The hollow stares at Ichigo with a look that could burn through Ichigo's sou:

- ... Fine... If we're supposed to start all over- I'm reveal to you that since I am you my name would be Kurosaki Ichigo.

- Mind if I give you another name then?

- Sure, go right f*cking ahead.

This was so weird and very cliché for some reason...

- Shirosaki Hichigo.

- Nice one, genius...

Ichigo gets up but he looks exhausted already, Hichigo sighs and crosses his arms.

- So-... from the beginning, huh?

- Yeah, probably

Ichigo couldn't help but smile a little; he's not that big of a sick psycho when you have a serious talk with him. Hichigo still had an attitude that demanded respect though.

- Now back to the discussion we had before... Why are you here?

- I- er-... I came to train.

Hichigo smiles widely:

-So that's it? You came here to get your ass kicked, huh? Fine, bring it on!

Ichigo draws his sword and steps back to take some distance from his opponent, Hichigo draws his sword and takes even more distance:

- Ready?!

- HEY! Don't steal my line!

- I take that as a yes!

They slam together, Hichigo seems to have a glare of death and Ichigo simply imitates it so that they'd both be on the same level more or less. Ichigo slams into Hichigo and attacks from every possible direction, forcing Hichigo to block every attack. But when Ichigo pauses to catch his breath Hichigo comes up close to Ichigo's ear and whispers:

- Heh! You've improved... Ichigo... But still not good ENOUGH!

Hichigo sends Ichigo flying with a getsuga tenshou and Ichigo land gracefully some meters/feet away:

- Heh, playing dirty, huh? Well then-!

Ichigo stocks up a lot of energy and releases it but it misses Hichigo with a hair:


When 1 minute has passed outside, 1 hour more or less has passed in here, so this could continue for an what would seem like an eternity and nothing would have happened outside.

- Ichigo, stop thinking about other stuff while fighting, focus on the battle and no less than winning it.

- What are you saying?

- I'm saying that you think of the consequences too much, what happens if you lose? What will the others say? Don't ask me why I know that because some thoughts are simply written all over your face with a ballpoint pen.

- ... And?...

Hichigo suddenly appears in front of me and smiles one of his "You're screwed"-smiles:

- You'll never win by thinking of things other than victory.