bender especially. Randy sighed, nodding.

"Soupy passed away a few years ago. He was a recovering alcoholic, and when the earth's water turned to alcohol..." He trailed off.

"Oh, sorry." Amy winced slightly.

"We were separated at the time anyways." He explained, shrugging.

As they prepared to leave, the professor told Bender about his little house warming gift, walking him out to show him. Bender gasped, feeling the furry seats.

"There's also a Gorilla ashtray." The professor declared proudly, pulling a cupped gorilla hand out from under the radio. Bender looked up at him almost sentimentally. "We will need a ride back to the ship though."

As they drove back down the mountain, the professor explained about all the hidden devices in the car, as well as the basics. He had left a manual in the glove box, but doubted Bender would ever take the three seconds to read it. They reached the Planet Express ship, and began filing out. Fry waited a second longer, placing his hand on Bender's shoulder.

"I hope you two are happy here." He said sadly, yet sincerely. Bender tried to hide his frown.

"Living the dream." He said quieter than he had intended.

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