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You're Mine Now: Chapter One

It was an all out war between the demons and the angels. This war has been brewing over the past few years, it only took one push to get the opposing sides to snap. That push involved the kidnapping of the princess of all Angels, Konan. Konan was taken right from her bed in the middle of the night and taken into demonic territory. The officials were so angry that they made a declaration of war on the demons, and demanded that she'd be returned to them. They, of course, refused to return her, so the angels devised a plan to attack and rescue her.

Deidara split from a group of fighting angels, panting lightly. His mind was whirling; blood was spilt all over his clothes, splattered over his wings. He had a long gash on his stomach, a courtesy of a dog demon he just fought. It wasn't too deep and it had stopped bleeding already. He had other injuries, but not too deep either.

He couldn't believe that they had resorted to an all out war, over the kidnapping of one girl! Well, she was the princess of all angels, a true spiritual being indeed, but still! He surveyed the battle ground wearily, which so happened to be the courtyard of the demon's castle, demons and angels alike fell, blood spurted all over the battleground. It was nasty indeed. Deidara himself was sporting some wounds, but nothing too fatal. He slipped off and headed into the castle, unnoticed by the groups of shrieking and battling angels and demons. He'd been given the assignment to find and save Konan, even if it had to be on his own.

The castle was creepy, to put it in the simplest way. It was very dark, torches hung along the gray walls of said castle, there was barely enough light to see ahead of him. He had no idea where he was going, but he couldn't just leave. He had to find Konan. The sooner he found her the sooner he and the rest of his companions could retreat back to the angel realm.

He found a flight of stairs and creeped up them. Licking his lips in anticipation, he appeared at the top of them, to find himself in another creepy ass hallway. He kept his guard up as he headed down this hall, though everyone was probably out and fighting outside. He continued to walk until he found himself at yet another staircase, and another. He groaned and rubbed his forehead, how many stairs did this place have? Seriously! He walked down the hallway to find himself at a row of doors. Oh great. Maybe Konan was in one of these? But wouldn't they keep prisoners down in the dungeon or something? He wasn't sure. But it wouldn't hurt trying, right? His instructions were to search the castle up and down after all.

He went to the first door he saw and threw it open, taking a step inside. It looked to be an office of some sort, nothing interesting. He left and continued his search, the other rooms proving to be empty and uninteresting as well.

He got to the last door, which was located at the very end of the hall. Sucking in a deep breath, he grabbed the door handle. If this room was empty, then he'd have to head all the way down into the dungeons to see if Konan was there. He didn't see any other passages to go through anyways.

He let out a soft sigh and slowly pushed the door open, squinting his eyes when he saw that there was hardly any light inside. Though the room looked pretty much empty… It looked to be a bedroom of some sort, and pretty damn big at that. There was a large bed at the end of the room, near it was a bookshelf. There was a desk seated in the far corner of the room, the carpet was soft looking but black. Everything in the room was black. So depressing… Hardly artistic at all.

It was obvious that Konan wasn't here, so he decided to leave and head down into the dungeon. Just as he was about to turn around, the door behind him slammed. He gasped in shock and his heart leaped. And just as he turned around, he felt himself be thrown down onto the ground, "Gah?!"

A figure hovered over him, "I seem to have a trespasser on my hands," he mused. It was obvious that the man above him was a male, but Deidera still couldn't see his face since the room was so dark, the only light he had before was the one spilling in through the now closed door. Deidara gulped and crawled backwards away.

"R- return the princess to us!" he says boldly, trying to sound brave and confident, "She doesn't belong in this malicious realm of yours!"

A chuckle vibrated from the stranger's throat, "No can do."

Deidara growled in irritation, "You will not win this war! The good always wins and evil always loses! That's just the way it is, it's been like this for all of eternity! You will not rule our world or the other worlds to come."

The dark figure chuckled, "You keep believing that, little angel," it suddenly moved closer, making Deidara scoot back and his blue eyes widen a bit.

"St- stay away," the blond hissed, his blue eyes fierce.

"Or you'll do what?" he knelt down in front of him and leaned close to his face. Now, Deidara could clearly see him. He was admittedly handsome, his face was elegant looking, there were lines coming down from his nose and towards his cheeks. His eyes were a beautiful color of black. His hair was long, maybe all the way down to his hips, and pulled into a low pony tail. His smirk was sexy, but for some reason it only made Deidera angrier, "You've lost a lot of blood, and I haven't even been down to fight yet," he chuckled and his grin widened.

"Wh- what are you doing…" Deidara mumbled and scooted back, until his back hit the back of the males large bed.

"Now that you ventured into my room, and my castle, I can't let you leave," he gripped Deidara's wrists in a harsh hold, "Alive."

Deidara's gulped, could he take on a demon, injured and weak as he is? Probably not. He tried to think of a way to get out of this alive, nothing came up. But he wasn't going to give in so easily. He struggled in the males' hold, "L- Let me go!" he gasps, trying to get free.

The black haired demon smirked and grabbed his shoulders, pinning him against the front of the bed, "Not going to happen, little angel," he leaned down so that his mouth was at Deidara's ear, "You're mine now."

Deidara shuddered as he felt the male's breath ghost over his ear, and he tried to get away, turning his head away, "St- stop it! I don't belong to anyone!" he wriggled and tried to push at the males' shoulders, but he was stronger than him and easily kept him pinned.

"Sleep for now," The male murmured and opened his mouth slightly, showing sharp fangs. He leaned forward and sank his fangs into the blond's supple neck, tasting the iron of the blood as he began to suck, his hands keeping Deidara still.

Deidara's eyes widened in horror when he saw the fangs, 'V- vampire?!' he knew what the male was doing, and only struggled harder, "St- ahh!" Deidara cried out in pain when he felt fangs sink into his neck.

The vampire didn't take too much blood, only until Deidara passed out did he let go. He grinned ferally and pulled away, his fangs retracting from the male's supple neck. Yes, he'll keep this one as a personal pet of his. Angels' are so pure and innocent; it will be fun to corrupt this one. Is this one a virgin? No matter, he'll just have to change that when the time comes. He grinned just at the thought. He lifted the angel up and carried him to his bed; he laid him down under the covers and pulled them up over him.

He took this moment to really admire the angel's beauty. He looked almost like a girl, with that long blond hair of his and those blue eyes. His skin was soft and very tanned, just the vampire's type. He brushed blond bangs out the young angel's face so he could see him more clearly… Yes, he had a feeling he would be quite pleased with this one.

There was a knock on the door.

"Enter," he turned from the blond and to the door.

The door opened and in stepped one of the guards who were fighting below, "Itachi-sama," he stated and bowed a bit in respect, "The angels retreated for the today, we won this battle."

Itachi let out a soft sigh of relief, "How bad is it?"

His guard shrugged, "Not bad, but not good either… Few killed, plenty of injured. We have medics looking over the injured and others burying our fallen allies."

Itachi nods, "Good, thank you Hidan, and one more thing…" he looked back at the angel sleeping in his bed, "Send Karin up here, my new pet is injured and needs healing if he's going to be of any use."

Hidan looked at the angel sleeping in the bed and blinked his bedroomy eyes in confusion. So now Itachi's got a new pet, eh? And an angel too! Hidan nodded once he looked back at the prince, "Understood," he bowed again and backed out the room, closing the door behind him.

Itachi turned back to the angel and sat at the edge of his bed, now just watching Deidara sleep. Though his mind was whirling with plans of what he'll do to this perfect being once he wakes up.

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