Under the ink black feather, lay a pamphlet containing knowledge about a new institute for learning French that had opened in Detroit.

"Dean?" Sam asked, turning around from the motel door.

"Coming, Sam," Dean said, pocketing both things and following Sam and The-Man-Who-Couldn't-Stop-Dying.

With Prometheus cremated, Dean and Sam returned to the bat-cave. Making a lame excuse, Dean retired to his room, shutting the door before Sam could object.

"The feeling is in

My bones, there need

Not be, anyone tell me.

I know that this life will crumble

And I know that I will be afraid and

I know that I will feel far more pain

Than this body would dare to hold.

I know this all and in me, it is well:

I can only ask that along the way

You fall in love with my pieces."



The pamphlet was crumpled, the writing was awry and the words rushed. Dean feared the worst. A single tear rolled down his face.

"Cas," he whispered, brokenly.

"Dean," came the reply from behind him.

Dean turned around in time to catch the staggering angel. He pulled him onto his lap as he sat down on the bed. Castiel looked worn out, completely. His eyes surrounded by black circles and baggy looking. His cheeks looked sunken and his pallor was yellow-ish.

Dean pulled up Castiel's face and kissed him. He didn't ask Castiel where he had been. He didn't ask anything. Everything was on Castiel's face.

"Who do I need to kill?" Dean asked, gruffly.

Castiel chuckled, weakly.


"Dean, I don't know what's happening… Please… Please don't ask. You know I'd never lie… I just don't know."

Castiel looked so scared, so desperate. Dean wanted to cry; instead he kissed Castiel gruffly and held him close.

"Dean," Castiel breathed against Dean's lips, looking small in his arms.

Instead of questions that night, Dean and Castiel spent it conversing in need and desperation. Confessing their love, they laid their heads to rest, holding each other as if it was their last night on earth.

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