Author's Note: Only god knows how many times I've rewritten this particular fic. I've finally hopefully reached a fic that I actually like. Hope you do too. I'm supposed to be studying. It's official, I SUCK at writing angst. Sorry to end this in such a bad note. LOL. But this is the last of this particular short story series. I will post more oneshots later on and maybe a multi-chap in the future.

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Yelling. So much yelling. Their voices raised to levels they didn't even know it could reach. Painful exchanges. So painful that it made Akashi want to cry in frustration, guilt, and hurt.

Kuroko's tears already stained his cheeks. His eyes were red and angry. But when all the words they could have said were already shouted at each other, there was nothing left to say.

When the fighting is over

'Cause our mouths have just run dry

As our feelings get colder

There's nothing to hold us now

Gave all this time just to be let down

There was only silence.

He pinched the bridge of his nose as he fought the tears stinging the back of his eyes. It hurt. His chest hurt. His head hurt. His heart was ripping in half. But he didn't want to break down. He didn't want to admit defeat. No. He was not defeated. He couldn't be. He was Akashi Seijurou.

He couldn't possibly lose face. He couldn't possibly lose control of himself. Especially because Kuroko had been watching, he wouldn't allow himself to seem weak to someone he loved so much.

If Akashi's composure broke down too, what would become of the teal-haired teen?

He would probably lose his mind.

Can you explain to me?

What has become of us?

With words released

We can never take them back

Not even pleading can save us

Kuroko wiped his face clean with his sleeves. "I'm..."

No, please don't say it, Akashi pleaded silently in his head.

"Sorry." Akashi winced at the word. Don't apologize.

The teal haired teen, who had been sitting on the couch after having yelled his throat raw, pushed himself up and wiped his nose with one last sniffle. Akashi couldn't even look at him straight.

"I'm going home for tonight," I know you mean 'forever,' Tetsuya. "I'm really sorry I started this argument with you," You didn't start it. "And on your birthday, no less," I don't care about that, just please, don't go. "I'm sorry, Akashi-kun. Good night..." Stop apologizing, damn it!

"Happy Birthday."

You're cruel, Tetsuya. Akashi wanted to reach out. To touch him. To feel him. To hug him. To have him in his arms one last time. Because even though Kuroko never mentioned anything about breaking up, Akashi knew that it would never be the same again. The people they once were, were no longer who they are now. They lost their relationship because they lost themselves.

When the door closed shut, Akashi allowed his mask to slip. One brave tear dared to escape the corner of his eye, and once the rest of his tears saw that Akashi had just let the first one fall, they all followed suit. And Akashi could no longer stop them.

The only word he can think of was Why? But it was a stupid question to ask. Because Akashi knew everything, it was only natural that he knew the reason why. And yet the infallible captain, for once, could not accept his own reasoning. For once, he couldn't accept the result. Because even though he knew the reason why, he did not see it coming.

It had been a few days since they last properly spoke to each other. If their friends noticed the lack of verbal exchange between the two, they didn't mention anything of it. If their friends noticed the awkward vibe in the room whenever they were both present, they didn't acknowledge it. If their friends knew what happened, they were too afraid to anger either one of them to even begin asking about it. An angry Kuroko was just as frightening as, if not more so than, an angry Akashi. They did not want to risk their lives.

But their friends were concerned, they just couldn't do anything about it.

No one could.

I know you'll meet someone better

But would you still think of me

If he can't hold you like I did

Would you run back to me?

I know this pain shall pass

Gave all this time still we couldn't last

Days turned into months, and months turned into a year. For the first few months Akashi showed no sign of any sort of despair outwardly. It was as if their relationship didn't even exist. As if nothing ever happened. Kuroko was gloomy and quiet, more so than he was usually.

After a while they didn't see each other at all. Akashi made it a point not to be involved anymore. It reminded him too much of everything. From the treasured moments to the painful arguments, Akashi decided to forget it all. Kuroko did the same.

Now Akashi found himself all alone in the world full of worthless beings. He used to be more optimistic. He used to think humanity wasn't so bad. After all, he was a human himself, and Kuroko... was the best person that had ever come into his life. But it was all gone now. He was more bitter. Harsher. Angrier. But the difference had been so minute that people hardly noticed that he was still hurting inside.

People didn't seem to know that Akashi was quietly pining for Kuroko to come back to him.

How did we end this way?

Our promises thrown away

All the years we built, broken up

See it crashing down

I have to say

Though alone in this crazy sea of faces

It's still your face I wanna know

They had so many things left to do with each other. They could have grown old together, they could have achieved their dreams with someone they loved by their side, they could have found a way to start a family. They could have been... something. Something other than this.

Whatever this was.

Explain to me

What has become of us?

With words released

We can never take them back

For all that were worth now

Not even pleading can save us

Can't save us now