Whimpering the woman hid behind her lovers from the obvious up-to-no-good expression the elder raven had.

Madara smirked at this, "I'm ready when you are Olivia." The girl mumbled, "I'm never ready."

Chuckling he went over and dragged her out from her sanctuary and then leading her to the bedroom with the zombie pair sending warning glares.

Zetsu arched a brow from his friend's seemingly carefree behavior and sighed. He just had a hunch he was going to go overboard.

"So what did we miss?"

All eyes went to Kisame and Lexy, who just came back fairly pleased from their little playtime. "It's Madara's turn." The teen paled before groaning, "I feel sorry for her. Knowing him he'll cheat."

Kisame grunted in agreement, "You said a mouthful."

He was about to say more when Hidan and Tobi burst into a fit of giggles, going red in the face from trying to hold it in.

"What's so funny un?" Hidan barely choked out, "Fish told her she said a mouthful but….how could she when his fucking cock was in her mouth!" Tobi double over and laughed even harder.

Lexy blushed and covered her face, trying not to laugh as well but Kisame just stood there with a vague expression before rolling his eyes mentally wondering:

How did he know that!?

*The elder raven chuckled evilly once he cornered the girl, licking his lips and approaching like a predator about to attack his prey.

Biting her lip nervously the woman murmured as she tried to scoot further down along the wall, "Why are you looking at me like a fresh piece of meat?"

"No reason." His words just made her shudder and gasp when he leaped and pinned her body against the wall, purring into her neck, "It's been a while since we've had fun together."

"I..I..uh…." "At a loss for words already? This will be more fun than I thought." She looked at him with pleading eyes until he asked gently, "Have you ever experienced dirty talk foreplay?"

"Um….I think so…..why?" Another evil grin spread across his devilishly handsome features from her uncertainty, "Perfect."

She did NOT like the look he was giving her and pondered why he wanted to know something like that. Sure Hidan always did dirty talk when they had sex but…..before foreplay she didn't recall doing that.

Licking the side of her neck he purred, putting his plan into motion and grinding his lower half against hers. "You like it when I do this don't you?"

Pursing her lips she didn't utter a sound until he jerked her head back by her hair, attacking the exposed neck with bites and sucks, purposefully attacking the sensitive spots.

Gasping from the sudden assault, she whimpered when he dominated her mouth and going all out with his tongue. Pulling back after sucking on her bottom lip he mused, "Your face is flushed just from my mouth? Such a bad girl you are."

Blushing she tried to push him away but he merely kept his body pressed against hers before he jerked down the straps of her tank and bra, pulling it downwards until the bountiful breasts popped out.

"I'm going to get these nipples nice and hard and then suck on them until you moan like a bitch."

The woman whimpered when he did as he said, completely turned on from his naughty words already it wasn't even funny.

Why it had that effect she didn't know, but he was good. A soft moan did escape her lips from the gentle suckles, the elder raven growling against her breasts and sending jolts of pleasure coursing through her even more.

Figuring that was enough he shoved her onto the bed and swiftly took her slacks off with ease before straddling the woman grinning, "I wonder how wet you are right now?"

Once again trying to get away he merely pinned her wrists above her head and rubbed his elegant fingers between the thin fabric of her panties.

He chuckled and grinned, "You're such a slut. Your pussy is soaking wet." He rubbed harder, causing her to arch her back to feel more and he devoured her mouth again.

When he pulled away, he watched with glee at how needy she was becoming and nibbled the shell of her ear purring, "I bet you want something better to fondle your pussy than my fingers don't you?"

The stubborn woman turned her head and didn't say anything until he pinched the sensitive bud, "Answer me whore." Whimpering she finally nodded but he wanted to hear more, "Tell me what you want?"

"Yo…your tongue." Smirking he teased and halted his touches all together, "You want my tongue to do what?" "Lick my…pussy."

Humming softly he repeated, "You want me to lick and devour your dirty little pussy?" The woman's face was beyond red from embarrassment but nodded.

He couldn't take it anymore and yanked off the panties, and then literally devoured the moistened folds, causing the girl to cry out in pleasure and moan.

He kept his assault going until she almost reached her peak, stopping at the last second and heard her whine from the loss.

Jerking her back up to a sitting position he growled, "I'll let you cum once you blow me." Shaking her head no he chuckled and pushed her onto her knees, sitting on the edge of the bed cooing, "Suck it."

She glanced at his crotch from time to time but made no movement to do it, but all Madara had to do was entice and tempt her.

"Suck it~ let me feel your hot mouth on my cock." He purposefully made it sound like he was begging her and it was working.

Leaning down he lifted her chin to kiss her affectionately, twirling his tongue tantalizingly slow to seduce her more.

Reaching down he pulled out his hardened length, slowly pulling her towards it without disengaging their mouths until he managed to get her lips onto it.

Gently pushing her head down he growled in pleasure, watching the pouty lips suck just the head before taking more in since she finally submitted.

"That's it….hrmmmm just like that…suckle it like a sweet and savor the delectable flavor~." Moaning softly the woman complied even more, mostly because she was beyond horny and wanted release. His dirty talk was working wonders on her and he knew it would.

Pushing her head down further he moaned when he came to his climax, releasing his seed into her mouth and making sure she swallowed it all.

Groaning low he murmured huskily, "You like drinking my cum don't you Olivia? I might just have to give you a second helping….but not just yet."

He placed her back on the bed, fulfilling the agreement as he sent the woman into ecstasy with his tongue. Taking a few moments observing her weakened state he cast a glance at the door as he slid two fingers inside her, making the woman whimper.

Pumping them in and out at a slow pace he latched onto her neck with his teeth and then purred, "I bet you're ready for something better and bigger than my fingers don't you?"

A soft moan was his reply and took that as a yes when he pushed the digits in deeper, aligning his length naughtily and rubbing the tip between the folds afterwards.

The woman shook her head, "Madara…you can't…." "Why not?" Rubbing the pleasure spot more she gasped but tried to fight it, "The rules….and…..my lovers…oh~"

The elder raven didn't like the response but proceeded to put the head in any way when he heard a threatening tone, "Get the fuck away from my woman or I'll fucking tear your dick off right here and now."

Mentally cursing the jashinist for ruining his fun he did, innocently remarking with a smirk, "No need for threats Hidan, I'm through with my test on her."

The priest snorted and muttered sarcastically, "Yeah I bet you fucking were."

Hidan picked up his lover and left, mentally thanking Zetsu for giving him the heads up the raven would try to go all the way...which he had a hunch he would anyway.

Putting her on his bed he left, dragging Kakuzu back into the kitchen to go back to their discussion…well…..argument.

Now that the tests were done and over with, which everyone said to hell with the results since they all would have failed as well; coming to the decision to let things revert to normal as they've always done with intimacy and eventually she'll be back to normal with her emotions and hormones.

The only question that remained now was: who gets to take her altered virginity?


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