You're Mine Now: Chapter Three

Deidara woke up when a hand was tapping his shoulder. He groaned softly and rubbed his blue eyes, said eyes adjusting to the darkness and seeing the shape of a woman. He sat up a bit, "Mmgh?" he mumbled and pushed his blond hair out his eyes.

"Go- good morning, s- sir," a stuttering voice greeted him. Deidara's eyes adjusted and he was faced with a pretty girl wearing a maid's outfit, long violet hair, and big pale eyes like the moon. She was very attractive but obviously just a servant if she was wearing a maid's uniform. She was holding a tray out hesitatingly in front of her, and biting her lower lip a bit nervously.

"I- Itachi-sama instructed me to bring you breakfast," she murmured and offered him the tray.

Deidara didn't take it, "Where is Itachi?" he asked; looking to his side as if to check and seeing that the place Itachi was sleeping in was empty. There was a folded up piece of paper there though. He reached over and grabbed it, unfolding it and reading it.

'Dear Dei-chan, I'll be out for most of the day, I have some business with the officials to tend to. I'll see you tonight though, keep the bed warm for me. Oh… and don't try to escape, I've instructed the guards to keep a close watch on you.'

'Cocky bastard…' Deidara thought angrily to himself as he crumpled up the note and tossed it aside. He then grabbed the tray from the woman, "Thank you," he mumbled begrudgingly as he picked up a biscuit and took a bite. It was surprisingly delicious and the butter was nice and warm.

"I- If there's anything else you n- need…" the girl murmured and bowed slightly, "L- let me know."

Deidara arched a brow at the girl as she turned and began to walk away.

"Oi," Deidara stops her as he takes a sip of the orange juice on the tray, "You, what's your name?" he asked.

The girl was quiet for a moment, she turned to face him again, "U- Um, I- I'm Hinata Hyuga, s- sir."

"What are you?" Deidara asked in a blank tone, his burning blue gaze never leaving the girl.

It took a moment for her to catch on. When she did, she nibbled her lower lip and looked at the ground, her feet shifting, "I- I'm a human, sir."

Deidara 'tched' and looked away, "I should've known, demons would even stoop so low to abduct teenage girls and force them into servitude. Disgusting."

"I- it's not like that sir, I- I want to be here," the girl says quickly.

Deidara nearly spat out his orange juice and looked at her in shock, "Y- you do?!"

Hinata nods, "Y- yes," she says softly, "My cousin and I were abandoned by our families and left to live in the streets. We were homeless, dirty, and starving. I- Itachi-sama and his brother found us and decided to take us in… I really like it here and everyone's so kind to me. I- It's not as bad as you think. Itachi-sama is really a good person."

Deidara wasn't too convinced but didn't argue with the human on that. He let out a soft sigh as she scampered out the room. The blond finished up his breakfast and set the tray to the side, climbing out of bed. He blushed when he realized he was bare naked, and ventured around the room until he found a door that lead to the bathroom. He went in and turned on the shower, hopping in and sighing in content when the hot water hit his sore muscles.

'I don't care if Itachi has every guard watching over me,' Deidara thought to himself in determination, 'I will find a way out of this place. But first, I have to find and rescue the princess.'

Once showered, Deidara dried off with one of the towels hanging on the towel rack and stepped out. He wandered into Itachi's room again and went over to his dresser. When he got near enough, he noticed that there was a pile of clothes folded neatly on top of the dresser. On top of them, a piece of paper with his name written on it laid there. He grabbed the clothes, figuring they were for him, and began to get dressed. In the end, he had on white boxers under white pants, and a long sleeved white shirt to match. His blond hair was down and spilling down his back, he hated not having a hair tie to pull it up.

Deidara walked out the room and into the hallway. He passed by a set of windows and looked out, seeing nothing but night time outside with a full moon gleaming in the sky. Didn't the girl say 'breakfast'? Is it night time all the time in the demonic realm? He sighed and kept walking. He walked down the stairs and into another hallway.

There, he saw something, or rather someone, who caught his eye. She was leaning against the wall and staring out the window with a dreamy expression on her attractive face. She wore a pure white floor length dress with no sleeves. Her purple hair was down and brushing her shoulders, her pale hands folded behind her.

Deidara instantly recognized her, "Princess Konan!"

Konan jumped a bit and looked over at him, her amber eyes wide, "De- Deidara?"

Deidara all but ran over and bowed to her, "Princess, it was my assignment to bring you back to your home. I'm glad to see that you are faring well, but we must get back. I have a plan to get out of here."

Konan was still shocked for a moment before letting out a sigh and looking down at him, "I don't want to go home, Deidara."

Deidara looked back up at her, "W- what?" he stammered, his blue eyes wide.

"I wanted to come here," Konan continues and rubs the back of her purple head, "I came here on my own I was not kidnapped."

Deidara felt like the whole room was spinning as the shock settled in, Konan wanted to be here. She wasn't kidnapped, "B- but why? Wh- why would you want to come to a evil realm like this one? A holy being like you doesn't belong here, wh- why would you… betray us?" he whispered the last part.

Konan sighed, "I hated it there, Deidara. They were forcing me to marry a man I didn't know, and I was all alone. Here, I am happy being with the one that I am actually in love with. I don't regret my decision, and I never betrayed anyone."

Deidara was still in shock… Then he slowly grew angry, "How could you?!" he burst out, not caring that he was disrespecting the princess, "We just went into a war over you! Don't you realize what trouble you've caused?! We lost angels last night, people died because they thought that you needed saving!"

Konan looked saddened by that, "That was never supposed to happen," she murmured and turned back to the window, "I don't know how I can fix this so both sides would be happy."

Deidara grit his teeth, "I'm getting out of here anyways," he mumbled and walked right past her, "I'll relay the news that it is the princess' free will to be here. We'll see where it goes from there," he hissed before continuing to walk down the hall and down a flight of stairs, livid.

The blond stomped down the stairs, his anger boiling over as he ran through his thoughts. The princess came here on her own free will… How could she do that to them? Deidara lost friends in that horrible battle, and he thought it was worth it if he saved the princess, only to realize that she didn't want to be saved at all! The blond's hand clenched into a tight fist and he slammed it against the stone wall. Pain shot up his arm, but luckily he didn't break it.

'I have to get this news to the Archangels,' Deidara thought to himself, his head spinning and his mind racing, 'before they try to attack again!' Deidara wouldn't be able to live with himself if he allowed them to attack needlessly again.

He didn't want to lose any more of his friends.

He crept down the stairs and along hallways, managing to duck past guards, servants, and what seemed to be other members of the Uchiha family. Deidara kept in the shadows, and managed to get to the bottom floor. He was about to take the hallway that he assumed lead to the back when he heard a noise.

At first he thought someone was eating something until he started hearing sighs of pleasure. The angel blushed and peered curiously around the corner to see the vampire from last night, Itachi's younger brother, kissing a long haired human in the hallway. Both men were pawing at each other, groping where they could and not even breaking away to breathe. The brunette was melting under the Uchiha's touches, and the PDA was making Deidara want to hurl.

Deidara stepped away, feeling like he was invading their privacy by watching them like this. But now he couldn't get to the back exit because they were making out in front of it, and if the Uchiha brat saw him try to sneak past them, he would surely call the guards.

The blond headed off, now his goal was to find some sort of side door leading out. He made his way through the damp halls until he saw a door, and opened it. By the looks of it, the stairway lead downstairs, maybe to a basement. Maybe there was a door down there that would lead outside. There was a small chance, one he was willing to take.

After making sure the coast was clear, Deidara slipped inside and closed the door behind him. He walked down the stairs to find that he was not in the basement, but a dungeon. Cells were lined against both sides of the large hall, some had people in them, some didn't. Cat calls followed him as he made his way nervously down the hall, some prisoners actually reaching through the bars of his cell to try and grab him. He squealed and jumped away, before rushing forwards, still looking for an exit route when a flash of red hair caught his eye.

He looked up, and in a particular cell, he couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing.

"S- Sasori?"

Sasori was an Archangel, a few ranks higher then Deidara himself was. He was highly respected among all of the angels, and yet here he was, sitting on the stack of hay in the corner of the room and looking like complete shit. Bags under his eyes, brusies on his cheeks and neck and arms, and some gauze was wrapped around his bare torso.

There were others in the cell, too. Naruto Uzumaki. He was in the same rank as Deidara himself was, but he was a few years younger than him. He was loud and hyper active, but very strong willed and brave. He looked like Sasori, beaten down, defeated, and depressed.

Next to him, sat Gaara. Gaara was the same ranking as Sasori, and he was the general of the military section of the angel league. He wasn't in as bad shape as the others, but he looked just as depressed.

"Naruto? Gaara?"

All three looked up, and shock appeared on their faces upon seeing Deidara.


"Are you okay?"

"What happened?"

"Are you getting us out of here?"

Naruto was the one that asked most of the questions, while Sasori had a hint of hope in his brown eyes, and Gaara just looked emotionless as usual. Deidara tried to answer all the questions thrown at him, "I'm fine, I got kidnapped by one of the demons here, but I was trying to escape, and of course I'm getting you out of here!"

He looked down at the lock, it could probably be broken off with a big rock or a brick, but there was none lying around. So, Deidara touched the lock, closed his eyes, and focused his angelic powers. He wasn't able to use them earlier because of how injured he was, but he's recovered a bit of his spiritual powers now that he's healing. He coaxed the lock open, and soon, it popped open and fell off. Deidara pushed the cell door open and stepped aside to let the others come out.

"Deidara, I could kiss you!" Deidara was swept into a tight hug, given to him by Naruto. Deidara laughed softly and returned the hug, but soon, his spine was beginning to protest.

"That cracking noise you hear?" he managed to grunt out, "That's my spine!"

"Sorry!" Naruto apologized and let him down.

"It's okay, just my vertebrae," despite how hyper and annoying the kid to be, Deidara couldn't help but like him.

"Why didn't you guys just use your powers to open the lock?" Deidara asked the three as they stepped out the cell.

"The cell has some sort of charm on it," Gaara explained, his voice a void of emotion but Deidara could see a hint of gratitude in his eyes, "None of our powers worked while we were in it, we were completely defenseless."

Deidara nodded in understanding, "Alright, do you guys know if there's another way out of here?" he asked hopefully.

Sasori nodded, "Just down the hall," he pointed in the opposite direction in which they'd come, "We were taken through a door, it leads to the courtyard, but I'd imagine that there's someone guarding it," he stated and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"That's fine," Deidara said and licked his lips nervously, "Once we get out, we can knock out the guards and just fly over the castle walls. We'll have to be careful though, no rash decisions," he gave Naruto a pointed look.

"What's that look for?" Naruto accused and growled softly.

"You know exactly what it's for. I'm tempted to put a leash on you so you don't wander off."


"Knock it off," Sasori reprimanded them before their argument could escalate, "You guys can fight all you want once we get home, for now, let's go," he turned and headed down the hallway. The others agreed with him, including a begrudging Deidara and Naruto, before they silently followed.