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Chapter 1: Alcohol Does Wonders

I was 12 when I saw Emily Fitch. She sat in front of me in Geography. My god, how I despised that class. It was a waste of time, I thought. Learning about the world, when we were right there in Bristol. What does it matter that's there's a country called the United States? Some of the time that I paid attention to that chapter, some knob named George Bush was president. How funny is that? They elect their president? No wonder that entire country is nothing but overweight wankers, who troll on forums about 13 year old girls. Anyway, back to Emily. When I first saw her my stomach did this little flip. I can't properly explain it, but I knew I could never pluck up the courage to speak to her. She was perfect. We were just kids so I figured it was just a new kind of thing that happened to me. I couldn't explain it. I was afraid of making a fool of myself in front of her, I was scared about my clothes and how I looked. I started a new nuisance called "Puberty" so my body was developing. As well as Emily and Katie's. I couldn't help but stare at Emily after the summer break. She was filling out great. Her chest was getting perkier; her bum was becoming the perfect shape. No doubt that Katie was using it to her advantage already flirting with more and more boys. It completely disgusted me that a 13 year old would flaunt her body and be chasing boys. But, oh boy it has gotten a lot worse since then.

Three years went by in the blink of an eye. I wasn't so much taller than all the boys as it was obvious that they had hit that fucker puberty as well. I hated it, but it did have its advantages. Mum let me stay home on days when I got my "monthly gift of womanhood" mum always called it.

It was 3 days after holidays, and everyone was getting back into the swing of things. And, what do you know Emily Fitch was in my new semester class of English. She sat behind me, and I was sweating like a bloody pig. Every time I heard her move, my heart beat faster and faster. The professor had given us an assignment and we were to do a few paragraphs. I didn't mind it so much because I really liked English. And, I was really good at it. I was elated, until I realized I didn't have a pencil. I swore under my breath as quietly as I could, and I didn't want to go get a pencil from the teacher because the bloody mong would make me sing a stupid American song. I knew none of the idiots around me had an extra pencil, so I turned around and I stared a bit too long at Emily until she looked up at me. She didn't say a word just stared, and I saw her pull her bottom lip into her mouth as she gently nibbled on her bottom lip, I had to try my hardest to not swoon over the scene, and I finally whispered "Do you happen to have… a.. A pencil?" Oh, god what was that? Naomi Campbell does not get flustered over a pretty little brunette.

"You can borrow mine." She whispered as she leaned slightly closer and handed me her pencil, and smiled a little as she did so. I felt my heart leap up into my throat.

"Th..Thanks." I said quietly, and took the pencil into my hand.

"Do you have a stuttering problem, is that why you don't speak much?" Emily whispered and a flash of hurt flew across my face, she must have noticed because her cheeks turned a flash of pink as she looked down and twiddled with her fingers. "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you." She squeaked out, and my face softened.

"No, no. It's just…" Damn I need to think of a quick believable lie. "I.. I'm not used to being quiet." I said and offered a small smile.

"Oh." She said and nodded. I quickly turned and started my essay, wiping the sweat off my brow and prayed that I haven't made a complete fool of myself.

So that ladies and gentle freaks, is the first time I had spoken with the girl who could ruin my life.

I closed my laptop and rubbed my forehead, and checked my watch. "Fucking hell." I quickly got up from my desk, and grabbed my flowery bag and train ticket as I hurriedly slide my shoes on and ran out of my apartment. I was late, and I would be even more if there was traffic. I swore to myself as I made my way to the train station. Thank god I had not missed it. I gave my ticket to the tubby man and he stamped it and I boarded the train, bloody fucking hell it was packed. I walked down the aisle as I tried to find a seat.

"Naomi?" Someone yelled, I furrowed my eyebrows and turned around to see a lovely brunette push through the people, I smiled as I saw her.

"Effy." I threw my arms around her body and gave her a hug. "I haven't seen you in years."

"I know, I remember." Effy stammered as I hugged the breath out of her. I met her when I was interviewing patients. We got to talking and what do you know? We became good friends. It was good to see a friendly face who wasn't drowning themselves in alcohol. We finally found some seats and we sat down to catch up. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, you know. I just wondered on here and decided to go for a ride." I said sarcastically as I brushed my blonde hair to the side.

"Seriously." I giggled at my dry sense of humour.

"I'm going to visit my mum. It's been quite a while."

"Not visiting any loves?" Effy asked as I set my bag down and unraveled my scarf.

"No, actually." I looked at her and her expression changed to something unreadable.

"I'm on my way to visit my mum as well. She's a big hermit." Effy explained and then continued to talk about her life since we had last seen each other, and it was a good talk. "I'm actually invited to a party, my friend Cook's birthday. You should come. I feel like I hardly know anyone anymore."

"I don't know, Eff. I've been quite busy. And, I was only planning to stay the night and catch the early train back."

"When was the last time you properly got fucked up, Noams?"

"The last time I went mental was before college, and I ended up kissing a lovely random. Not happening again." I said and Effy nodded as if she knew.

"Oh, don't worry. It'll be great. I deserve a couple drinks, and maybe a couple dozen spliffs. I've been clean for six months." I nodded and shrugged, what could it hurt? I didn't know anyone in Bristol beside Effy. I was pretty sure that those twins would have moved out by that time.

"Alright, I'll go."

"Good, we can both hold each other's hair up as we regret this night."

"It's tonight?"

"Yeah." Effy held out her hand and I looked at it. "Phone, you dope." I obeyed and dropped my iPhone into her hand and she put her number in the contacts and called herself. "Alright, I'll pick you up around 10."

We hugged slightly longer than we were supposed to as we said our goodbyes. It was weird to be back in Bristol. Almost nostalgic. I walked the way home, instead of wanting to spend money on a cab that wouldn't let me get to know the streets quite as good again, and I finally got home nearly an hour after I had arrived in Bristol, I smiled as I saw the familiar yellow house. As I walked up to the door I opened it and walked in.


"Naomi. Dear, you're home!" I heard her sweet voice and she pulled me into a tight hug.

"Mum. I'm alive. Don't kill me, before my exams do."

"Right, sorry, love." She smiled and let me go. "Your rooms the exact way you left it"

"Thanks, mum." I kissed her cheek and trudged up to my room. It really was a blast from the past, I dropped my bag beside my bed and I dropped onto it. Smiling at the familiar softness. Lord, how I had missed my bed.

I must have fallen asleep because when my phone rang, it was already dark out and there was food on my nightstand. I fumbled in my jacket as I looked for my phone and I looked at the caller I.D. it said "Sexy Effy" I laughed as I read it, and I answered my phone. "Sexy Effy, huh?"

"Exactly.I'm outside. Let me in, I'm freezing my tits off." I giggled as I hung up my phone and got up, I walked down the steps and to the door, and I opened the door, and there was Effy exactly where she said she was.

"Come in. I have to eat, don't wanna party on an empty stomach."


I quickly ate my food as I was a bit excited that we were going to a party. I wasn't really thinking of how it would be, just the fact that I was going with Effy. It was a good chance that I was going with her; I mean what are the odds of running into her? I finished my food and we quickly left, I mean we were fashionably late, as we were driving I noticed we had a bit of a silence. Not that I minded it felt almost natural. I liked it. I watched as we passed some pubs and Effy parked in front of a weird, tattered pub. I looked at her questionably.

"Don't worry, it looks like it has a disease, but the drinks are cheap and Cook owns it. So everything will definitely be free. Especially the beer. Come on, Noam's. Don't be such a sourpuss." Effy said as we took off our seatbelts. I got out of the car, and it was a really squeaky door, I silently threw the nastiest of insults as it, because the by standers were all staring at me. I shot them a death glare.

"Problem?" I asked, and we finally entered the pub. After we had arrived the sandy haired boy named Cook, had locked the door.

"Who's your good lookin' friend, Eff?" He asked as he sloppily took a drag off his fag and blew the smoke in my face, yup he must be Cook, and he must be really drunk. I could smell it seeping out of his pores. I shivered because this guy really gave me the creeps. He smiled a wicked smile, and was stepping closer to me. Effy was about to intervene, and I kneed him in the groin, He was keeled over and held his manhood. He laughed loudly and obnoxiously. "I like her." was all he said, and I smiled to myself. Effy dragged me to the bar and poured our drinks; I smiled and took a small sip of mine.

"Thanks." I said, and then she dragged me to a table full of other people my age. They all smiled widely at Effy like she was the best thing they have ever seen.

"Everyone this is Naomi Campbell." Effy said and they all turned their eyes on me, and I wasn't really paying attention, all of my attention was on a hand that was being held by Effy. I finally looked at their faces and I spotted two familiar faces, and I almost choked on my drink, and my eyes went wide.

"I'm-I'm J.J. Short for Jeremiah Jones." A meek man said and his hair was nicely cut and his trousers were about a foot above his ankles, his button up dress shirt had a little beer stain on it, and I smiled in his direction. "Bobbins." He muttered as he quickly turned away.

"I'm Pandora Moon, whizzer. You must be from the city." A blonde girl said as she smiled. Her eyes were a perfect blue-ish green. She had pigtails, and I figured she was the same age as me, but then I thought mentally she must be 12. Before I could say anything Cook draped his arm across my shoulders.

"And, those two over there are Emily and Katie Fitch." He sipped his drink. "They are far from twins though." That's when Emily looked up at me, and her chocolate eyes connected with mine and my breathing hitched in my throat.

"Hi, Naomi." She said quietly.

"Nice to see you again." Katie added with a wicked smirk.

"Hi." I added and smiled like nothing was wrong. Oh, god I need some more practice at this. Effy was basically throwing me to the wolves.

"Let's go fucking mental!" Cook shouted as he chugged his beer and slammed it on the table. I watched him in disgust as I slowly sipped my drink.

The entire night was awkward for me; I was silently cursing Effy for dragging me along. There were a few awkward glances between Emily and I. Her hair though. Her and Katie's both. It was bright red, and I was appalled. It was a big change and I… liked it. Effy had a little too much to drink and she was passing out on my shoulder. And, Cook's body was laid on the bar counter with a bottle of Tequila in his grip. J.J and Pandora had slipped away, and Pandora wasn't going to leave without Effy, but I convinced her I had control. And, she left. The twins lingered around. And, it was even more awkward. I finally stood up and held Effy's body up also. For a small woman she was still heavy.

"Let me help." Emily offered.

"No, I got her."

"Really, I'll help. Let's go." Emily would not take no for an answer, so I caved and let her help me drag Effy back to my place.

So here I was. Dragging Effy's unconscious body back to my place, with Emily and Katie. What a night.

"Why didn't we take the car, you hags?"

"Because, we've been drinking, you cow. Why drive drunk and kill ourselves?" Emily said, and I was surprised by how she could stand up to Katie now. I quickly brushed it off as we reared to my house, and I unlocked the door.


"Up the stairs. Come on." It was a lot harder than I thought dragging Effy up the stairs. I admit we did fall a few times. Luckily, Effy wasn't hurt. Just my shin, Emily's wrist and my face. Not even going into detail how all those happened. We finally dropped Effy on the bed, and I slipped off her shoes. And, we were both breathing hard as we stood back and looked at Effy. We looked at each other and laughed. It was a lovely situation.

"Well, Naomi. It was good seeing you again." I nodded as I crossed my arms and I had no idea what to say, we hadn't spoken since that night. Emily gently patted my arm.

"Tell Eff, I'll call her tomorrow. We'll have to meet up again to actually catch up." Emily said as her gaze was upon my face.


"I'll see ya."


And, with that Emily let herself out of my house and I quickly changed into my P.J's and and tucked Effy in her bed, I slumped down onto my bed and I'm pretty sure I passed out. Or blacked out. Because, I just remember Effy rolling over onto my chest. It was funny the way life worked. All in one day, I managed to bump into Effy and then the twins. Emily Fitch stepped foot in my house again, and I looked down at Effy's sleeping face, and she was so beautiful.

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