A/N-I know it's been a few years since she died but this is finally my story honoring Bea Arthur. This is based on the episode, "Adult Education". In the show, Dorothy tried to get tickets to see Frank Sinatra, she didn't get to because she tried to scalp the tickets to an undercover officer and got arrested with Rose.

The timeline in this will be in 1994, two years after the Golden girls show ended but we all know that the show lives on in our hearts always.

Blanche was sitting at her round kitchen table on the right and she was reading a newspaper, she had a small assortment of fruits laid out in front of her, green grapes, a cut up orange and a few bananas. Rose comes in the room in her sunshine yellow bathrobe with a rainbow and she cheerfully said, "Good morning!"

Blanche looked up at her with hard cutting eyes and she picked a grape up and popped it in her mouth then asked her roommate, "Must you always be so cheerful at 8:00 ?"

Rose raised her arm and shrugged her shoulders then said, "I've always believed that if you start a morning on a good note, the rest of the day just gives you a big smile back!"

Blanche rolled her eyes and Rose goes to get herself a cup of coffee than Blanche asked her,

"How's Dorothy this morning?"

Rose sighed then pours herself a cup then turned and goes to the table and sat down and tells Blanche, "Still sleeping I suppose, it's only been a few months since Sophia died but it worries me so that she won't say anything about it."

Blanche then said, "Dorothy's always been the type to keep her feelings in but I must admit that this is even worrying me. Rose, Uncle Lucas is counting on us to help Dorothy while he's gone."

Rose then looked confused and she asked, "I don't understand, why isn't Lucas grandfather, your grandfather? He's Big Daddy's brother."

Blanche sat back and she folded the newspaper then with a little drop of venom in her voice she said, "Lucas grandfather is some damned Yankee from New Jersey I think, grandma was up there with her daddy when she found out her beau was cheating on her so, she decided to get even with him by sleeping with a Yankee. Well, somebody had told her that Yankees couldn't get southern women pregnant ..."

Rose looked at her funny than Blanche said, "Well, she was only 18, a shy little southern belle,she didn't know any better but hell, it should be true! Anyway, Lucas had to go up there. Dorothy didn't feel like traveling so he left her with us..." She then leans forward and said to Rose, "I think this will be just the thing to help Dorothy start feeling better."

Rose looked at the paper and she asked her friend, "We should take Dorothy the semi-nude Cowboy wrestling show at Hodges?"

Blanche looks at the paper and said, "Oh no, that's to make me feel better. I was talking about this, circled in red"

Rose takes a look at the newspaper again and reads the article out loud, "'Frank Sinatra will be in concert in Fort Lauderdale at the Memorial stadium, scheduled to be with him will be Liza Minnelli and Sammy Davis Jr. The orchestra will be conducted by Frank Sinatra Jr.'

Rose's face brightens like the sun and she said, "Oh this will be great for Dorothy! She's always wanted to see ol' Dark eyes!"

Blanche rolled her eyes then said, "You just about got it Rose...listen, I'm going to go call this number, the tickets went on sale this morning."

Blanche gets up to go to the phone on the wall than Rose asked her, "What if they are already sold out? I hear Frank's concert's sell out fast."

Blanche waves her hand then said, "I'm not worried about that, I know the man who owns the stadium, he'll give me the tickets just as long as I don't help the police give him tickets."

Rose looked at her with a puzzled face then Blanche looked at her extremely naïve friend and said, "He speeds a lot in his car."

Rose makes a O with her mouth and watched Blanche make the important phone call.

A/N-Well, how did I do? I'll see how the reviews go before I do a next chapter.