This was on the spur of the moment. I got the idea from a forum where someone mentioned about how Delphinium lost control with Zola in episode 49. They wondered why she did that when she was so calm and collected. So I wondered what made her into the person we see. This is my take on her past.

Disclaimer: I don't own Blue Dragon. It belongs to Akira Toriyama.

She used to have a different name. She was really different till it all happened. She used to have a family. She used to be sweet and loving. She wasn't such a narcissistic bitch. She wasn't always hated. No. She had a home. She had a mother and father. A strong man who held a blacksmith hammer and kind women who helped heal the sick. Both of the females in the house adored flowers. Her poor father never stood chance when they got their hands on them. Her love for flowers bloomed as she was surrounded by them. That's probably why she took a different name. It was ironic really. She was trying to forget about her past and yet here she used name that held her past. She did try to forget about it. It broke her heart. Another laugh escaped her lips.

She didn't have a heart to break. She threw that all away when her family and friend died. She was rather shy when she was little yet that didn't help that she attracted the attention of a silver haired girl that just moved in. They become best friends and were inseparable. Never going anywhere without the other. They promised each other to always be best friends forever. She should have known that it wasn't going to last. After a year, her friend and the dad had "died" in a ruin accident. Another thing that helped chained up her heart. It was slow declined into the women that she was today. She remembered how she cried endlessly. Her parents couldn't do anything. There was nothing that would. The death of her parents, however, was the final straw. An army came and ransacked the village. Her father went to go fight leaving her and her mother behind. Her mother hid her in a secret compartment before going to fight as well. They both never made it back.

Smoke and blood was all she smelt and saw when she finally came out. She was the lone survivor of a violent raid of rogue soldiers. She threw away everything that day when a man in purple skin came to her and told her that she could live with him if she wanted to. He would train her and become his ally. When asked about her name, she just replied, "Delphinium." The young one killed her past with that name. She realized that the only way to survive was to give everything, including her emotions, and just worry about herself. No one knew her past life expect for a silver-haired shadow wielder. Yet, she never recognized who she was. Delphinium kept it that way. But she was still pissed that Zola had forgotten everything about their past. That was why she lost control and attacked her in the darkness. She hated Zola for forgetting their promise.

Deathroy had just watched her the entire time as she reminiscing. The lavender haired women stared at the picture of her and parents taped inside the brooch. It was her tenth birthday present. It was the only thing that still survived that fateful day. "Sorry mom. Sorry Dad. Looks like your Sasha died along with you," she whispered showing the last bit of emotion she still had. Delphinium kissed the necklace and placed back where it belonged. She looked up at the sky. Rain came down in a slow drizzle. It reflected her mood. A once happy girl into a lonely hateful women.