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Chapter 3. Don't you worry child


"Naruto. Why did Sasuke change schools at the first place?"

Naruto had given me a confused stare. I didn't usually talk about Sasuke, I didn't know him. But I wanted to know what kind of person I had replaced couple months ago. There were rumors, not very nice ones. Naruto had been Sasuke's closest friend, and in public he had ignored the meanest gossips simply shrugging. But when he was with Sakura and me, he cursed everyone who spoke ill of his friend. Sasuke hadn't been the nicest guy, I had heard. And he had had both enemies, as well as admirers.

"He had his reasons", Naruto had replied simply. He hadn't apparently wanted to talk about it.

"I heard it had something to do with his brother", I had tried. I had heard teachers talking about it earlier but I wanted to hear it from Naruto. "His brother did something to him, didn't he?"

"I guess so", the blonde had stated.

"And Sasuke had visited the school psychologist Mitarashi regularly, before the decision of moving to different school."

The blonde had pressed his eyes shut, clenching his fist. I had exceeded the limit.

"Sai. Sometimes, if you know that much, it's better to keep as a secret. Sasuke wouldn't like if you rummage his matters like that."

Naruto's words were as gentle as they were chilling. I never raised that topic again.

"We're from a mental hospital."

"From a… what?"

I stared blankly at Sakon, before finally catching my breath and glancing at Suigetsu.

"From mental hospital", I repeated, tasting the word. I couldn't believe it. They all were so… so normal. Well, personal but normal nevertheless.

"It's an old thing", Suigetsu growled. There were hints of embarrassment and slight anger in his tone. "I… We…"

"We're well right now", Kimimaro completed the sentence. "That's why we didn't see the reason to tell. We're sorry. We-"

"Stop talking like you're speaking for the all of us", Sakon spat, interrupting Kimimaro. "If everything is so damn fine then why-?"

"Oh shut up!" Suigetsu yelled. He was getting very displeased. "You talk like that just because you haven't got out yet!"

"Neither has Kimimaro! You, Sasuke and Karin are labeled sane in Orochimaru's eyes", Sakon stated. I sensed jealousy in the air. "Even Jugo had classified on the same level as you and we all know he's far from healthy. But you four still have to visit Orochimaru, just to be sure."

I saw Kimimaro biting his lower lip, almost on the verge of tears. I didn't know what to say but if I soon wouldn't do something this will end in a fight.

"Um, guys…?"

"What the fuck are you yelling about?!"

Sakon twitched as he heard Tayuya's voice. She stood her arms crossed behind the silverette, wearing short, red cocktail dress and ballerina shoes. She tapped her foot to the floor.

"I've been waiting for you the last fifteen minutes and there you are, fighting!" the pissed redhead continued. "Don't you anything to say, asshole?!"

"I'm sorry", Sakon mumbled, with an embarrassed smile. Tayuya seemed to have a serious advantage on him. "I guess I overreacted."

Suigetsu snorted at Sakon's comment. "The hell you overreacted!" he remarked, still pissed off. Tayuya punched him stomach, growling.

"Shut up, only I have right to vex Sakon!" she yelled, but noticing Kimimaro state of mind she calmed herself down. "Now you bastards tell me what's going on."

"I didn't know you're from a mental hospital", I said. It was the truth.

Tayuya grimaced. "Yuck! I hate that word!" she spat, sticking her tongue out. "Who told you that? It was Sakon, was it? Kimimaro wouldn't look like that if it wasn't him."

Sakon frowned. "Yes, I told it", he said, too calmly in my opinion.

Tayuya glared at him, questioningly. "And that's all?"

"Well, I might have mentioned Suigetsu's old habit to play with knives", the silverette admitted, gaining a very disapproving 'don't-you-ever-learn'-look from the redhead. Sakon frowned. "Yeah, I know it was stupid."

"I guess you weren't any better", Tayuya sighed, glancing at Suigetsu who just shrugged as a response.

"They were both inappropriate", Kimimaro stated, his tone turning to more depressed. "But it's not easy to tell, and we all know that. Being labeled as a mental patient doesn't give a very good first impression."

There was an awkward silence. Tayuya fumbled the hem of her dress; even she was now clearly tense. Sakon exchanged annoyed glares with Suigetsu. Kimimaro had told what they all know. As the silence deepened I couldn't help but chuckle. They weren't behaving characteristically at all.

"I don't mind it", I said, gaining asking stares. "Your past. I mean I'm not part of it, nor do I know anything about it, but we all have our stories, whether they are happy or sad. I'm not mad and I don't want you to quarrel either."

"You're fine with this?" Sakon spat, unbelieving.

I nodded. "Yes. But I would like to know you all better, if you want to tell me."

"I guess we owe it to you", Kimimaro stated. Suigetsu wasn't looking as happy as the other whitette and it made me a little doubtful.

We moved from the main hall to the more private room in upstairs. Jugo had joined us soon after. He had been talking with Orochimaru I heard. Me, Kimimaro and Jugo, sat on the floor, talking. Suigetsu sat on the couch further away, drinking something I thought to be non-alcoholic, or then he just has a good tolerance for alcohol. Sakon and Tayuya offered to get drinks for us but Kimimaro had politely refused to drink anything alcoholic. It was obvious that Jugo wouldn't take a drink either so I refused as well. Sakon had shrugged and said he would get something else for us, then. There was party going on downstairs. Some guy called Genyumaru had taken control and music was clearly over the allowed decibel limit. I was sure Naruto was somewhere there boozing. And tomorrow he'll call me. He'll be probably having a terrible hangover and asks me to give him a ride home. But now I had something else to think about. I had talked with Kimimaro and Jugo mostly about our plans for future. I'd also get to know that Jugo and Kimimaro are both a year older than me when Suigetsu and the others instead are a year younger than me. The thought of this whole mental hospital thing still didn't make sense. If you ask me I have seen much more insane people outside this mansion.

"How did you end up in mental hospital?" I asked Kimimaro, hesitating but curious. I had no idea how he would react if I ask such a question. He seemed to be pretty sensitive about it.

"Me? In my foster parents' opinion I was too difficult to handle. Always dark and moody", Kimimaro said, smiling. "Long story shortly, I guess. Excuse me."

Jugo sighed as Kimimaro left the room. I thought he was just going to downstairs or bathroom but Jugo knew better than I.

"He still needs time", Jugo said, quietly, telling me indirectly that Kimimaro didn't tell everything.

I nodded. "I understand." I remember how it had taken time to tell Naruto and Sakura about my past. I had been afraid that they wouldn't stay with me if I tell. I stared at Jugo, askingly.

"You want to ask why I was there", he noted with a little smile.


"Don't apologize, my reason isn't secret. I was mentally unstable. I think I still am at some level", Jugo told, chuckling lightly. "But thanks to Kimimaro I can live almost normal life. He keeps my head clear."

The way Jugo said Kimimaro's name was compassionate, almost loving. I wanted to hear Suigetsu to use that tone when saying my name. Talking about him, he was still at the couch, listening to our conversation. I immediately remembered talking about him and knives. I stood up. I was ready to ask about it directly from him but then Kimimaro came back with Sakon and Tayuya.

"We're back", Kimimaro hummed, sitting back on the floor.

"You owe me one, Kimi", Sakon snorted as he gave a bottle of ice tea to the smiling whitette. "Getting non-alcoholic drinks costs a lot to me."

Tayuya laughed. "Your debt is never-ending if you continue like that, Kimi!" She had got couple drinks downstairs. "You should take a real drink! Like a man! And you too, Jugs!"

More than couple, actually. She was totally drunk. Kimimaro smiled to her slurred commenting and turned to Sakon.

"Where's Ukon?" he asked. Sakon shrugged.

"Probably somewhere making out with Kidomaru", came the unashamed answer from the couch. Sakon shot his glare on Suigetsu. "You don't dare to say that again."

"Stop that, Sakon. You know it's true", Kimimaro said. "Ukon is probably with Kidomaru."

Sakon frowned, making Tayuya giggle. She automatically moved closer to the silverette, purring like a cat.

"I prefer you anyway", she giggled. I made mental notes of the twins. Sakon seemed to be very close to Tayuya. In other words, they were clearly a couple. Instead Ukon was apparently more into guys, deducing from Sakon's reaction to Suigetsu's comment. And he's with Kidomaru. I thought more about their relationships. Kimimaro and Jugo were together, it had been self-evident from the start. Sasuke flirted with Sakura and Karin, too, but I know he and Naruto have also had fun together. And then there's Suigetsu. And speaking of him…

"Where are you going?"

Suigetsu frowned at Jugo's question. "Downstairs. You don't want to join, I guess."

"Not really", Jugo stated. "Take Sai with you. I guess Sakon and Tayuya are soon moving to their next base."

I looked at the whitette, giving him a slight, asking smile. That was my chance to talk with him more private. And I was sure I don't want to watch Sakon and Tayuya making-out. "If it doesn't bother you?"

I guess it didn't bother, not much at least. I mean he just shrugged and I followed him, neither of us said anything. In the main hall he stopped to chat with some people I didn't know. I just followed him like a shadow, paying only a little attention on anyone else but him. I was starting to feel like a hopeless teenage girl, not to mention I already knew it was happening sooner or later. It was much quieter outside because of chilly air. Almost everyone preferred staying indoors, partying hard. No kidding, I didn't.

"It must be boring", Suigetsu said suddenly, breaking the silence. I glanced at him, surprised.


He made a small pout, probably thinking that I hadn't paid any attention on him. "To be asked to come a party where we don't actually even make a night of it. It's kinda… stupid."

"It's not", I replied. "I don't even like to party. Not that way at least. It's nothing like me. I prefer it this way."

There was a moment of silence. Suigetsu looked at me, frowning. I thought he had noticed that I had been staring at him.

"I don't want to talk about it", he spat.

"About what?" I asked.

"About that whole mental hospital thing. And you want ask about it."

"No, I don't", I said quickly, lying of course. I was curious about it but I didn't want to push, at all to be honest. It seemed to be a touchy subject.

"It's in your eyes", Suigetsu noted. I turned around to hide my blush. He had looked at my eyes, my mind squealed.

"Well, you don't have to tell", I mumbled, hiding as well as I could my sudden burst of happiness. Goddammit, why did this turn to that?! Another moment of an awkward silence.

"I didn't cut my wrists, if you ever suspected of that", Suigetsu mumbled finally.

I blinked. "I thought you didn't want to talk about it."

"I just said."

"I never suspected."



Suigetsu frowned, seeming very annoyed. "Argh, whatever. I'll tell", he groaned. I gave him a smile, and he began explaining his past. "My elder brother was a member in gang called 'Seven Swordsmen of the Mist'", he told with a slight grin curling his lips. "They didn't actually have swords, just different kinds of knives. They did all kinds of bad things, like cutting tires and making graffiti and sometimes even breaking windows. Nothing very serious or dangerous, though. I had always wanted to join them."

I couldn't help but smile even wider. His voice was full of happiness and I could have listened to him for hours but his tone changed soon after. "But the gang broke up when couple of its founders got arrested", he sighed and drank the rest of his drink. "Including my brother."

I tilted my head. "What happened next?" I asked.

"Well, I decided to set the gang up for its second generation since I never get to join the original one", Suigetsu explained. "It went kinda smoothly until I started to want some more challenge so I emptied the tires of a car in front of the police station."

My eyes widened. What kind of person does that?! Oh, right. Suigetsu laughed at my face. I probably looked like I had just fallen from a tree.

"So I got caught and I accidentally cut two polices during the time they followed me, and I kinda redecorated the police car with a knife I had hidden into my shoe", he continued when I had got over the shock. He grinned abashedly. "I kinda ended up in the luna-house after I did all that and failed all my mental tests which they had made to look like an interview 'cause I was trying to be sarcastic. That was pretty much my story."

I was quiet for a moment. I felt a little now that I knew him a little better. He could trust me enough to tell about his past. It made me feel… more important to him. I wanted our friendship to last. I wanted to be a friend he could tell anything.

"Thank you", I said with a voice not louder than a whisper. "Thank you for trusting me." He heard what I said and gave me one of those sweet, feral grins.

"Thanks for listening and not criticizing me", he said. "I mean, everybody makes mistakes. Some just make many of them, like me."

"Whenever", I said and gulped. "Whenever you want to talk, I'm always here to listen."

Suigetsu grinned. "I keep that on mind, Sai."

I blushed slightly but the darkness covered it well. He was my friend, my dear friend, but I couldn't do anything but fell in love with him over and over again.