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Chapter Two: King of the Lions

That particular morning found Harry James Potter, Ronald Bilius Weasley, Seamus Finnegan, Dean Thomas and Neville Frank Longbottom in multiple positions, sprawled out over their beds, woven in between their sheets and tangled up in their blankets. Snores could be heard from all boys, small whimpers heard from the black haired Saviour. Ron Weasley was twitching in his dreams about spiders. Seamus ordering about for more Single Malt Whiskey. Both Dean and Neville murmured about plants.

Unlike their snake-counterparts, the lion males were woken by the Lioness, Hermione Jean Granger. Breakfast was almost over!

"Harry!" The shrill voice shrieked, "Ronald!" Instead of just the two boys waking, all jolted straight up and tumbled out of their beds. Seamus gave a squeak at Hermione, eyes bulging out of the sockets, and tugged his sheet around his waist, free arm wrapping over his chest.

"Granger! Ge'out!"

"Oh, honestly, Seamus! Breakfast has five minutes left!" The bushy haired brunette huffed and spun on her heel, storming from the room.

"Blimey, Shay! Wha's that on your-?"


"What! It's a simple question!"

Both boys were blushing red up to their hairlines, until Neville gave a soft, uncomfortable sounding cough. Oh, right.

"Alright, gents. Let's get dressed, we don't wanna be late to Potions," Dean snickered, pulling on his trousers. Seamus rolled his eyes playfully and leaned to peck Ron softly on the lips, before diving into his trunk to dig out his clothes. Harry laughed softly and returned to finding his robes and wand.

"C'mon, Shay. I'm hungry." Ron whined, tugging his boyfriend's sleeve. The shorter Irishman snorted and punched the redhead's side, a'fore snuggling into Ron's side when an arm wrapped snuggly around his shoulders.

Harry and Dean shared a smile, shaking their heads. Ron and Seamus had been dating on and off since the end of fourth year, when Ron had been an unwilling participant of the Tri-Wizard competition. Ron had been frightened to death after the ordeal, and Seamus had found him in the library, hiding away. They'd talked, and as they grew closer, in secret, feelings started. And one day, Seamus had kissed him.

Despite it being common knowledge that the Wizarding world expected Hermione to one day marry Ron, it was no hard feelings on Hermione's part; She was, for being a muggleborn, extremely open-minded and actually admitted to liking girls as well as boys. She'd actually introduced her girlfriend, a Hufflepuff, to the Gryffindor common room. Apparantly, they'd been dating for well over seven months.

Dean admitted to being bisexual. Neville was gay. Harry was still trying to get a feel for being a Wizard; he had no time for relationships or sexual orientation. Unfortunately for this King, two Snakes had set their eyes on him, as had a few others.

A collective sigh left the group of lions, and with their things, give or take a few things here and there, they left their dorm behind Hermione and the other girls.

Hermione, Lavender, Parvati, Padma and Julia all led the pack, giggling and not paying attention to their male counterparts as they formed a protective circle, though Ron kept a close eye on his boyfriend.

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