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Chapter 3: The Loss

I don't know why I cut myself, God give me a sign or help. I won't cry it'll be fine.

The ride to Gobbler's end was over quickly and Naomi was slowly recuperating from the day's events. She repressed it. She didn't cry, or even felt sad about the ordeal. Naomi did what felt right to her and she decided she'd do as much as she could to keep her and her mind busy, she didn't trust herself to be alone or to sit and sulk. She would go crazy. She drew a deep breath and she stepped out of the car and hugged her pull over close to her. The weather wasn't much of a help. It was grey and pretty bloody fucking cold. The trees were bare, and their leaves littered the ground. Naomi looked at the cabin; it wasn't much of a sight. It was brown and very much unkempt and it looked like it was beginning to rot.

"Right, well we'll just go in-" Freddie began but Naomi interrupted him.

"We have to look for weapons. We need something to protect ourselves." Naomi said as she looked from Freddie and Cook. "Or, we'll be sitting ducks. Find any supplies we have. Gather it up; we don't know how long we'll be here."

The people they met were just getting out of their car. One look at their face and Naomi knew they were scared as shit.

"Names?" She asked as she walked over to them.

"I'm Anson." The blonde boy who was driving piped up; he had a New York accent. Wavy hair that looked like perfect bed hair. His eyes were a dark blue and he was really tall. Anson was wearing a white v neck shirt; it had grass stains and dirt on it. His jeans were perfectly ripped. "This is Sophia and Robert." Naomi glanced at the other two. "I picked them up before they were captured. That's why we were driving so fast. We're really sorry about the damages."

"Don't worry about the damages. At least we're all alive." Freddie said as he opened the trunk of the car and was looking for supplies. Naomi felt like she knew Sophia from somewhere but she couldn't place it. She had long wavy brown hair; she wasn't nearly as tall as Naomi. She was wearing an old army coat, and under there was a black tank top and she was wearing small shorts and looked about her age. Robert had curly hair and black glasses on, Naomi thought he was adorable.

"Alright, everyone split up and grab any supplies you may have. And, if you have any weapons make sure to tell us. We really need them." Naomi said as she ventured towards the cabin.

They sorted through the supplies. Freddie found a cooler from last night because there was supposed to be a party. He had packed only 6 water bottles, and a dozen pack of cola. And a 24 pack of beer. Cook immediately headed for the beers but from slapped away from Naomi. In the cabin they found packs of breakfast and granola bars. A few cans of food and that was it. Anson had a pistol in the glove compartment of his car. Despite the laws of England he still hid it in there, but he also didn't tell anyone. While searching in one of the rooms Cook found a rifle hidden away in the closet and 2 packets of shells in the drawer.

They met in the den of the cabin and Naomi examined their supplies and gun. She was quietly muttering to herself as Cook brought in the TV from one of the rooms and set it up. JJ followed behind with an antenna and plugged it in to the TV, and switched the TV on and he was raising the antenna around as he desperately tried to get a signal. Naomi stopped what she was doing and looked at the TV.

"Stop there's a signal." She said and turned the TV up.

"We strongly advise you to stay in your homes and wait for help. No one is allowed in or out at this time. Help will be arriving shortly." The news man said. Sophia turned the TV off and growled.

"They only say that when there's no hope. No help will be coming." She said and everyone was saying something at the same time.

"Shut up, everyone!" Naomi shouted as she heard a roar of an engine. "Turn the lights off and be quiet. Someone's coming." They all rushed and hurried, killing the lights before a big truck came into view. Cook had slid open the window and had the rifle pointing at them just in case they were the Koreans.

Naomi could see a flash of red in the back seat, and then a gunshot echoed in her ears. "No!" she screamed and looked at the shooter. It was Anson who had shot at the truck. The front light was shot out, but thank god no one had been shot because she knew those people.

Cook handed the rifle to Naomi and he shoved Anson to the floor. "Stupid tosser. Those are our mates." He grabbed the pistol out of Anson's grip.

"That's mine!" He screamed as he tried to get up but Cook kicked him and he lay still.

"You can just go shooting; you'll kill someone innocent you stupid prick."

Naomi rolled her eyes and walked through the front door, she didn't like the fighting, and they were being idiots. She sighed as she put the rifle strap around her body and it hung onto her back.

"Don't shoot!" a familiar voice called out. "Jesus fucking Christ, I swear to God." Naomi couldn't help but snicker at that.

"Shut up you dozy cow, and get out." Naomi said as she walked over to the truck. The driver got out and Naomi saw Thomas and he greeted her, the doors opened and out came Emily and Katie Fitch.

"Christ that was fucking scary!" Katie exclaimed. "Oh, hi lezza. I see you've taken on the butch look with that gun. Where's the other one?"

"Behind you?" Naomi said with a questionable look. Katie never called anyone else Lezza but her or Emily.

"No, she's got brown hair and blue eyes, thinks she's all mysterious and shit." Suddenly 3 pairs of eyes were on her and Naomi must have finally let the tears slip out of her eyes. "Shit. Is she..?" Naomi shook her head and she angrily wiped her tears away.

"No. Those bastards took her. I was too late. Come on. Everyone's inside." Naomi quickly turned around and almost ran into Cook. She shoved past him and went inside the house.

That night everyone slept on the floor. It was one of the most horrible sleeping experiences for Naomi. She woke up and she felt like something was wrong, terribly wrong. She examined everyone and she saw that one person was missing. She quickly shot off of the floor and looked at the supplies. Although now there was none. She angrily growled and kicked the empty box. She walked over to Cook and shook him awake; he rubbed his eyes and yawned.

"What's up, Blondie?"

"That tosser Anson is gone and he took all the fucking supplies!" Naomi whispered angrily, it was probably a bit too loud.

"Did he, really? Where would he go?" Emily's husky sleepy voice asked and it made Naomi jump slightly.

"I don't know. Cook, come with me. We'll check the cars. Emily, wake everyone up and have them gather whatever they can. We have to go."

An hour later Cook and Naomi were still in the woods talking.

"Cook, we're not safe here now that he knows. He might've told somebody we're here. His car is gone."

"Right, right. We'll have to smuggle some supplies out of town or something. I know a few guys who owe me favors. And as for weapons we'll need more. Not just a rifle and pistol there's fuckin' ten of us." Naomi nodded and soon there conversation was ended by everyone running up to them with their bags.

"They're here, he must have told them." Emily said almost breathlessly.

"Fuck. Let's go." Naomi said and she led them to where a dead tree lay there and there was an opening in the field. Thankfully all of them were covered nicely because of all the brush. They all crouched down by it as they watched. The gang saw 4 hummers pull up to the cabin. 2 men came out of each car. Naomi had a pair of binoculars that Cook had found and she watched as 4 men barged into the cabin with guns. Everyone else squinted their eyes as they tried to see.

"Some of a bitch it's Anson." Naomi handed Cook the binoculars and it was his turn to look. Emily was on Naomi's left side and beside her kneeled Katie. For once she was quiet. Cook was observing all the men and he saw the men come out of the cabin and he saw a man probably the captain get out and he had a mega phone. He was talking to Anson and he shoved him, he couldn't really hear what said. Cook watched as he ordered the men to do something but he didn't know what. He recognized two people they pulled out from the back of hummer.

"Oh, shit. They have Freddie's dad, and your mum, Naomi." She quickly grabbed the binoculars from him and she saw her mum. She was sweaty and she looked a little beaten down. Tears immediately filled her eyes. She couldn't look anymore so she handed Freddie the binoculars. He watched as the Captain handed Freddie's dad the mega phone.

"Kids. Mr. Shan is the acting prefect of this district has said you've injured his men. And, he's given us his word, nothing bad will happen if you just turn yourselves in and no one will be hurt, okay?" he paused to wait for them to answer, a few moments passed by and no one said a thing. "Freddie, son. I'd like for you to come home."

Freddie lowered the binoculars. And, Cook looked at him, slowly shaking his head.

"They'll kill us all, mate."

"Shouldn't we do what he says? My dad trusts this guy."

"Shut up, Freddie. And, everyone keep quiet and keep still." Cook said in a hushed voice. They watched as Captain Shan handed Naomi's mum the mega-phone, she was holding her side as she was hurt and Cook handed Naomi the binoculars so she could see her better.

"Naomi, if you're out there. I want you to listen up, tough situation all the way round, a lot of tough choices. I love you. I hope you know that." She let go of the mega-phone button and took a second to collect herself before she raised it again and began speaking and Naomi never imagined her mother saying the next few things. "What I'm gonna ask you to do will be very difficult. But I want you and your friends to do what I would do. I want you to fight for what you had. This means to go to war and stop this piece of shit or die trying." Gina lowered the mega-phone and Naomi watched Captain Shan walk casually over to her and raised his gun and shot Gina in the head. Naomi's eyed widened as she saw her mother's lifeless body fall to the ground, she just felt overwhelming anger flow through her body and she almost stood all the way up and lunged forward.

"No. No. No." She cried and Cook quickly grabbed her body and lowered her down, she was fighting against his grasp to get away. She kicked and writhed but he never let her go.

"Sssh, Naomi. Don't. They'll only kill us. We have to stay, and we'll avenge her. I promise you. We will kill that fuckin' tosser. No matter what or we'll die trying. I'll follow you wherever, but right now you have to calm down." He whispered in her ear and after she heard him vow that to her, she calmed and silently cried into his chest. Freddie watched as the men set fire to the cabin.

Three hours later Naomi was in a blank state and Emily never left her side nor did Cook. But the problem with being in the woods and with only a car and a big truck. They inevitably got stuck in mud. They have been trying for well over an hour to get it out, but it kept getting deeper and deeper.

"Wait." Naomi finally said and everyone had stopped what they were doing and looked at her. "Has anyone got an extra shirt?" She was handed one and she found rocks and rolled them inside, she bent down and placed the shirt in front of the tire.

"What the hell is that going to do?" Katie asked and she received no reply, which she completely hated. She scowled at Naomi as she observed her put more rocks over the fabric.

"Now go. And, push also." Freddie worked the gas and the boys pushed on the back of the car. It worked and now they were out of the mud.

"Yay, Naomikins." Cook said as he ran over to her and hugged her tightly. Her face remained unchanged at the contact.

"You know they're going to find us here." Freddie said as he got out of the parked car and leaned against it.

"Yeah, what're we even doing here? We should just go back; my parents are still down there." Katie said as she angrily swatted away a mosquito.

"My dad could help us." Freddie suggested.

"No he can't. He's helping them." Naomi said as she stood beside Emily. "You saw him, he just stood there and he watched."

"I'm going home." Katie said as she started to grab her bag.

"Katie…" Emily said as she watched her twin. "Our parents aren't down there." Katie immediately stopped and turned around to stare at her twin. Emily took a few steps over to her. "I saw it; I didn't know how to tell you…" Katie and Emily both started to cry as they wrapped their arms protectively around each other.

"We can't go home." Sophia said finally as she grasped Roberts hand. "We can't keep running; what are we supposed to do?" Everyone stood for a moment and thought about that very question.

"I'm gonna fight…" Naomi said quietly and she soon looked up at all their faces. "I'm gonna fight. It's going to be easy for me because I actually want to, and I've lost everything. The rest of you are going to have a tougher choice, look I don't wanna sell it to you, it's too ugly for that. It's ugly and its hard. But when you're fighting in your own backyard, you're fighting for your family. It all hurts a little less and it all makes a little more sense. For them this is just some place, but for us this is our home." Everyone eventually agreed after Naomi's impromptu speech. "It's not going to be easy but we all need to work together."

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