You're Mine Now: Chapter Two

Deidara slowly began to wake up. He had a pounding headache and his limbs were sore. He shifted on the black silk sheets a bit and opened his eyes only to be greeted by darkness. His wings had retracted back into his back while he was asleep. As he looked down at himself, he noticed that his shirt was missing, and that his wounds were wrapped in whit gauze. He blinked in confusion and rubbed hie eyelids.

Then, it hit him. The attack, the castle, princess Konan, that vampire! He sat up so fast that a flash of pain went through him, his head spinning from the blood loss, "Ow, un," he mumbled and laid back down, his blue eye fixated on the ceiling.

"Mm, I wouldn't move so much if I were you," a voice as smooth as honey said in the darkness of the room, "Those injuries are pretty bad, you won't be able to move for a few days."

Deidara froze, then anger bubbled up in his stomach as he remembered what the vampire jerk did to him. He grit his teeth, "You! You stupid vamp! Don't drink my blood without asking me permission first, un!" he hissed into the darkness, even though he couldn't see him, "That hurt like a bitch!" he touched the spot where the vamp drank from him. It surprisingly wasn't as bad as he thought it was.

Suddenly, a dark figure loomed over him. Deidara gasped in shock when he found himself pinned firmly down onto the mattress, looking up at the vampire, who was smirking. He was taken aback by his beauty, and had to shake himself out of it, "That's cute."

Deidara felt heat rise to his cheeks, "Wh- what is?"

"How you say 'un' after every sentence. It's very cute," Itachi leaned downwards more, his face hovering near Deidara's.

"H- hey! Get off me, un!" Deidara began to wriggle a bit, trying to pry himself from Itachi's hold. Though his injuries hurt, he ignored the pain, "I- I need to go back-"

"No, you don't," Itachi responded as he lowered his mouth to his pretty blonds neck, letting his teeth graze the skin there, easily keeping the weaker male pinned there, "Your little angel friends retreated and left without you."

Deidara's eyes widened, "Y- you're lying un," he whispered, his struggling ceasing for a moment as he looked up at the ceiling. His comrades wouldn't just ditch him like that, would they?

"What reason would I have to lie?" Itachi asked against Deidara's neck.

"To keep me here!" he hissed in response.

"Point, but it's the truth, whether you believe me or not," Itachi replied simply, his free hand started to wander. It was rubbing over the angel's chest, gently plucking his nipples. This cause the blond to cry out softly and blush darkly, "Forget them, you are mine now."

Deidara shuddered at that, the feeling of Itachi's warm breath on his enck and his cool hands touching him all over was almost too much, "Pl- please, st- stop it... I- I'm not your property, un!" he whimpered softly, beginning to struggle again, "G- get off!" he added, trying to twist around in the males arms to get away.

"You belong to me now, just accept it and give into me," Itachi hissed and licked the area where'd he'd bitten before. This caused electrical sparks to run up Deidara's spine, and he let out a small moan at the stimulation. Itachi smirked; his bite was not only marking Deidara as his, but also a sex stimulator for the younger boy.

The blond continued to try and struggle free as Itachi moved down, finding a nipple and suckling on it. Deidara whimpered in pleasure and arched his back unwillingly, his struggles growing weak. Though he didn't give up as he tried to pry his wrists free.

"Mm, this won't work if you keep struggling," Itachi grunted as he moved off his nipple, now hovering above him, "So I'll just have to make you want it."

"Want what? A- ah!" Deidara cried out loudly when Itachi suddenly slipped his hand down and squeezed his semi-hard cock through his thin pants. He's never been touched there before. The vampire was only rubbing him through his pants and it felt like pure heaven to the blond. He let his head fall back onto the pillow, his golden hair spilling over the black sheets and pillow.

Itachi chuckled as he watched the blond's face twist up in pleasure, "You're so sensitive," he purred and suddenly had a black sash in his hand. Deidara's eyes widened when he found his wrists being tied to the headboard above him. Escape impossible, "N- no!"

"Angels really are pure and innocent," he mused as he proceeded to rub Deidara through his pants, his other hand now free to twist and rub his nipples, "You're a virgin aren't you?"

"S- so what if I am?! Stop it and untie me, un!" he shrieked and shifted a bit, but he couldn't get away with his wrists tied together like this.

Itachi grinned even wider. He wanted to taint this little angel's innocence like a little kid wanted the most candy on Halloween. He massaged the boy for a few more moments before his hand lifted and grabbed the top of the angel's sweats. Deidara gasped and looked down at him with wide eyes, "Wh- what?"

Itachi grinned as he exposed the soft flesh to his hungry eyes, licking his lips as he stared at Deidara's erect cock. Deidara was beautiful, as expected. He licked his lips a bit at the pale, and slightly pink soft flesh that was exposed to him, just below a mess of blond curls, "Hm," he mused and poked the head gently with his index finger. Making Deidara squeak in pleasure and arch his back a bit, "You're this erect already, do I turn you on that much?"

"N- no!" Deidara whined as Itachi pumped his bare cock,m "A- ahh!" he threw his head back and moaned to the high heavens. It felt so damn good. He hated his body for liking this, but he did. He turned his head to the side and squirmed a bit as Itachi's movements slowed a bit.

Itachi chuckled as he lowered his head and gave the head of his cock a teasing lick. Deidara gasped and panted loudly as Itachi fully engulfed him in his mouth, his head bobbing swiftly over the males erect cock and his hands gripping the blond's pale supple hips.

Itachi's left hand moved to play with his balls as his right hand slid up and played with his nipples. He adored the moans that were coming from his little pet. Deidara was a panting and moaning mess and Itachi hardly even got started yet. He let his tongue flick out and brush over the males cock a few times as his hand continued to play with his balls. His black eyes stared up at Deidara's face, which was twisted up in pleasure. His mouth was hanging open and song like moans were spilling from his pink lips.

'So sexy... I could listen to that forever,' Itachi thought to himself as he grinned around Deidara's cock, his mouth starting to move in an up and down motion again as he continued to suck him like he was the sweetest of candy.

Deidara was in heaven right now. His breath coming out in short pants as he stared up at the ceiling. This felt so good. Better than anything he's ever experienced in his whole life.

Itachi chuckled around the other's cock at his cute little moans. His hand still pumping him lightly, he teases, "You're so sensitive, I think you're going to come any moment now."

"Sh- shut up! A- ahh!" Deidara threw his head back as Itachi suddenly engulfed him again. Oh god… He felt something drawing near, but he didn't know what. It scared him, he didn't want this. This was his first time doing anything like this… And he didn't even know what this was supposed to be…

A smirk formed on Itachi's lips around the pale cock he was sucking, his angel was going to come. He himself could feel the orgasm that was drawing near for the angel.

"A- ah!" Deidara cried out his loudest when suddenly a heavenly feeling washed over him. He released… Something right into the vampire's mouth, a whimper escaping his lips but that felt so damn good… He never had that feeling before… It was so amazing…

Itachi swallowed all of the angel's come and pulled off of him. He wasn't surprised by the quantity, hell, he probably just gave Deidara his first orgasm. The thought made Itachi admittedly happy.

"You came a lot," Itachi mused and crawled back up the males' slender body, "Was that your first orgasm? Did it feel good?"

Deidara felt heat rush to his cheeks, "Sh- shut up…" he mumbled, still in a bit of an orgasmic haze.

Itachi smiled and leaned down, pressing his lips against his in a soft kiss. The angels' eyes widened in surprise but he didn't fight him. He merely laid there and let the vampire kiss him deep until he finally broke the kiss, smiling down at the angel with that irritating smirk.

Itachi looked down at the out of breath blond and suddenly remembered something, "Oh, and I'm Itachi. I never told you my name, did I?" he grinned and leaned down, pressing his forehead to his, "Yours?" he prompted.

Deidara was beginning to come out his haze as he muttered, "I- I'm Deidara."

Itachi smiled when the angel told him his name, he was half expecting the angel to refuse him, "Well, now that introductions are out of the way…" he grabbed Deidara's leg and hefted it over his shoulder, leaning over his smooth, tanned body, "Let's continue, Dei-chan."

"Don't call me Dei-chan, un!" Deidara shouted and began to struggle again, even though his hands were still tied, "N- no more! Please stop!"

The door to Itachi's room suddenly flew open, "Would you two shut up!?" a new voice boomed at the doorway, the door slamming against the wall once it made contact, "God dammit! Who can sleep with all this damn moaning coming from here?!"

Itachi looked over his shoulder irritably, "Did we disturb your sleep, brother?"

Deidara could still barely see thanks to the darkness of the room, but since the door was wide open, light spilled in from the hallway and he could see a young male standing in the doorway. He looked just like Itachi. Same black eyes, same black hair, except styled up in the back in a duck butt like fashion, drop dead handsome. He was well built and fit, only wearing low riding pajama pants. Deidara also noticed that the males torso and shoulder were wrapped up in gauze. He must've been fighting as well. Under his eyes were bags, he must've been up for quite a while now. No wonder he was irritable.

The kid narrowed his eyes a bit, "Who the hell is that?" he asked, an eyebrow raised at Deidara.

Itachi begrudgingly got off the blond finally, "This is Deidara, Sasuke," he introduces the two, "Sasuke, Deidara is my new pet."

" 'P- Pet'?!" Deidara stuttered in indignation.

"Hush," Itachi shushed him with a playful wink, making Deidara blush and look away.

The one how known as Sasuke rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his bare chest, "An angel?" he asked, sounding disgusted.

"Yes, an angel," Itachi chuckled at his baby brother.

Sasuke stared at Deidara for a moment longer, "Hn," he finally grunted and looked back at his older brother, "Keep it down, I had a long day and I'm very irritated."

Itachi opened his mouth to reply when a voice sounded from further back in the hallway, "Sasuke~! Come back to bed! I'm getting cold and lonely over here…"

Sasuke grinned, "Coming, Neji!" he called over his shoulder bfore looking back at Itachi, "Goodnight, nii-san. And goodnight, nii-san's new slut."

"I'M NOT A SLUT! Wh- whatever that is…" Deidara puffed out his cheeks in a pout and glared at the opposite wall, Sasuke leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

Itachi chuckled, "That was my little brother," he says, as if it weren't obvious, "He's cute, isn't he?"

"Not really," Deidara grumbled and looked back at the dark haired Uchiha.

Itachi sighed and begrudgingly untied Deidara's wrists, "I had so many things planned to do you, but since we got a complaint, let's just go to sleep now. Those things can wait," he pressed a finger to Deidara's lips and gave him a wink. Deidara's heart leapt and fluttered a bit at the man's actions, but he nodded and mumbled, "Whatever."

Deidara rubbed his numb wrists as he rolled onto his side so that his back was facing the Uchiha. He curled up like a kitten and pulled the sheets up to his nose. He closed his blue eyes and ignored the Uchiha next to him; he just wanted to get some sleep.

He twitched when he suddenly felt arms around him, pulling him against a strong chest, "Oi, get off!" Deidara grunted, not opening his eyes.

"No," was Itachi's simple reply as he nuzzled the back of Deidara's neck and planted a kiss on the blond locks, "Goodnight, Dei-chan."

"I told you not to call me that!"

"Yeah, yeah."