Kaylee woke up in a room with white floors and white walls. There was suddenly a man pulling her to her feet. she tried to push him away but he held her arms tightly.

"quit struggling." the man said. "Or we'll be eating you for dinner."

"It'd be tempting but I think we'll keep her alive." Another man spoke up as he walking into the room and extended a hand to her. "Kaylee right? I'm Dick."

"The people eating, black blood monster?" Kaylee asked curiously. She looked him up and down. "You could have picked a better name."

"You are fascinating, Kaylee." Dick said. "You're in the presence of 'monsters' and you don't even bat an eye."

"I've met the king of hell, and death." Kaylee shrugged.

"You are brave i'll give you that." Dick commented. then he turned to the man holding onto her arms. "Edgar, put her in with the boy."

Bekka was in the kitchen with Ella making dinner. Leo was attempting to help but ended up being kicked out. Everyone else was in the living room working on a plan to kill Dick Roman to relay to sam and dean. Bekka went to sit down next to Kaylee but as she turned from the kitchen she stopped. She felt it coming before it happened, another one of her visions. The glass she was holding, slipped from her hands and shattered on the floor as the images flashed in her mind. Everyone turned their heads to look at her, and both Rowan and Leo rushed to help pick up the glass.

"it slipped..." Bekka managed in a shaky voice. By now Ella knew the signs of the premonitions and guided Bekka to the kitchen table.

"What did you see?" Ella asked in a hushed voice as the Leo finished picking up the glass and returned to the living room. "Take a deep breath and tell me."

"Ellie," Bekka managed. "I saw Ellie, she was withering away in a hospital bed. The Caladrius was there but it couldn't do anything."

"Well there's no way in hell that's happening." Ella said. Bekka looked at her curiously. "No way am I putting my sister in the hospital, she hates those places, they freak her out."

"So far all my visions have happened." Bekka spoke with a miserable tone.

"Except that one with Rowan." Ella reminded her.

"...my vision of Rowan could still happen." Bekka stated.

"Have you noticed that these 'visions' have made you a very depressing person?" Ella asked.

"now that you mention it, yes. I did notice that." Bekka replied.

"Hey," Ellie called from the living room. "Are guys going to join our pow wow or what?"

"coming..." Bekka sighed. The two entered the living room and sat down with everyone. They noticed that Rowan had ditched, Bekka could just hear the muffled sound of her music."No Rowan then?"

"She's pissed that Dean hasn't called her." Leo spoke up.

"I'm pissed he hasn't called any of us." Ella said.

"Maybe they don't need our help yet." Kaylee offered.

"It's not that they don't need help it's that they think they can do it on their own." Ellie told them. "They're idiots, they think like that."

"Well, I think we should wait til Rowan's up for a 'let's plan Dick's death' party." Leo said.

"I'm with him." Bekka stated. "I'm so tired i'm not even hungry."

Without another word Bekka went upstairs. When she passed Rowan's room she could hear the sound of things breaking and being thrown about. She thought about going in to see if Rowan wanted to talk, but Bekka knew that Rowan wouldn't know how to voice her thoughts in her frustrated state. Bekka turned from Rowan's door and continued to her room. She fell into her bed, pulling the covers around her before falling asleep.

Edgar was a millisecond away from eating Kaylee, her chitchat was wearing down his self control. She could tell that it was. He continued to glare at her as he escorted her through the halls. She just smiled at his glare and continued talking.

"So do you get dental? I'm mean you're an evil minion right? do you have a union? it there an 800 number I can call and get evil minions?" Kaylee asked. "Is there a hotline for you guys when you get fed up with your bosses?"

"be quiet!" edgar growled. He opened a door and shoved her into a room. She fell to the floor inside and a cute asian boy knelt by her to see if she was okay.

"I guess he doesn't have a union or dental." Kaylee managed. "Hey, how's it goin'?"

"Who are you?" The boy asked. "Do I know you?"

"Nope," Kaylee responded "you don't know me, cute asian boy."

"It's kevin." the boy told her.

"that Dick guy. he's a creep." Kaylee went on. "why're you hanging out with him cute asian boy?"

"My name's Kevin." Kevin repeated.

"Right." Kaylee said. "I'm Kaylee. K & K, we could start a band."

"Did you hit your head or are you always like this?" Kevin asked.

"It's my defense mechanism." Kaylee told him. "But i am willing to mature for the time being to find a way out of here. you would happen to have a phone would you?"

"no," Kevin responded.

"Damn, if we had a phone i could call sam and dean." Kaylee muttered.

"You know sam and dean?" Kevin asked.

"yeah? im guessing you do too." Kaylee said. "you must be the prophet kid they told us about. Which means Dick has the tabletly thing. We really got to get out of here."

It was early in the morning when Bekka woke up. Kaylee was asleep in her bed so Bekka got up and dressed as quietly as she could before going to check on Rowan. Bekka opened the door to Rowan's room to find her gone. The room was trashed and Bekka stepped in carefully. It wasn't like Rowan to get up this early. Sure Rowan got up early in the mornings, but not five in the morning early. More like six-thirty or seven. Bekka was going to turn and leave when she spotted Rowan's phone on the floor by the wall. The back was off and the battery had fallen out. Bekka stooped down to pick up the pieces and put them back together. When she turned the phone on she saw Rowan had a missed call from Dean. Bekka instantly hit redial not caring that it wasn't her phone.

"Rowan?" Dean's voice came over the phone.

"It's Bekka." She replied.

"Bekka? Why do you have Rowan's phone?" He asked.

"Well, she kinda threw it against the wall and knocked the battery out." Bekka answered.

"Shit.." Dean said. "She pissed cause I haven't called her."

"We're all pissed you guys haven't called any of us." Bekka informed him.

"look, that doesn't matter right now. I'll make it up to Rowan later." Dean said. "Sam and I have a plan to kill Dick."

"That's good news," Bekka said. "Do you need us to do anything?"

"No," Dean replied. "we'll handle this."

"The other's won't like that answer," Bekka told him. "I'm not sure i like it either."

"This is going to be dangerous Bekka. Sam and I want to keep you guys safe." Dean explained. "If we fail at least there's you guys for round two."

"Alright. I'll wake everyone." Bekka said.


Kaylee has unwittingly managed to be in two places at once.

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