Author's Note: First KnB fanfic :D AkaKuro. Spin off from the Onsen scene in the video game. :)

(if you want to know what scene I'm talking about search for it in youtube! "kiseki no shiai: In the hotsprings with Akashi")

"Ah," Kuroko gasped when he realized that it had been Akashi that he was speaking to, "Akashi-kun. You noticed that I was here."

From afar, the Seirin members watched their number 11 talking to the ever-daunting and ever-scary Akashi Seijurou, captain of Rakuzan's basketball team.

"Damn. Just when there's two miracles right in front of us, they're so far away we can't even hear what they're talking about!" Koganei cursed.

"Why don't we just get closer?" Kiyoshi suggested.

"But if Akashi finds out he'd be very angry."

"Hey! Are you scared just because he's a Miracle?" Hyuuga chided. "We're not gonna hear their epic conversation if you think like that!"

"Exactly!" Kagami agreed, "Er. I mean that's right."

"Let's get closer to the edge."

They all inched to the very edge of the springs. Not too close to get noticed but close enough to hear the two Miracles speak.

"... It's been a while since I've spoken to Tetsuya like this," Akashi commented. Kuroko looked up at his former captain and nodded.

"We haven't really had the opportunity to meet up since we graduated from middle school," Kuroko noted, "But now that I think about it, we used to go on training camps together like this during middle school as well."

"Training camps during middle school huh? How nostalgic."

"Akashi-kun hasn't changed a lot since then."

"Is that a good thing?" Akashi raised a brow.

"Everyone else changed. Aomine-kun, Kise-kun, Midorima-kun, even to an extent Murasakibara-kun as well. But Akashi-kun is still the same Akashi-kun. Maybe just a little bit scarier," Kuroko smiled. All of the Seirin members felt the hairs on the back of their necks stand up. Did the phantom player really just tease the feared Rakuzan captain?

"You hurt me, Tetsuya," Akashi played along, "Am I really that scary?"

"Well, Akashi-kun does have that type of aura."

"But Tetsuya doesn't seem to be scared of me," Akashi pointed out.

"... That's true. But I'm special."

Akashi chuckled and the Seirin members could have sworn that they heard a dog die in the distance. "Yes. Tetsuya is special."

"... Are you really enjoying Seirin, Tetsuya?"

"Of course. Everyone is so nice. Everyone is so funny. And... everyone loves basketball just as much as I do."

"I'm sorry I couldn't make Teikou into the team that you wanted it to be," Akashi lowered his head. Kuroko couldn't see his eyes, he didn't know what his ex-captain was thinking.

"It's not Akashi-kun's fault," Kuroko turned and placed a hand on Akashi's shoulder. "It's no one's fault. It's just how things turned out. But it seems like everyone is enjoying where they are now. Kise-kun seems to really like Kaijo, Midorima-kun gets along well with Takao-kun, Murasakibara-kun found someone that can tolerate his sweet tooth just as much as we all used to, and even Aomine-kun has grown fond of his team."

"...Everyone except me."


"I apologize Tetsuya. For turning our conversation into something depressing."

"Akashi-kun," Kuroko wanted to continue talking about it, with the hope that he could fix the problem but Akashi gave him a look that told him to drop the topic. Kuroko sighed and wrapped his arms over the slightly taller teen's shoulders.

Akashi's eyes widened at the sudden act before they softened and eventually closed, accepting the gesture.

Kuroko whispered something into Akashi's ear. It was so quiet that the Seirin members almost didn't catch it. They were unsure at first, but Akashi's response clarified it.

"I miss you too, Tetsuya. I miss everyone."

Suddenly realizing that this moment should probably be kept private, the snooping teens decided to quietly leave the two alone so as not to disturb them.

Author's Note 2: Ugh. Didn't want to write something sad but... these two. God these two are so depressing. So, to turn things and end it in a lighter note... an OMAKE


"Their bond really goes deeper than what it seems like on the outside," Hyuuga commented once they made their way out of the springs.

"It's kind of depressing," Kiyoshi added, "They all really were close to each other. It's such a shame that it all ended when they graduated."

"But think about it, if Kuroko hadn't decided to quit, and if they all hadn't gone to different high schools, we wouldn't have met him," Kagami said, "Seirin would have been different. And Kaijou, and Shuutoku, and Yosen and Touou too."

"It may be a blessing and a curse for all of the ex-Teikou members," Koganei mumbled.

"A-ah!" Hyuuga suddenly exclaimed, "What's with this atmosphere? We're all depressed now!"

"..." There was only silence among the members until they heard a loud shout from the hot springs which could have only been their number 11 player.

"A-Akashi-kun! What are you doing?"

Rushing back in, thinking that their smallest member was being threatened, all of the members froze at the sight that greeted them. Kuroko was on the red-head's lap with Teikou's former captain latching onto Kuroko's bare neck with his lips. Kuroko's cheeks were flushed as he clutched on to the red-head's shoulders tightly.

"Forgive me, Tetsuya. It has really been so long."

"Akashi-kun!" Kuroko blushed even deeper. "Not here! People can hear us. Or worse, people can see us!"

"Fine. Come to my room tonight then, it seems that we really can't do it here. Even just for tonight, I'm not letting you go again. I'm not letting you sleep either," Akashi smirked.

"Oh, and, you might have some explaining to do for your teammates," Akashi gestured behind him. Kuroko looked at the entrance before stiffening up in Akashi's lap.


Slowly removing the shorter boy from himself, Akashi stood up and patted Kuroko's hair. "See you later, Tetsuya."

He walked passed the Seirin members with a smirk on his face and bowed politely at them before the smirk turned into something completely sinister.

"I knew you were listening before. You're just lucky Tetsuya's fond of all of you. As such there will be no deaths tonight. But if any of you comes and interrupts us later, I cannot guarantee your ability to reproduce in the future."

Every member visibly shuddered at the subtle threat to their masculinity, feeling the need to protect their genitals from possible castration via scissors.

Silently, they each made a note to themselves to not get in Akashi's way, especially a horny Akashi.