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Chapter One: The Prince of Snakes.

Blonde hair seemed to glitter in the moonlight of the enchanted ceiling in the Slytherin rooms, though it was skewed and in disarray. Soft snores came from all occupants of the room, all but one who was wide awake and glaring hard at a note from his mother.

Blaise Zabini, a handsome sixth year from Italy, had read this note a hundred times, and every time it seemed he would never understand what his mother was telling him. In her generously flourished script, Margaret told her son that she should expect him on the next moon in the Headmaster's office. She had a surprise for him, her script said.

The young brunette only shook his head and set the note down on his side table, a'fore sliding down and burrowing deep into his blankets, while turning his face into his pillows, a soft, depressed sigh pushing up from his lungs.

He missed his mother...

{ The Next Morning. }

Grey orbs slid open, only to flutter sleepily as the blinding sunlight flooded into his gaze from the sunlight. The owner released an irritated groan, shifting and squirming to turn over and relapse into sleep.

Unfortunately for him, his Godfather and favourite Potions professor Severus Snape was not necessarily inclined to letting the platinum blonde sleep the day away. Oh, no.

The door to the group rooms slammed open, jolting even Crabbe and Goyle awake. Merlin knew those two could sleep through a Wizard war!

"Up! Get up! Now!" The thick baritone thundered, moments before the precise 'swish!' of a black wand was heard and all boys were exposed. Their covers had been ripped off them and piled in the middle of their room, leaving all shivering and whining. Snape only gave a satisfied growl of annoyance and turned on his heel, to stalk from the room, black robes following a billow.

The blonde rolled from his bed and stretched, spine arching with several loud pops. Theodore Knott winced, because as soon as Draco finished, Crabbed followed with cracking his neck and Goyle with his knuckles. Blaise, with his cat-like purple gaze, only chuckled, the sound soft and smooth. Theo shuddered, the tone getting to him as always.

The group of boys proceeded down the hall to the bathroom and separated to their reserved stalls. After their showers, they grabbed a fresh towel and dried off before re-donning their underthings and walking back to their room.

When they had gotten their things, they left the room, each placing a simple defensive spell on the entrance. Pleased with their independent work, the boys all turned and fell into line.

Draconis Lucius Malfoy, as the current Prince of Slytherin, was in first. Head held high and regally, he showed his pride for his station and House. He was, in more way than one, a force to be reckoned with.

Blaise Antonio Zabini was next, as Draco's Second In Command. He was the diplomat of the House, and the spy. Not many knew who he was, and of those, even less were happy about being in his acquaintance. This Slytherin was probably the deadliest.

Behind the two Leaders, was Theo. He was, in a way, the submissive of the group, and the weakest link. He held a terrible stutter around new people and he despised being put into the spot-light. However, he was the most talented at Transfiguration and Defense Against The Dark Arts. He was an asset because of these talents.

Bringing up the rear were the Guards. Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were hefty boys, with the skills to match. Both had learned the muggle Martial Arts before getting their Hogwarts letter because their fathers had promised Lucius Malfoy that they would protect his son and Heir. Neither boy was an Heir, only secondary, so the exchange was fair. Crabbe was skilled with the more offense moves, while Goyle was skilled with defense.

Along the way, the group gained a few of the girls.

Pansy Parkinson was the Slytherin Lady, a defacto Companion of Draco until he found a suitable mate. She was hard, unyielding. But she took her job seriously.

Tracey Davis was Pansy's Lady in Waiting, or an underling. She was, for all reasons, a best friend of sorts. She was also the Second for Pansy, in case something happened to her.

Tracey's true best friend, Bella Angelo, was one of the Slytherin Harpies who had her eyes on Blaise; He knew it, too, and ignored her every step of the way. Bella did anything and everything to gain the dark-skinned boys attention.

Together, the group was extraordinary. They commanded the power of their ranks, the House feared and respected them. One by one, they passed their Housemates and left the Common room as one entity. The others would follow soon enough.

As they walked, Blaise and Draco shared a sadistic smile.

It was almost time to meet the Lions.