Title: Under the Influence of Djinn
Summary: AU: The Djinn siblings created a terrible detailed nightmare for Dean out of revenge, nearly killing him, Lisa, and Ben. With Sam alive, Castiel missing, and Campbell cousins in tow, he tries to pull himself back together.
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke. No disrespect in intended with this work of fan fiction.
Notes: Starts at the very beginning of S6. Also, please be patient for chapters.

It was with the sensation of drowning in panic that Dean Winchester woke.

He ripped the iv from his arm the second he registered it there and attempted to get up from the cot he was on, falling hard to the grimy floor. His heartbeat was fast, thumping almost painfully in his chest and his mouth was dry. He rolled to his hands and knees, dry heaving. His stomach clenched, temples pounded, and he tried to jerk back from the person who knelt beside him and put a gentle hand on his back.

"Relax. Take some slow breaths and don't make any sudden moves." It was a woman's voice.

He didn't take that advice, shoving his body into the cot and taking a swing at her, blinking and shaking his head as her features came into focus. Dark hair, dark eyes. Gwen Campbell.

"I killed you," he gasped. "You're dead. You're all dead." He coughed, struggling to hold down the nausea. His stomach felt like it was trying to crawl up his throat.

Her brows rose and she smiled. "I've had men want to kill me before, but none who've actually claimed to. You know who I am?"

"Gwen. Gwen Campbell."

"You recognize me?" Her smile faded as he nodded. "They were watching us, too. They knew a lot more about us than we thought they did."

"They?" Images flashed in his mind, things that didn't make any sense. Sam smiling a chilling smile, Castiel lying to his face and Dean knowing he was lying yet not wanting to believe it. Terrible things happening that didn't make much sense.

"You were a tough case, Dean. We weren't sure you were going to make it."

"Who's we? They?" The room was similar to the one he remembered from his first meeting with the Campbell family, only the cot, with the pristine white sheets, was a new detail, as was the iv stand and bags. He saw his bag by the wall and that tote bag that Lisa used to carry things. "What are you doing to me?"

Gwen didn't move from where she knelt. "Trying to wake your ass up. Ben and Lisa woke up pretty fast, but the two Djinn were torturing you to death with nightmares. They admitted it. Well," she inclined her head a fraction, "the one did before we killed her. You were their target. You and Sam." She gestured at the cot. "Be a good patient and get back in bed, okay? You're dehydrated and a little malnourished. They only gave you enough to make you linger. Eventually, you would have starved. You need the iv because I doubt you can hold food down yet."

"Liar. I woke up from that. Sam -"

"No, Dean. You didn't wake up. Sam's been trying to get you to wake up for days. You've been in a coma-like state. I was about ready to push for hospital time. We've been talking to you and it's good to know Christian was right. He thought you'd wake up soon."

"He's a dick."

"Some former doctors can be."

Former doctor? That wasn't right. It didn't mesh with what he remembered about the man. "How do I know your face if my memories aren't real? I've never seen you in that case."

"The Djinn, Dean. They were watching all of us a long while before they struck. They admitted to really thinking out their story for you to make it real." She shifted her weight a fraction. "Make you a deal?"

He tried to swallow, throat aching. "What kind of deal?"

"You get in bed and I go get Sam and Lisa. You can talk to them."

Was she real? Was she right? Were the things he thought had happened all a Djinn dream? How was it possible to have so much happen in a dream?

But the Djinn.

With two of them working him over, she might not be lying. They might have had the power to do that.

He gave a cautious nod. "Okay. No more iv."

"Only if you can't keep food or liquids down," she countered with a slight side tilt of her head. "Your call in the end, though."

Dean weighed the risks. If he was still under, it could be the Djinn trying to get him to cooperate. On the other hand, he knew the damage they did. He might honestly need that iv. "We'll see."

"Fair enough." Her dark eyed gaze slid over him. "Like some help back onto the cot?"

"I can do it." He fumbled and fell, refusing her assistance. Finally, he made it and laid back, weak and shaky.

"Sam has repeatedly mentioned how stubborn you can be," she commented.

"Hold up your end," he bit out at her.

Gwen nodded, got up from the floor, and left the room.

She'd made a mistake in taking Dean Winchester in.

Lisa bit her lip and hated that she kept having that thought while Dean was unconscious and might not live. She hated the feeling of regret in letting herself and Ben get attached to him when she'd known in the back of her mind that something could come gunning for Dean.

But she'd thought it wouldn't happen as the days had become weeks and months with no incidents. Dean had been vigilant, paranoid even, yet nothing had come. She'd let herself relax and become used to Dean there while trying to broach the combined subjects of Sam, Dean's grief, and those things she still didn't know about his past. After a year, she'd been no closer to knowing how to talk to him about those then when he'd shown up on her doorstep.

Every tiny step she'd made to that end had been slapped down, Dean shutting himself away. She'd stopped trying and had recently decided to have the 'our future' talk with him. Lisa had planned on gently pointing out that they weren't working and they both knew it. The problem with actually having that talk, however, was that Dean perceived himself as having nowhere to go.

He'd put the Impala away like it hurt to see it, had refused to answer that phone he'd had, and had spent hours at a time staring into space, his cheeks wet with tears she didn't think he'd realized he was shedding. Lisa had talked briefly in the first weeks with a man named Bobby, answering his questions about Dean's state of mind. She'd tried to return the calls from a man named Castiel, only to find a perpetually full voicemail and finally that number had stopped working altogether.

Dean had pretended he didn't know there were messages, that he didn't hear her tell him the two had called. Or maybe he really hadn't heard her. He checked out mentally sometimes, in his own little world in his head.

She'd hated to see Dean shut out the people who knew him best. She knew those two knew him well, for he'd said their names as well as Sam's in his nightmares. He could have gone to them. Bobby had made it clear that he'd welcome Dean if Dean chose to come to him.

Grief was a funny thing and Dean's grief was overpowering him.

Yet he didn't have to go on in it. Sam was alive. Sam was here. He'd been alive and suffering a full blown case of amnesia for the better part of a year, having woken in a field with no memory. The Campbell family, what there were of them, had come across him and helped him. Apparently, they were some sort of distant relatives, all raised in the life and all had tried to leave it before being drawn back in through circumstances.

So, Dean had a place to go, a person to go to besides Bobby and Castiel. He had his brother back and that, Lisa knew, was the thing that completed him. The attachment he had to Sam was more than she'd ever been able to fully understand, though she realized a lot of it had to do with their upbringing.

Lisa took a sip of hot coffee that burned her tongue and felt like a complete insensitive bitch for having these thoughts and having had that huge sense of relief in seeing Sam. She almost cried.

"Hey." Sam approached and sat in the chair across from her, stretching out a hand to touch her arm. "Are you okay?"

"No, not really to be honest." She'd found that she rather liked Sam once they'd sat and talked. He'd been trying to make this easier for her and Ben and help her understand some things about Dean.

His nod was slow. "I know. It's a lot to take in."

"Not just this." She gestured around the room. Gwen was in with Dean, watching over him and taking care of him while Christian and Mark were playing cards with Ben, keeping him occupied and calm. Christian was good with Ben and apparently good with kids period. Adults…. Not so much. He'd been a pediatric physician. She'd also learned that his wife and unborn son had died in some sort of attack a couple years earlier, something Sam had said was because of the Apocalypse. Christian and his wife had been trying to have a baby for years and he'd lost both. His grief had propelled him to return to the life and meet up with first Gwen, then Mark.

Her glance slid to Mark. He was a quiet man, as marked by sorrow and tragedy as Dean was. She hadn't heard his story, only Christian and Gwen's. Out of those three, Gwen had been the one to return to hunting first, after a demon had targeted her friends and roommate and nearly killed her. She was still pursuing the demon. Sam had told Lisa that there was a good chance Gwen might never find it; that their dad had spent their lives hunting for the one that had killed their mother. That demon might be Gwen's white whale.

"I'm sorry. I'll be gone in a few days. I only wanted to make sure he was okay and let him know -"

"Don't apologize for that. If you hadn't come we'd all be dead. I meant…. I'm not okay because," she took a deep breath, "I was trying to figure out how to break up with Dean all this past month."

"You were going to break up with him?" He seemed stunned by that.

With a nod, Lisa sat back and crossed her arms. "You can't have a healthy relationship when one person isn't present and Dean…. He hasn't been present. I get his grief for you, I do. He raised you more than your dad did. I kept thinking all year how I'd be if I survived Ben and I couldn't even comprehend that loss. My heart would break to lose him. I'd had thoughts of maybe calling your friend Bobby to come get Dean or at least be here for him when I told him, but…." She bit her lower lip a moment before continuing. "I didn't know how to break through to him, Sam. I still don't. He pushes me away. Every time I try to get him to open up, he pulls in further to himself."

"It'll be different now. You'll see. He won't be in mourning because I'm here. I'm back. I'll call, email, come by if it's okay with you. It'll change. I know it will."

"Maybe. But now I really understand the danger of being a hunter's girlfriend. See, nothing happened all these months until this. Nothing came for him until now. We did move once because he was afraid there was something, but there wasn't then. I didn't understand before…. I am not the sort of person who can live this life. I know it. The danger, the fear. The past few days have been horrible. How do you do it?" She uncrossed her arms and reached for her coffee. The mug was still warm. "I have to protect my son and the life you two have won't guarantee his safety. I can't pick up and move every time Dean sees danger. I can't live that. I don't want to live that. I don't want Ben to live that. I want stability for me and for him."

He studied her a moment, his gaze kind and gentle even as he said, "Leaving Dean won't guarantee safety either."

The pronouncement sent a chill along her back. "The first time we had a brush with this life, it just happened. One of those things that happens all over, if I'm understanding it right. It wasn't anything we did that caused it, but this…. This was a direct effect of being in Dean's life. Those Djinn came for him and took us because we were there. I can handle walking into a situation that can happen to anyone, but staying and knowing this could happen again and Ben and I could die just because we're in Dean's life? In your life now too?" She let out a breath through pursed lips and shook her head. "I can't."

"Something could still come for you knowing it would hurt Dean even if you aren't in his life right then. You know how Dean is. Once he lets a person in emotionally, he'll protect him if he can. You two can be used against him. You might not be any safer leaving than if you stayed."

"I can't stay. I can't. I'm not strong like that." Visions of this happening over and over filled her mind and she felt the tears rising. Lisa blinked them back.

"You are a strong woman, Lisa. Stronger than you think. It's one thing that impressed Dean about you the last time you met.""

"I'm not that strong. Maybe if I'd grown up in it I could handle it, but I can't. I have to take Ben and leave. I want him to grown up, Sam, not die because something wants to get back at Dean."

"It's a possibility. I won't lie to you. We've both pissed off a lot of things over the years and that's not counting the things our dad pissed off that could come for us, too."

"If you're trying to convince me to stay, that's not the right thing to say." She half smiled at him.

He returned the smile. "You know yourself, Lisa. If you're sure you can't live this life…."

"I am." She watched the play of emotions on his face. There was indecision, sadness, then resignation.

"Dean will survive a breakup. He won't like it, but he'll survive it." Sam sighed. "We'll give you two a crash course in protection before you go, give you some contact numbers. Make sure you do use the symbols we'll teach you. It's important you take certain precautions now. I mean it, Lisa. You have to use everything we give you."

"I understand." She wouldn't be moving around everywhere all the time, but she'd still be doing those things Dean had insisted on. The salt, the devil's traps, the holy water, and more. It was her life now too, but she'd stay right there, not getting in it further, if she could. She took a sip of her now cool coffee and broached the next question that popped in her mind. "Should we have new identities?"

The question seemed to surprise him almost as much as when she'd said she was planning on breaking up with Dean. "You're willing to do that?"

"If it'll help. I can tell my sister we're going into witness protection."

"Will she believe it?"

"I think so. She questioned a couple times why we'd moved and why Dean acted the way he did on occasion, but I didn't elaborate. She wondered if something was going on. She'll believe it. I'll make her believe it." She'd hate to leave her family, but protecting Ben was a priority. Maybe some day she could let them know she was okay. Until then…. She'd learn to live with the loneliness. "I know I can make friends anywhere, make a living. Well…. If I have the right documents." She shrugged a shoulder. "See? I've learned a thing or two from Dean on disappearing."

"I can put you in touch with a guy if that's what you really want."

She glanced towards the room where Dean was. "I think it'd be best."

Ben might not understand and there'd be adjustments to make, yet if Lisa could start over like this and protect her son, she'd do it. She'd do anything to protect her boy and hoped that Dean would understand that. He should. He'd do anything to protect his loved ones.

Sam reached for a pad of paper and pen on the other end of the table and began to draw and write. "For awhile, you'll want to keep this with you. Study the pages. Memorize them. Make Ben do it too. These will help keep you alive. Also, you'll need to become familiar with a gun. Keep one or several if you like. I'll make a list."

Lisa drank her cold coffee and watched Sam prepare the manual for her new life. It wouldn't be easy to change everything. It'd hurt like hell.

She'd never forget Dean Winchester. She knew she'd treasure the memories of him and hoped that, when he was no longer hurt by her leaving, he'd remember her fondly as well.

He'd said he loved that she was a fierce, protective mom.

She hoped he hadn't been lying.

Please, God, let him understand!