Four Countries of the Apocalypse

Author's new note: I have combine the intro and the 1st chapter together because I believe that it will make the story follow better and because of the shortness of the intro.

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"Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals." - Revelation 5:1

A faint cracking noise- like someone one slowly opening the shell of a nut- stirred her from sleep. A cracking noise. She may have ignored it and gone back to sleep, if the sound didn't repeat itself three more times. Throwing off the covers, she ran into the adjoining room. Laying on the floor of the room, in pieces, were four broken seals.

"AW Shit! What am I going to tell the big guy?! I am so fired for this!" Said the female as she paced the room, her hands covering her face.

Suddenly dropping her hands, she looked out a window, staring down at the planet below.

Chapter 1: The Red Horse War! He becometh!

"During the night I had a vision-and there before me was a man riding a red horse! He was standing among the myrtle trees in a ravine. Behind him were red, brown and white horses." - Zechariah 1:8

It had started out as a normal day. Get up, wake up Italy, drag said nation out of bed, then go to the training ground pulling Italy behind, trying to train the lazy nation or more on the lines of chasing him when a noise scared him. After all this Germany settled down in his office to finish up some paperwork. Unfortunately not much was done due to Italy.

"Pasta this, Pasta that. " Germany said with a sigh. "If he interrupts one more time I swear I will tie him to a tree. "

Suddenly the phone on his desk rang. Answering it, all Germany was able to make out was the sound of a large animal snorting and someone breathing heavy.

"Gilbert! If that's you, Not funny!" he yelled before slamming the phone down disconnecting the call. Suddenly the phone rang again. Grabbing it, Germany yelled into the phone harshly.


"Herr Deutschland?" answered a calm voice.

" Ich entschuldige mich, Sir!" Germany responded. It was his boss. "Some Arschloch prank called me a few seconds ago. Anyway how call I help you?"

"Are you near a television? "


"Well go turn it on and flip to the news. You might want to see this."

"Okay? Give me a minute. I am going to put you on hold and pick you up on the line in the living room." Germany said.

"That is fine. I'll be waiting here." answered his boss.

Putting down the phone, Germany exited his office and headed to his living room. Once there Germany noticed Italy, who was spread out on his sofa, was watching what look like some type of cartoon involving some men in black suits, a talking pug and a flying car.

'For once he is not messing up my kitchen' Germany thought.

"Doitsu! What's going on?" Italy said noticing the blond nation standing in the room.

"Nothing to worry about." the nation answered as he pick up the phone that sat on the end table by the sofa. " Could you please change the TV over to the news?"

"Sure!" Italy responded.

"Hallo? You still there?" Germany asked in the phone.

"Ja. So you on the news yet? If you wait a few minutes they should start showing it again." His boss spoke to him.

Glancing at the TV, Germany watched as the news reporter talked about a meteor that crash landed just outside of the Black Forest. Footage showed an large, about the size of a smart car, red space rock releasing red smoke and gases. The reporter went on to explain how strange that the meteor was not noticed until impact and that the impact didn't cause any fires in the area.

" Do you understand why I am call Herr Deutschland? Do you notice anything strange before this happened?" asked his boss.

"Nien. In fact besides the strange phone call from earlier everything has been normal." replied the nation.

Suddenly the reporter on the news station interrupted the current running footage.

"This is just in. Other nations have reported that meteors of the same size have also crash landed. A white colored meteor has been said to have crashed in Italy off the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. A black colored meteor has been found in England exact location has not been conformed. Finally a greenish-yellow colored meteor has also been found in the Arizona desert in the Untied States. We will have more information when it comes available."

"Doitsu! I need to use your phone." Italy yelled as he ran down to Germany's office, after hearing what the news had to say.

Ignoring the Italian nation, Germany just continue to talk to his boss.

"Did you see what just happened? Do you want me to go check out the crash site?"

"Ja I saw what happen and as for the meteor... Why don't you take a quick look and we will talk about what to do with it tomorrow. I think it the meteor can wait a day, as for it currently doesn't seem to be doing any harm." answered his boss.

"Ok then. I will talk to you tomorrow." the nation said and hung up the phone.

Germany stood on top of the meteor crater, with the Black Forest behind him, looking down at red space rock, which the red gases had seem to have stopped pouring from. A strange feeling of uneasy started to fill the blond nation as for it felt like that unnatural red rock was staring back at him, like it was trying to pull him into itself. Picking up some dirt Germany threw it at the meteor, but the rock seemed to do nothing. Lightning suddenly flashed in the sky and dark clouds rolled in. A storm had appeared out of nowhere.

'That's strange the weather was suppose to stay nice all week. Where did this come from?' the German thought to himself.

Turning his back to the red meteor, Germany headed back to his home. Unfortunately he did not notice the red shadow forming over the meteor.

The storm was going full force when Germany arrived at his home. The storm had heavy sheets of rain, with big thick fat drops that were going splat, winds howling at high volume, and thunder and lightning rolling in the sky. Italy greeted him as he walked though the front door.

"Germany! Welcome home. Where did you go?"

"Out to the meteor site. My boss wanted me to check it out." answered the blond nation.

"Oh." Italy said sadly.

"What's wrong Italy?"

"Well I got off the phone with Romano recently and he was at the meteor site, the one that landed back home. He told me that looking at the thing gave him a feeling of unease. I told him to stay away from it." the Italian answered.

'So I am not the only who felt something strange looking at the meteors.' Germany thought to himself.

"Anyway," Italy said interrupting Germany from his thoughts, "looks like the storm is going crazy out there. Do you think the power will go out?"

"I don't think so." Answered Germany. Then the lights went out.

"Creepy." the Italian responded.

It had been a few hours since the power went out and the rain still pounded the land. Germany had returned to his office to try to finish up some paperwork, that had been interrupted by the phone call from his boss and Italy. Well, work was going smoothly, until a loud bang rang though the house.

"Germany! Germany!" Italy screamed, as bang after bang rang though the house.

Quickly leaving his office, the blond nation ran to his front door, the source of the noise, just in time to see it fly off its hinges. Stand in the now destroyed doorframe was a red shadow like mass. The red mass suddenly charge forward and slammed into Germany. The next thing Germany saw was past memories flashing before his eyes-memories from the first and second World Wars. He was reliving every bullet he had fired, every life he had ruined, every time blood had been spilled!

"No I don't want to be that." Screamed Germany, as he dug his fingernails into his skull, falling to the floor.

"You have no choice, spumae. You belong to me, for I am the horseman-War!" Laughed a voice in his head.

"Germany? Are you okay?" Italy asked, as he can out of hiding spot.

"That spume is not here anymore." answered a voice full of hate and blood lust.

Before Italy could response, he felt a fist jam itself into his stomach hard and tears on his face that were not his own. And everything went black...



Nien: No

Ja: Yes

Herr Deutschland- Mr. Germany

Ich entschuldige mich, sir- I apologize, sir