Sam and Dean had just entered the Johnston high school in Iowa. They had heard that there was a prophet who lived her and they knew where to start. They had gotten a voicemail on one of their dad's old phones. They think that it's her. So they already had her name now they just needed to find her. Dean walked right up the schools secretary and began to flirt with her, Sam rolled his eyes and waited.

"Anyways," Sam said finally. "We're with the Des Moines Register."

"Yeah, we're looking for Rebekka Lane." Dean added. "She expressed that she wanted to join the paper when she graduates, we understand that she's a senior."

"I'm sorry but i can't give out student information." the secretary, Lacey, told them.

"We're just here to set up an interview time." We'd like to get to know her before we consider hiring her for our paper." Sam lied. Dean continued flirting with her trying to get the info they needed. As he did, Sam noticed a female student by the filing cabinets. She was watching him and Dean over her shoulder and she was texting someone. When she notice Sam was watching her she slipped into one of the smaller rooms in the office so she was out of his sight.

Rebekka was sitting in her fourth hour english class when her phone began to vibrate. She stood up immediately and approached her teacher.
"Mrs. Graeve, I know you don't like cell phones and you tell us to disconnect everyday but it's my mom calling, can I please take this call?" She asked.

"That's fine Bekka, go ahead and use the hall." My teacher said. "But just this once."

"Kaylee," Bekka said into the phone once she was in the all and away from the room. "You cost me my one phone call."

"Yeah, I don't see why you like that teacher." Kaylee said.

"What's so important?" Bekka asked with a sigh.

"They are two hot guys in the office asking for you by name." Kaylee replied. "They said they were from the Des Moines register."

"What do you think?" Bekka asked her.

"They're lying through their teeth." Kaylee responded.

"Send me a pic." bekka ordered before she hung up. She pretended to be talking still just in case.

Kaylee looked through the window on the door and took a quick picture of the two guys. One was still flirting with Lacey and the other looked annoyed by it. She sent the picture and called Rebekka back.
"You see them?" Kaylee asked.

"Yeah." Bekka replied. "I think we should get out of here."

"You beat them in a poker game didn't you." Kaylee accused.

"I haven't played anyone in a month." Bekka defended. "Just head to the nurse and play sick. Tell your mom that i'll drive you home."

"What about you?" Kaylee asked.

"I'm legally an adult and my mom doesn't really care." Bekka replied. "I'll just fake a family emergency."

"I'll meet you outside then." Kaylee said before hanging up.

Out in the parking lot Kaylee headed to Bekka's Blue ford mustang and waited. When Bekka got out to it they both got in.
"We've got to do this more often." Kaylee said. "So, what's our plan?"

"I snuck past them on my way out." Bekka told her. "They're real names are Sam and Dean. Now that I have names I can find them."

"I thought you told your mom you wouldn't hack anymore." Kaylee pointed out.

"I told her i wouldn't hack unless it was necessary and i'd say this is necessary." Bekka stated.

When they got to Bekka's house, they went down to Bekka's room in the basement that she called her office. It held all of her technology and equipment that she used to hack. Once she got down there she started everything up and sat down on her futon.
"Alright kids," She said to her equipment. "Time to wake up."

"You're so weird." Kaylee told her.

"Thanks for your support." Bekka said sarcastically."

"You're welcome." Kaylee smirked. "Now, can I raid your snacks?"

"Yeah go ahead, upstairs in the cupboard." Bekka replied. "I'll just be here."

When Kaylee got back with her arms full of snacks and peach snapple, Bekka had everything on and already had stuff pulled up on the two guys. Kaylee sat down with her snacks and waited for bekka to finish reading the info.

"What's the verdict?" Kaylee asked as Bekka sat back.

"It says they're serial killers." Bekka told her.

"What!?" Kaylee exclaimed dropping a full box of oreos. She quickly picked them back up and set them on the coffee table. She sat down next to bekka to read the info.

"I don't think it's true though." Bekka said. "After that one summer i don't know what to trust."

"You mean that one thing that happened with that one guy who saved our life from that creepy monster thing?" Kaylee asked.

"Yeah," Bekka replied "These are his sons."

"Really?" Kaylee said surprised. She got up and took a closer look. "Dean Winchester, I call him."

"I bet he's got a girlfriend." Bekka told her. "That or a hate/love relationship that ends in marriage."

"Yeah probably but i can still dream." Kaylee remarked.