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Chapter Three: The Meeting

Both groups, Snakes and Lions reached the entrance to the Great Hall at the same time, and with the Silver and Black at the front lines with both their Seconds close behind, despite one Weasley's distraction of his boyfriend, it was sure to be a good time.

"Oi! Potty! Got somewhere to be, do you?" The drawl lazily reached Harry's ears, and immediately set his blood a'boil. The girls glanced around nervously, while all the boys either rolled their eyes or withdrew their wands. Hermione joined her Pride mates in pulling her wand, anger causing red sparks to fly from her wand tip.

Pansy and Tracey also pulled their wands, only to gain a sharp look from the two boys of their small group. Sulking, the two Snakes replaced their wands and with a tug to Theo's sleeve, entered the hall. Lavender, Parvati, Padma and Hermione followed quickly, a pout marring Hermione's face.

Both sets of girl's took their places at their house tables, and had just begun to load their plates when a loud screech was heard, and a white, fluffy mass of Owl was seen streaking with a letter clutched in her beak towards the Great Hall doors.

All students craned their necks to follow the owl with their eyes, gasps and giggles coming from all as they watched the bird defend her Master with talons and beak.

"Hedwig!" Harry cried, as a red spell knocked the bird off the blonde Malfoy heir, and her rather large body skidded 'cross the stone floor only to hit the wall. He raced after her, cooing softly and gently picking up her form, cradling her with a love usually unseen to his chest. Draco's eyes were wide, and his fingers loosened enough around the handle of his wand, allowing the wooden object to the fall to the stone with a clatter.

Even he, Ice Prince of Slytherin, knew never to mess with Potter's bird.

Unfortunately, his parents didn't, as Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy stalked towards the two groups looking murderous. One would expect Lucius' wand to be drawn, but no… It was Narcissa Black, not Narcissa Malfoy, whose wand was pulled. A look of such fury was 'pon her façade, a snarl pulling her pale pinked lips back to reveal a clenched jaw and sparkling white teeth. No one, absolutely no one, would mess with her Draco. Not even some bloody owl!

"Now, now, Lord and Lady Malfoy, let us enjoy some teas, perhaps?" Dumbledore's encouraging seemed to calm Narcissa down, and she gestured for Draco to come to her. Face slightly pink, he moved to sink into her motherly embrace.

Scowling at the four as they left for Dumbledore's office, Harry held Hedwig and let Hermione revive her. His beautiful companion..

Malfoy would most definitely pay, he mused.

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