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"…Go ahead kill me; I know you'll do it when he brings that coffin." Stefan growled.

Klaus let him go pulled him up and shoved him.

"You really have given up haven't you? Where's the fight? Where's the Ripper?"

Stefan shoved him back.

"…Elijah." Klaus said to his brother who had arrived in the room with Damon Salvatore and a woman holding a tray covered by a cloth. "Why haven't you left?"

"Well where are your manners brother, we forgot desert." Elijah ripped the cloth off the tray and there sat three daggers.

Klaus took a breath in. "What have you done?"

"What have you done? See I've learned not to trust your vulgar promises Klaus we're doing this on my terms now…"

The Salvatore brothers watched two people enter the room.

A handsome male between the ages of twenty and twenty-two, about 6'2 in height with a lean, athletic build dark hair and eyes.

And a girl, a young teen, maybe fourteen or fifteen. With wavy/curly dark hair matching her brother and the same eyes as Elijah. With her pale features and were defined cheekbones she almost looked like an innocent pretty little girl and her arrival surprised the Salvatore brothers.

She was unlike any vampire they'd ever seen.

Klaus gasped and put his hands up in surrender. "Kol…Kinsey…"

"Long time brother." The female, Kinsey said. She zoomed over, grabbed her dagger and stuck it in his shoulder.

He hissed and moved from her, another male appearing before him. "Finn don't argh!" He shouted as Finn stuck a dagger through his hand he turned around to see his blond sister.

"Rebeckah…" Another dagger in his gut.

"This is for our mother." She twisted it one more time before removing it.

Klaus stumbled back and into the arms of Kol.

"You're free to go." Elijah told the Salvatore's who nodded and started to leave. "This is family business."


"I like what you've done with the new place Nik." Rebeckah told him, before picking up a vase and throwing it at a painting.

"I wanted it to be for all of us…" Klaus began.

"Is that why you stuck a dagger in our hearts?" Kinsey asked.

He sighed. "…a place we could all call home. A place where we could all be a family; none of us will ever have to be alone again." He told them, he sounded tortured but Kinsey had no sympathy for him.

"Well your right; none of us will be." Elijah said.

They siblings minus Klaus walked toward the exit of the room.

"You're staying behind." Finn announced.

"We're leaving you Nik right after I kill that doppelganger witch. Then you'll be alone. Always and forever." Rebeckah told him.

"If you run; I will hunt all of you down." Klaus growled.

Kol and Kinsey shared a side look.

"Then you'll become everything you hate. Our father." Elijah said.

"I'm the HYBRID! I can't be killed! I have nothing to fear from any of you!" He spat.

"You will when we have that coffin."

Klaus and Elijah glared at each other.

The door behind them opened.

Kinsey gave a small gasp. "Oh my..."

"Mother…." Rebeckah breathed.

The woman walked straight up to Klaus who was hyperventilating…strange he doesn't have to breathe right?

"Look at me!" She ordered.

Klaus looked like he was about to cry.

"Do you know why I'm here?" She asked him sharply.

"You're here to kill me." He whispered.

"Niklaus you are my son. And I am here to forgive you."

Kinsey looked up at Kol, poor kid was only five foot one and he was six two.

Esther turned to the rest of her children.

"I want us all to be a family again."

Rebeckah's eyes filled with tears and she hugged her mother; Finn following after.

Kinsey though was reluctant; her mother was killed by Nik, how the hell could she forgive him?

Despite how much Mikael scared his children, Kinsey was her father's daughter maybe that was why Klaus daggered her first before daggering Kol…

"Kol….s-should we…." She asked him quietly.

He looked down at his favourite sibling. "Honestly I don't know." He replied.

Eventually Esther turned to her two stand offish children.

She embraced Kol first. "Thank you for looking after her." Before turning to Kinsey.

Esther and Kinsey had never been close; not even as humans.

But suddenly Kinsey threw herself at her mother.

She was after all a girl who had been turned into this…this monster too young and had lost her mother almost straight after.

Of course she missed her.

It didn't mean she trusted her.

She detached herself from her mother and stood beside Kol again who looked down at her with one eyebrow raised. "Really darlin'?"

"Oh shut up." She hissed at him. "So." She turned to Klaus. "Looks like I' m staying. Which ones my room?" She asked the hybrid.

He gives a small chuckle. "Third door on the left."

"Fantastic. Now I've been technically dead for over a century so I'm going to bed." She announced.

Her room was big, old-fashioned and dark.

The walls were painted a rich dark purple.

There was a large dark mahogany coloured desk in the corner and a large black leather chair.

Book shelves coloured the same as the desk lined the walls as well as the other furniture in the room, the vanity, the mirror, the chest of drawers, the wardrobe and the bed…

Good lord the bed.

A large four poster, with black silk sheets and the large pillows were the same but the smaller pillows were a purple satin the same as the walls.

A weird looking flat contraption was on one of the walls.

"Okay Nik…you did good." She didn't check the drawers for nightclothes just fell onto the bed and fast asleep.

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