(Chapter 3: Ichigo's perspective)

He stares at me with a look that could burn through my soul;

-...Fine...If we're supposed to start all over-...my name is Shirosaki, Shirosaki Hichigo, call me Hichi if ya want, or whatever...

Hichigo dries away the blood on his cheeks, he already knew who I was, but;

-Where did you get that name from?

-Ain't it obvious, king? Since we're almost the same person-

-Ok, I get it, same – same but different, or what?

-Exactly, genius Ichi...

O well, I guess I got to have a nickname too. As long as he doesn't call me king all the time. I help him up and smile friendly;

-So-...from the beginnin', ey?

-Yes, a bit like that. ^^

I can't help but smile a little, he's not that big of a sick psycho when you talk a bit with him.

-Now back to the discussion we had before...why are ya here?

-I-...I came to train.

Hichigo smiles wide;

-So that's it? Ya came here to get yer ass even more kicked than it already is, huh? Fine, bring it on! XD

I draw my sword and take a little distance and Hichi takes even more distance;


-HEY! Don't steal my line! XD

-I take that as a yes! Xp

We slam together in combat, he stares deadly in my eyes and I do the same. Engaging in battle with him of my own free will, somehow gets me a little amused. I force him to block a couple of times;

-KEH! You've improved...Ichigo...CB

He whispers in my ear and pushes me back.

-But not good ENOUGH! XD

He sends me flying with a getsuga tenshou and I land a couple of meters away;

-He, playing dirty, huh? Well then-!

I stock up a lot of energy and release it but it misses him;


It's not like it has been 9 minutes here and 9 minutes outside of my inner world, only 3 minutes...or less, I dunno. When about 1 hour and 46 minutes has passed here;

-Ichigo, the reason I'm-...it's because-...

He takes a pause, starts to scratch his neck and looks troubled.

-...Yeah?...Come on Hichigo, spit it out already!...

-The truth is Ichigo-...

He takes another pause, this begins to give me shivers up my spine

-The truth is that I-...I...

/I'm pulling the story out longer to build up a lot of tension, bear with me ok? ^^ And don't blame me for doing smileys in the middle of the story, 'cuz, after all, a picture tells you sometimes more than words doesn't it? ^^